GG-1000WLP-1A- The Interesting Watch that Everyone Likes

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Who says you cannot have leopards wrapped around your wrist?

It may be the colors of the leopard striking you at first, but the watch is no joke when it comes to mud, dust or shock resistance. It’s got the bearing measurement that the outdoor enthusiast needs and so much more.

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When it comes to watches, some are just better looking, tougher and come with more impressive features than the majority. Let’s all face it: some manufacturers did discover the key for becoming famous through their products, and that’s just that.

It’s the case for Casio G-Shock, a collection that doesn’t need an introduction anymore. Unless you’re like Jon Snow and know nothing about watches, yet alone G-Shock.

Here’s the minimal info on G-Shock watches!

G-Shock stands in fact for the gravitational shock so that any G-Shock watch can resist to a fall or straight impact.

Along with this ability, the G-Shock watches come with resistance to water, low-temperature, electrical shock, vibration, and shock. All of these features didn’t appear overnight. Back in the 80s, a Casio engineer needed a couple of hundreds of handmade samples to create the very first G-Shock watch.

Ever since that day, G-Shock watches have become the equivalent of toughness and resistance to stressful conditions. The urethane is insulating the inner elements or the timekeeping modules inside the structure that float are only some of the effective methods that render the toughness of G-Shock watches.

What’s so interesting about the Love the Sea and the Earth 2019 collection?

Ever since the end of the 90s, G-Shock and Baby-G have been releasing amazing models in collaboration with different environmental organizations.

Mudmaster-GravityMaster-Baby-G watch

The Love the Sea and the Earth 2019 series is the result of Casio’s collaboration with the non-profit organization Wildlife Promising. The collection includes models created with the spirit of keeping a better living environment for humans and wildlife.

The series consists of two G-Shock watches (GG-1000WLP-1A Mudmaster and GR-B100WLP GravityMaster) and one Baby-G watch (BA-255WLP). All of the three of them have the primary source of inspiration three wild animal species from Africa.

Every watch within the series features the “Love the Sea and the Earth 2019” message engraved case back. They all come in attractive packaging designed for every animal. The xx Mudmaster comes with a black case and yellow, red and white details. The band has colors from leopard decorations.

The models are a February 2019 release in Japan and Asia. The list price of Casio America is USD 320.

Why Wildlife Promising?

Wildlife Promising is an Authorized Nonprofit Corporation (NPO) that is promoting the coexistence between wildlife and humans in Africa. It develops conservation biological research while focusing on the relationship between wild animals and humans in Kenya. The study is focusing on wild leopards that live around the Masai Mara and Nairobi game reserve, but also in Northern Kenya.

Wildlife Promising is trying to encourage better cohabitation between wild animals and humans through conservation and social activities, using its academic research as a primary source of inspiration.

How does the Mudmaster GG-1000 look like at a glance?

Mudmaster GG-1000 Details

The GG-1000 resembles a lot to the Master of G series Mudmaster GG-1000, but the new model comes with a black case and the red, yellow, and white details. In case you don’t know, the GG-1000 base is a famous analog-digital line featuring mud-resistance, and Twin Sensor with thermometer and compass.

As we all know, the leopard rules over much of the land in Africa. The yellow band features black and brown leopard print and stainless steel strap keeper with WLP logo.

The xx includes bearing measurement, and you only need to press the large button at 3 o’clock for that. You can press the button at 4 o’clock for triggering the temperature measurement.

Even when you’re dealing with the most challenging conditions, you’re not going to have to go through sophisticated operations for accessing relevant information on the watch.

The construction is impressive, and the button guard cylinder structure keeps mud and dust away from the structure. Cylindrical piping insulated the buttons against impact, improving their performance. Several gaskets inside the buttons are going to reduce the risk of dust particles and fine sand getting inside. The piping provides protections for the buttons against impact, sustaining their proper operation.

The display is nice with a full hour and minute hands. The Arabic numeral hour markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock are large, easing your reading efforts under tricky conditions. The mode indicator uses a sprocket motif disk pointer.

Let’s take a closer look at the details as well!

Apart from its shock resistance, the GG-1000 comes with dust and mud-resistance structure as well. It includes the Twin Sensor for temperature and bearing readings. The watch comes with Bearing Memory as it consists of the desired bearing to midnight for graphics display which helps you maintain the right direction. The watch features a digital compass with a hand indicating North the whole time (20 seconds continuous measurement).

As for the thermometer, the display ranges from 14 to 140F degrees.

The Mudmaster GG-1000 presents 200-meter water resistance and Mineral glass that takes excess use. The case/bezel material is resin and stainless steel, whereas the band is made of resin.

The watch comes with Neobrite so you can easily read it in the darkNeobrite. The Super Illuminator with Auto light makes the reading in dim light conditions a breeze. You can also use the selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds) and the Afterglow functions.

The watch includes World Time function (31 time zones, daylight saving on/off), 1/100-second stopwatch and countdown timer.

You may set up top 5 daily alarms (with one snooze alarm). The watch includes a button operation tone on/off and hourly time signal, but they’re rather subtle.

The Full auto-calendar (to the year 2099) and the 12/24-hour format are also on the list of functions.

The watch ensures regular timekeeping with analog display ( 3 hands for an hour, minute and second. The hand for minute moves every 10 seconds). The digital includes hour, minute, second, pm, month, date and day.

The battery life is two years (give or take) on SR927Wx2, but the low battery alert is going to keep you updated on the battery level.

What’s our final word?

The exciting design, the fantastic features and astonishing details for the build turn the xx into one model that you shouldn’t skip on, especially if you dig G-Shock watches big time.

If not, you should at least take a look at it. You’re going to like it, for sure.


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