The Top Solar Watches of 2022

Best Solar Watches

Best Solar Watches

Whenever you want to make any kind of purchase you need to be sure that you are making it informed and in your best interest. Our guide on the best solar watches on the market aims to give you the essential information about the watches that we consider are the best in this category thus helping you make an informed purchase. While we tried taking in consideration mostly pragmatic aspects about a certain watch, we also considered some subjective aspects like the overall experience important in our selection. The aspects we took in consideration and the brands you will see throughout the review are the following:

Things to look out for:

1. Quality / Reliability

We only considered watches made out of high-quality materials. You might already know that bad quality watches while cheaper are not a good investment since they break more often thus making you buy others. This way not only that you will lose a lot of time swapping and accommodate with new watches but you will also spend a lot of money. That is why only high-quality watches made it to our list.

2. Overall Experience

This is pretty much self-explanatory. A watch is not only a tool but also an experience. Since you will wear your solar watch almost daily you must have a pleasant experience before anything. Here we can include the ergonomics, the feel of the strap and the case back, the way the watch looks and even how much others appreciate it when they first see the watch on your wrist.

3. Value for the money

We want you to make the best decisions for your money. Since we are also consumers just like you, we know how satisfying and convenient can be to make a good deal. So we only included solar watches that are at just the right price.

The brands presented in this review are the following:

1. Casio with the G-Shock and ProTrek line

Casio is one of the best watch manufacturers on the planet. They make incredible watches from $10 up to $6k or even more. Solar watches are a well-known topic for them so they have a vast experience in the implementation of the solar technology. This is only one of the reasons we picked some Casio watches for our selection.

2. Citizen

Citizen never disappoints when it comes to quality. The Eco Drive technology is already famous for being one of the most reliable solar power technologies on the market. So if you want quality then the best solar watches might prove to be from Citizen.

3. Seiko

Seiko is the best when it comes to value for the money. If you want to get most out of your money then you should definitely choose Seiko. They really manufacture some of the best solar watches on the market, especially for diving.

Most Beautiful G-Shock Solar Watch

1. G-Shock G-Steel Gsts110-1a Smoke Dial

Best Solar Watches

Advertised as a new approach to the G-Shock line in terms of design, the G-Shock G-Steel GSTS110-1A is one of the most beautiful G-Shocks on the market featuring high-end specs. If you want more than pragmatism from your next solar watch then go for this watch. You will be surprised how much other people will appreciate you for wearing it, thus giving you a status boost.

Overall this G-Shock comes with all the goodies of the line like a water resistance up to 660 feet, an analog digital display with great illumination and last but not least, a steel solid structure that will definitely resist most of the shocks, scratches, and hazards you can put it through. The hardened mineral crystal window is also proof that the watch won’t break too soon.

Overall I would say that this G-Shock is a great investment for your money as a solar watch and a capable timepiece.

Read more of the G-Shock G-Steel here.

Best Buy Solar Watch

2. Casio ProTrek Pathfinder PAG-240 with Triple Sensor

Best Solar Watches

A ProTrek watch is always a good idea. Especially this one since it offers great value for the money coming with a good looking case and strap. The display is of great quality and it is visible during most lighting conditions. The triple sensor is a great deal for those who often find themselves in unknown environments like outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, divers, etc.

This is one of those solar watches that you wear for years and feel like it returned its investment countless times. And it really does. It is affordable, good looking, reliable and surprisingly light.

Is this the best solar watch on the market? Probably. Is it one of the best solar watches? Definitely.

More on the ProTrek PAG-240 here.

-Best Solar Watch (Overall)-

3. G-Shock GW-9400-1CR Rangeman

Best Solar Watches

When you say G-Shock you automatically say toughness, strength and while some may not admit it, prestige. The G-Shock line is a prestigious watch line that changed the way we see tough watches. Before this watch line was invented there was no definite choice for those who wanted a watch that would be capable of withstanding the worst treatments. Thankfully now we have the G-Shocks.

Also thankfully we now have solar powered G-Shocks, the GW-9400 Rangeman being a great example. While a pretty old design, the Rangeman passed the test of time and is now one of the most appreciated G-Shocks to incorporate both a solar charging system and a triple sensor.

If you want a resistant watch with great specs besides solar charging capabilities, then you might want to go for the GW-9400 Rangeman.

This is hands down one of the best solar watches if not the absolute best in its category.

See the in-depth review of the GW-9400 Rangeman here.

4. Casio ProTrek PRW-3000-1CR Solar Powered Watch

Best Solar Watches

Best Solar Watch

The Casio ProTrek PRW-3000 is the perfect example of the best solar watch you can currently find on the market. It has one of the best designs, a great display (as long as you stick to the positive version), and a very good value for the money. While there are a lot to be said about this watch this is just a short description. You can read more about the PRW-3000 on our in-depth review here or at amazon by clicking here.

The ProTrek PRW-3000 is one of the best solar watches for multiple reasons. The triple sensor is one of the reasons, coming with the altimeter, barometer, and compass so vital for outdoor enthusiasts and everyone seeking to travel or work in nature. Another reason would be the multi-band radio atomic timekeeping which calibrates the hour regularly.

The design is another big plus. The watch is neither too big, nor too small, it fits quite well on the wrist and the rubber band feels pretty good. The display is easy to see during all lighting conditions as opposed to the negative display version.

And of course, last but not least, it charges itself from the sun so you will never run out of juice in the near future. Definitely one of the best solar watches in the price range.

See the full review of the PRW-3000 here.

-Best Solar Watch from Citizen-

5. Citizen Eco-Drive BN0151-09L Promaster

Best Solar Watches

While this is a diving watch, the Eco-Drive solar charging system still makes this watch a solar watch. The Citizen BN0151 is a great competitor for every solar watch because it brings to the table a high-quality stainless steel case with bold index hands and a clean back dial along with a pleasant rubber bracelet. All of this at a pretty affordable price.

The Japanese quartz movement is as precise as you would expect. The bold markers are easy to see in low light and represent one of the best aspects about Citizen’s craftsmanship.

Overall a pretty decent solar watch that is both well developed and manufactured. I would recommend it to anyone be it a diver, an outdoors person or a regular user who wants a reliable solar watch.

Read the full review of the Citizen BN0151 here.

6. Seiko Prospex SSC017 Solar Watch with stainless steel bracelet

Best Solar Watches

The Seiko Prospex SSC017 still holds its line compared to the newly released models. This is one of the classic diving models from Seiko that comes with a reliable solar charging system. We already know that Seiko loves manufacturing bargains but the SSC017 stands out as the real deal, an etalon for both diving and solar watches.

What I mostly love about this Prospex is the viability of the design and the implementation of all of its features. The stainless steel case and bracelet are perfect for added comfort and quality.

Overall if you want a high-quality diving watch with solar charging capabilities at a great price, then the SSC017 should definitely be your choice. Not the absolute best, but one of the best solar watches from Seiko which is available at the moment.

Check out the in-depth review of the SSC017 Prospex.

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