The Best Seiko Dive Watch of 2022

Best Seiko Dive Watch

Best Seiko Dive Watch

When looking for the best Seiko dive watch we realized that there is not only one winner but actually three. We compared them based on certain points that I will enumerate below. So this selection does not aim to point out the most expensive or fancy Seiko dive watch neither the cheapest ones, rather the best compromises between these points:

Things to look at in a Seiko Dive Watch

1. Price

Let’s face it. Price is one of the most important aspects when deciding over one watch or another. This is why we took into consideration the price of every Seiko that we reviewed and decide whether it can make it this far. All three Seiko watches from this review are moderately priced in order to be somewhere in the upper-middle quality range; not too fancy, but also far from cheap. The best Seiko dive watch does not have to be exorbitant

2. Quality

The quality of a watch from the materials used in its manufacturing and up to the quality of the manufacturing itself define how well the watch will resist the passing of time and the numerous hazards of an active diver’s life. Seiko scores pretty well in this category on nearly every watch they fabricate without raising the price more than necessary.

3. Experience

By experience, I mean how the watch is perceived by its owner. The watch may be made of gold and be worth $10k+ but if the everyday experience it offers on the beholder’s wrist is shitty then everything else is just irrelevant. At Seiko, they are also famous for delivering very appreciated watches. They have some of the best rates of happy customers among all watch manufacturers.

-Best Seiko Dive Watch for the Money-


Seiko SSC017 Dive Watch

The first on our list is the Seiko Prospex SSC017 Dive Watch. It resembles the essence of a Seiko watch in a diving approach, coming at a really great price. It features a stylish stainless steel case with one screw down crown and two buttons on the right side. While the standard bracelet is a quality stainless steel one, you can still change it with other straps as you prefer.

The illumination is very good in most situations making the index hands and hour markers visible even deep underwater. The dial window is made of a resistant Hardlex Crystal that can take large amounts of shocks and scratches without breaking.

While the Seiko SSC017 is not a small watch it feels quite great on the wrist. The brushed stainless steel case and bracelet go very well with water and wetsuits because it doesn’t stick or create any inconveniences.

Sure there are a lot more to tell about this watch, that is why we prepared a broader review. To read our in-depth review of the Seiko Prospex SSC017 click here.

-Best Seiko Dive Watch with Stainless Steel build-


Seiko SKA371 Dive Watch

The Seiko Kinetic SKA371 is definitely an eye catcher. It is made from brushed stainless steel from the bracelet up to the case and bezel. Since Seiko likes to use premium materials on their watches, besides the quality stainless steel, the window is made of a resistant Hardlex Crystal or mineral crystal that can endure a lot of shocks and scratches.

It is resistant up to 660 ft. water depths and it has one of the best illuminations for this price range. The famous LumiBrite paint on the index hands and hour markers makes the watch readable in every situation, as dark as it may be. The bezel works smoothly and is unidirectional as expected on a dive watch to ensure that it doesn’t rotate backward and create confusion.

It’s true that Seiko likes to play it simple and doesn’t include too fancy features. This means that they have more resources to concentrate on the functions which truly matter on a diving watch like good illumination, toughness, high water resistance, reliability and quality materials, all at a great price.

We didn’t cover everything here that is why you can read our in-depth review of the Seiko SKA371 Dive Watch here.


Seiko SKX007

The Seiko SKX007 is one of the safest investments you can make regarding a middle priced dive watch. It is a much-beloved watch by many enthusiasts, collectors, and obviously, divers both semi-professionals and amateurs.

It offers a great overall experience when speaking about the everyday feel on the wrist, the way it feels when it comes in contact with water/different garments or wetsuits and the level of contempt it delivers.

The bright luminous index hands and markers assure a great visibility in low light. The bezel is standard and unidirectional and the watch only features one screw down crown located in a good position. The case is made of stainless steel and the dial window from the standard mineral crystal from Seiko. It comes with a rubber bracelet that is both comfortable and practical. This is definitely the best seiko dive watch in this category

For more info, pictures and offers, read our in-depth review of the Seiko SKX007 here.

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