The Best Altimeter Watch of 2022

Best Altimeter WatchAn altimeter watch is generally a watch designed for outdoors that incorporates a sensor that determines the altitude at a certain height. While there are watches that only incorporate the altimeter, most outdoor watches these days also include a barometer and sometimes a compass. A very good example is the triple sensor from Casio that was designed to offer readings of the altitude, barometric pressure and cardinal points all in one watch. If you want you can skip these explanations and go the best altimeter watch itself.

Most altimeter watches included in our selection are middle range and they offer great value for the money, meaning that the quality of materials and the overall experience are great.

Suunto and Casio are two of the best outdoor watch companies producing altimeter watches. These companies provide great quality and durability for a reasonable price. This is one of the main reasons why these two brands are present in our selection of the best altimeter watches.

Without further ado let’s get to the watches themselves and help you decide which is the best altimeter watch for your budget and needs.

-Best Altimeter Watch from Suunto-

1. Suunto Core Alu Deep Black

Suunto Core Alu Deep Black

Suunto has already proved that it can offer both great quality materials and tons of features for a reasonable price. With the Suunto Core Alu Deep Black, you can make readings of the altitude as well as guide yourself through unknown places thanks to the compass and last but not least, make weather predictions with the help of the barometer.

The build is tough and it incorporates a digital display protected by a hardened crystal on the top. The case is of good quality and feels great on the hand along with the rubbery band.

Some complain that the negative display is not so visible at certain angles and I completely agree with this opinion (or more like fact) but I consider that negative displays have their good parts and bad parts just like everything else. For example, I consider a negative display to be preferred in sunlight because it reflects less light and has better visibility. But everyone picks what they consider to be best for them.

Overall one of the best altimeter watches in this price range; if you want reliability, good looks, and a negative digital display then the Suunto Core Alu Deep Black is a great choice.

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-Best Altimeter Watch for the Money-

2. Casio ProTrek PRW3000

Casio ProTrek PRW3000

The ProTrek line is yet another hit from Casio which comes with plenty useful features like the famous triple sensor that incorporates the altimeter, barometer, and compass. The ProTrek PRW-3000 is a balanced outdoors watch with a normal size and good ergonomics. If you are not into fancy big G-Shocks or bulky watches then this sleek ProTrek will fit quite nicely on your wrist.

Speaking of technical aspects, the altimeter which is part of the triple sensor is a great tool for making estimates of the altitude, as the name already suggests. While the readings are somewhat accurate you shouldn’t generally consider these sensors to be professional tools. The estimates are sometimes good and sometimes not. This is not to say that the altimeter on this ProTrek is not good, but this is a problem in all outdoor watches because of the small size. You can’t actually fit professional sensors in a device that can fit on your wrist.

As stated before, the build is sleek and the case along with the strap feels good on the wrist especially thanks to the well-distributed weight across the watch’s surface. The display is clear and easy to read in all major lighting conditions. The configuration of the features is intuitive and fast with three dedicated buttons for each of the three functions of the triple sensor.

Considering the price and the overall build, this ProTrek is a great way to spend your money if you are looking for one of the best altimeter watches in this category.

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-Best Fancy Altimeter Watch-

3. G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster

G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster

If you are all about fancy specifications and large watches then the Mudmaster is one of the greatest picks in terms of an altimeter watch. As in most other G-Shocks and ProTreks, the altimeter is incorporated in the triple sensor.

The size of the Mudmaster might be intimidating at first sight, especially for people with smaller wrists, but after a period of wearing this G-Shock, you will find it rather pleasant. This is mainly due to the way Casio manages to distribute the weight of the components and case among the footprint of the watch.

The compass is precise and can often become helpful in places you never visited before and the altimeter is great if you want to know if you set a new personal record on the highest altitude. The barometer is made to help you make weather predictions. If the pressure is low you can expect bad weather and if it’s high the sun might shine on the sky.

All in all, if you are ready to spend a little more to get the most out of the altimeter / outdoor world of watches, then the G-Shock Mudmaster is a great investment for your money.

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-Best Altimeter Watch (Overall)-

4. Casio G-Shock GWN1000B

Casio G-Shock GWN-1000B

The G-Shock GWN-1000 is the best option in terms of toughness and features. Actually, this is one of the most feature-packed G-Shocks in this price range coming with impressive functions like the radio time calibration that keeps the time accurate every day, solar charging and much more.

The altimeter on this watch is precise to some extent and the compass is very useful in unknown environments.

Overall this G-Shock is a great choice as your next best altimeter watch if you need a tough G-Shock with plenty of useful features and a great design.

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