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Twisted Metal G-Shock Beast!

One of the best G-Shocks on the market comes with an attractive design and plenty of features for the ultimate outdoor professional.

User Rating: 3.67 (21 votes)

  • Amazing looks
  • Tough construction; only quality materials
  • Top of the line features

  • Too big for some

This watch is the most comfortable, most rugged, and at the same time most fashionable casual watch I ever owned.

Yasser A. Aldawood, Amazon customer

I have been wearing G-shocks since they were invented…This watch is my last watch, love it! Has so many great features, that nothing compares to it! Looks even better on my wrist!

Bill, Amazon customer

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With the MTG line, Casio stepped up their game with a brand new design approach for those who do not accept compromises. The twisted metal case and bracelet offer a brand new feel on the wrist and a whole new experience compared to the old resin ones which were, at least, let’s say, less premium. Now the MTG series and the MTG-S1000BD in particular improves the status of its owner by bringing exclusivity to the table.

The G-Shock MTG-S1000BD is as much an outdoors watch as it is a business or a formal one. It has a sober look and a tough construction in order to offer the best from both worlds and add a bit of luxury. The dial window is made of the best material on the market which is the sapphire crystal. Due to this type of crystal and its thickness, the watch can suffer a high amount of shocks scratches and all sorts of bad treatments without breaking.

G-Shock MTG-S1000BD-1A-2

While the watch is considerably bigger than most other G-Shocks, it fits very well on the wrist. Due to the layered composite band which has resin insertions to make the watch lighter and more resistant the stainless steel bracelet doesn’t feel too significant. Of course, you need to be sure that a big watch like this one is a good choice for you. If you never had big watches before in the worst case scenario you will have to pass through an accommodation period of about 1-2 weeks, otherwise, the watch will feel very good on the wrist.

G-Shock MTG-S1000BD-1A-5

With the world time feature, you can be confident that you will have 29 different time zones ready to be set at any minute if you plan on travelling for a business meeting or an outdoors adventure. The multi-band atomic timekeeping assures that the watch stays synced at all times with the official time from Casio’s stations situated worldwide. The worry of batteries is also eliminated by the self-solar charging system that uses the light power be it artificial or natural to charge its internal batteries. Generally, you can go up to 5 months on a single full charge without exposing it to light.

As said previously the dial window is made of the expensive Sapphire Crystal material that is very well implemented to create a robust form with the dial. On the top, it features an anti-reflective coating for an added readability in every environment no matter of the lighting conditions. In the background, the big, bold hour markers do not have any illumination paint although the hour markers do.

G-Shock MTG-S1000BD-1A_1

There are a few G-Shocks like the MTG-G1000D-1A2JF or the MRG-G1000B which are even more advanced when it comes to the features but generally speaking if you want a top of the line G-Shock experience, look no further because the MTG-S1000BD is the best watch for you.

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Features List:

  • Triple G Resistance (gravitational, centrifugal and vibration forces)
  • 200 m / 660 ft. water resistance
  • World Time Feature with 29 time zones
  • Multi-Band 6 Calibration system
  • Self-solar charging
  • Layered Composite Band
  • Countdown Timer and Stopwatch
  • All the other basic features from the G-Shock line (daily alarms, Auto calendar, etc.)

Gshock MT-G S1000BD 2014

Gshock's premium time piece the MT-G line combination of Luxury and toughness. Now with triple G resist you can go weather its a gathering, outdoor or just a ...


G-Shock MTG-G1000D-1A2JF Japan Watch

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