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Excellent choice!

Great value on the pricey end. Very tough build, loaded with features. A showy watch.

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  • Lots of features
  • Incredibly tough construction
  • Good looks
  • Highly reliable sensors along with solar charging.
  • Good fit on big wrists.

  • Some say it is crazy big compared to any other watch. Partially true.

Models of the Mudmaster available on Amazon:

With the brand new Mudmaster Casio made another step in creating the perfect G-Shock for those who require an incredibly tough watch featuring every sensor you could think of. It comes equipped with all the necessary functions that the active person requires.

Speaking of design and fit, it features a very nice strap made of resin that feels good on the hand which has a simple yet strong connection with two lock pins and different levels of relief, and a big sturdy case also made of resin with one big screw down crown on the right and four other buttons for actioning/calibrating different functions and sensors. Everything is kept sturdily in place by four hexagonal shaped screws.




Now the design is „badass” but how does the illumination work? In a word, perfect. The back panel and index hands are well illuminated and easy to read even underwater, featuring four big hour indicators and two big index hands with fluorescent paint on that make the watch suitable for all sorts of activities no matter how dark.

The Radio Wave Automatic Reception system updates itself up to six times a day, except in the case of China. The digital compass indicates the direction using the second index hand, more specifically the north, the Barometer has a measuring power from 260 hectopascals (hPa) to 1100 hectopascals (hPa) and it also features a barometric pressure tendency graph that can help you predict the weather in some cases. If the barometric pressure graph indicates a fall of pressure in the future you can expect a rain soon and if the fall is significant you can actually expect for a serious storm. What a great sensor to have at the wrist of your hand.

Light on at night

The altimeter has a measuring range of -2300 ft to 32800 ft (-700m to 10000m) and can keep a record of the heights set by you manually. Also, the thermometer has a measuring range of 14 F to 140 F (-10 C to 60 C); see how big are the temperatures it can read? At 140 F you can’t even survive yourself.

Is it cheap? Not really, actually, it is a bit pricey. Is it worth it? Definitely yes, and I can’t say this enough. I consider that although you pay a stiffer price you get a watch that pays its value in time like no other. And here I mean that it will resist for years without any intervention of changing one part or another, not even the battery. If you care about quality most this watch is a must.

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Features list

  • Countdown timer
  • 5 independent daily alarms
  • Triple sensor with barometer, altimeter, thermometer
  • LED backlight with afterglow
  • Solar charging power system
  • World time with 29 cities/time zones
  • Automatic radio wave reception
  • Battery level indicator
  • High-quality construction that is shock resistant, vibration resistant and looks really well.

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