The Best Casio Watch of 2021

Best Casio WatchThe best Casio watch is definitely hard to find because of the incredible variety of watches Casio has released on the market. While the opinions in this selection cannot be completely objective, we tried our best to include the Casio watches which are pragmatically the best in terms of quality of materials, quality of build, number of features and the overall experience.

The G-Shock line is Casio’s tough line of watches with plenty of features for outdoor explorers and high-quality cases. We included some of the best G-Shocks in this selection since the G-Shock line is so representative of Casio’s brand.

The Edifice line is adding a little style to the wearer’s wrist. In general, if you prefer quality stainless steel cases and straps along with a premium design then you might want to consider an Edifice.

There are plenty of other watch lines manufactured by Casio. We hope this selection will help you find the perfect Casio watch for your needs.

-Best Casio Watch (Overall)-

1. Casio G-Shock GW-9400 Rangeman

G-Shock GW-9400 Rangeman

G-Shock is every outdoor explorer’s favorite choice when it comes to choosing a reliable watch. Part of this series, the GW-9400-1CR is one of Casio’s best watches suited well for any kind of dirty, dangerous adventure. What makes this watch such a great choice? Well, the price is more than reasonable given the stylish design and powerful features of this digital watch.

Forged in a dark stainless steel case with bulky prominences and red contrasts, the GW-9400-1CR provides an extremely manly look that’s very appealing. The texturized buttons are sturdy and a pleasure to use and the watch is comfortable despite the relatively big size.

The watch is loaded with sensors for helpful measurings of altitude, temperature, air pressure and directions for navigating. Being aware of many factors, you will be able to feel more in control in your travels and more ready to face unexpected issues. In case you were worrying about damaging the watch, the GW-9400-1CR can take quite a beating because of the shock absorbers, the protective mineral crystal that coats the dial window and the seals that ensure excellent water resistance for up to 200 meters. When taking in account the atomic timekeeping and the solar battery that completes the list of highlights for this watch, the GW-9400-1CR might really be one of the best Casio watches ever made.

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-Best Casio Watch for the Money-

2. Casio Edifice EF503D

Casio Edifice EF503D

If you’re looking for a watch to complement an elegant outfit, to add some style and class to your tuxedo than your best bet would be a timepiece from the Edifice series by Casio. Luxury and refinement seem to be the defining attributes of these watches and one good example is the EF503D-1AV.

Covered in high-quality stainless steel from head to toe with a jet-black round dial this watch will certainly attract attention everywhere you go. The details on the dial are simply amazing, from the pure white markers to the textured chronograph sub-dials. A black tachymeter scale surrounds the dial blending nicely with the silver of the case.

The movement the EF503D-1AV uses is quartz and a mineral crystal window is present to protect the watch from scratches. Given the fact that this watch has a decent water resistance (100 M), you can take it swimming and snorkeling without any worries. The watch is designed with versatility in mind so while it’s perfectly suited for more formal environments, it fits well for an avid sports practitioner.

Overall this is one of the best options from Casio and I can’t recommend it enough, the pictures don’t do justice to the beauty that this watch represents.

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-Best Casio Watch (Affordable)-

3. Casio G-Shock G7900

G-Shock G7900

If durability is the main thing you’re looking for in a watch, then G-Shock from Casio is the first name that comes to mind. Made with dedication for the passionate explorer the G-shock G7900-1 Classic is the perfect balance for those who need a solid, reliable watch without any fancy features they don’t really use.

Designed for protection, this G-Shock has four tough screws that surround the dial to absorb any strong impact. Frigid temperatures shouldn’t pose a problem to this watch because of increased low-temperature resistance. The large buttons make handling the watch a breeze and despite its considerable size, the weight is low enough that you can forget you’re wearing it.

Equipped with moon and tide graphs, the 9700-1 Classic can provide some essential information for marine professionals and enthusiasts alike. It doesn’t have atomic timekeeping or a triple sensor like its more expensive counterparts, but for this price, while delivering unmatched toughness, the G-Schock 9700-1 Classic is a serious candidate for being the best Casio watch.

4. Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV

Casio Edifice EF527D

When browsing the Casio catalog of watches you can easily become overwhelmed because of so many choices and variations. Finding the right Casio watch for you feels like a big challenge. Coming from the stylish Edifice line, the EF527D-1AV is a strong candidate for being the best Casio watch currently on the market.

