The Best Dive Watches in 2022

Best Dive Watch

Best Dive Watch under $100

  • Good quality materials
  • Great looks
  • Very affordable

Best Dive Watch under $200

  • Very reliable
  • High-quality materials / construction
  • Great design

Best Dive Watch under $300

  • Ergonomic and reliable
  • Great illumination
  • Best value for the money

Best Dive Watch under $500

  • Excellent quality
  • Top notch features
  • Luxurious

Best Dive Watch under $1000

  • Unmatched quality construction and components
  • Bold looks
  • A great long term investment
  • Great illumination

Best Dive Watch for the Money

  • Quality materials
  • Offers a great overall experience
  • Great value for the money

Best Inexpensive Dive Watch

  • Reasonable quality
  • Good illumination
  • Affordable for most customers

In order to select the best dive watches on the market, we had to take into consideration multiple aspects to determine whether a watch is better than the other. These aspects are mostly pragmatic but they also take into consideration the experience and feel of a watch, because as anyone already knows it does not matter if a watch is made of gold if it feels like crap during everyday wear. That is why a well-featured watch that doesn’t offer good ergonomics probably did not make our list. That being said let’s get to the top points and discuss them in greater detail.

1. Quality

The title says it all. Quality is, in my opinion, the most important aspect when looking to buy anything, be it watches, clothes or even food. I pointed in previous articles that cheap and more relevant, bad quality products break faster and require replacements quite often so, in the long run, a poor quality watch may cost you more than a quality watch even if it’s more expensive. That is why I always advise on buying high-quality products even if the price is a little higher. So many people do not seem to understand the difference in longevity can fifty bucks make to a certain watch.

2. Experience

The experience is an important factor considering at least, in theory, a watch should stay on your wrist, not in the drawer most of the time. And here I include the overall experience like the ease of use, the ergonomics, the pleasure to wear and the practicality of the watch. Although I considered quality a top priority I can’t say the experience is less important. That is why this aspect was taken into consideration a lot in our selection of best dive watches.

3. Price

The price is a great indicator of the quality and experience of a watch in most cases, although since I like good deals (who doesn’t? 🙂 ) I tried to include the best watches in terms of value for the money. For example, one well-known company might offer a watch with certain features at around $400 while a less known company who tries to get market share will offer the same features for $280-$300. Companies like Seiko are such a good example because they offer incredibly valuable watches for the least amount of money possible. And considering that it is a famous company, you can get the “less-known” part out of the equation.

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