That may sound like a bold statement but let’s look more carefully at what this watch has to offer. If you’re looking for an elegant timepiece at a very affordable price, look no further than this. Shining nicely in a polished stainless steel case, with an intricately designed dial and a signed crown, this watch will beautifully decorate your wrist. The silver band locks the watch comfortably in place completing the attractive and intelligent look of the watch.

Besides being such a masterfully crafted timepiece, the EF527D-1AV possesses a 1/20 second chronograph, a slide rule function and for protection, it has a mineral glass and can resist to water depths for up to 100 meters. Considering the quality-price ratio of this watch and the splendid design, this watch has all the perks of being one of the best Casio watches.

5. G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster

G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster

Combining advanced features with unrivaled toughness the GWG-1000 Mudmaster has all the qualities to take the crown for the best Casio watch. Engineered in a highly reliable shock and vibration resistant construction, this watch was made to be worn by professionals in the most extreme environments.

Having an intricate and attractive design, this Mudmaster looks impressive on any wrist but fits best on bigger ones because of the considerable size of the watch. The display is crisp and simple to read even in the dark thanks to the fluorescent illumination.

Under the worst conditions, this watch delivers important information in one place due to being equipped with powerful sensors. A digital compass is present along with a barometer, altimeter, a thermometer and an automatic radio wave reception system. As a power source, the GWG-1000-1A3DR exhibits a tough solar battery.

With this watch, you are always sure to be ready in any kind of unpredictable situation but keep in mind that this G-Shock with all this amazing functionality and solid construction is quite pricey. Even so, this is one of the highest quality Casio can offer for a seriously active person, truly an incredibly imposing watch in all respects.

6. Casio AMW330-7AV

Casio AMW330-7AV

Lingering more on the inexpensive side, the AMW330-7AV is one of Casio’s best watches for the occasional diver who enjoys a light reliable watch with no gimmicks. Outfitted in a stainless steel case with a mineral window and a black resin band, this is a watch you should strongly consider.

What you’ll immediately notice at a simple glance on the face of the watch are the 3-dial chronograph and the thick markers that form an elegant black and white design along with a printed top ring.

Featuring water resistance (100 M) and luminescent hands that ease the reading in the dark, this watch seems to be at home on the wrist of an amateur diver. The AMW330-7AV aims for a more unpretentious market lacking some more powerful features but despite that, it still is a Casio, a very solid and reliable watch. For general everyday use this watch is a great choice and at a reasonably low price this handsome piece will accompany you well when surfing but also complement more formal attire.

7. Casio G-Shock GWM5610

Casio G-Shock GWM5610

If you’re the kind of person that prizes utility above design then perhaps the GWM5610-1 is the best Casio watch for you. In a simple and neat package, you get loads of useful functions without spending a fortune and without making a compromise when it comes to durability.

Thanks to a sleek profile for a G-Shock, this watch can be worn very comfortably and with no issues underneath long sleeves and jackets. But make no mistake, this watch is still tough enough to resist most possible dangers.

Any outdoor explorer will love the solar charging capabilities of this watch because it’s convenient not having to change the battery and easy to maintain. The GWM5610-1 has many handy features among which the atomic time synchronization catches the eye the most. It’s understandable because pretty much nothing else can rival with the accuracy of atomic syncing and for a lot of people this is a must-have. But the list of functions doesn’t end here. The watch also possesses an auto light feature,  water resistance (200 M), world time, 1/100 second stopwatch and a countdown timer.

Overall this is a great G-Shock in terms of affordability and features and can easily get the title of the best Casio watch in this price range.

8. Casio MDV106-1AV

Casio MDV106

The key word for the Casio MDV106-1AV is simplicity. Dedicated to divers, this analog watch has a clean looking black dial with pointed markers instead of numbers which are an absolute pleasure to look at. The details are very carefully placed to give the watch a stylish feel.

You can observe all the characteristics that make MDV106-1AV a beautiful watch by studying it more closely. Checking the time is easy to do at a glance on the analog display with 3 hands with a shiny red second one. A date display is present and an anti-reverse bezel can prove helpful when diving.  The 200 M water resistance is great considering other more expensive watches do not have that. The look of the watch is more on the classic side but despite the initial ordinary impression, Casio still somehow managed to give it a fresh look by seemingly taking inspiration from the sea. Offering excellent value, this is the best Casio watch for small budgets.

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