Say “Hello, Spring!” with G-Shock DW-6900TCB-4

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How much do you love pink?

It's a new face for the old DW-6900 but with a pink color and plenty of fresh feels. It's all about Sakura in Japan, and this watch is a delicate reminder of that.

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One of the best feelings out there is the feeling of spring reviving nature and giving us the strength to keep on moving.

We all love some spoiling any now and then, and a G-Shock watch seems just like the perfect excuse to do some shopping.

What do you know about G-Shock watches?

It was in the ’80s when a Casio engineered created the very first model of G-Shock. His passion for designing the robust watch that would take an impact was so powerful that he tried over and over again (200 times, that is, with 200 handmade samples) until he got what he wanted.

The G-Shock watch was able to resist gravity (G-Shock stands for “gravitational shock,” but also excess wear. Ever since the creation of the first G-Shock model, all G-Shock watches come with low-temperature resistance, electrical shock resistance, gravity resistance, and extreme toughness.

It’s natural that you wonder about the technologies used for creating such a rugged watch. Many things count, with urethane insulating the inner elements and the timekeeping modules floating inside the structure being the most fundamental ones.

Anyway, to this day, all G-Shock watches stand out with their toughness and resistance to challenging conditions. From the rugged and straightforward models to the sophisticated and high-end options, G-Shock collections always stand out from the crowd.

What’s the Sakura Storm series all about?

Along with its impressive toughness and abilities, G-Shock has also been standing out as the watch brand that always used world culture icons for creating unusual new designs.

This time, the watch collection took the sakura (the fragile flower that has been marking the coming of spring for Japanese people for centuries now) symbol as the central theme. The base model is the round face DW-6900, featuring three graphics display. The round face has been the base model for many collaborations with popular around the global brands.

Dreaming of the cherry blossom season in spring, G-Shock Japan released in January the Sakura Storm Series. The series consists of two classic digital models (DW-6900TCB-4JR, DW-5600TCB-1JR) and one classing analog-digital model (GA-100TCB-1AJR). The watches are made in Japan and reflect the quality and attention to detail for which Japan is praised all over the world.

The watches within the line share the color pink as the central theme, which represents the cherry blossom flower (also known as the “sakura flowers” in Japan). However, every single watch within the spring line features different shades of pink like the flower.

The list of similar details continues with the special marking which displays a single cherry blossom petal in particular areas.

Along with the unique design, we also need to mention the exclusive packaging for all of the three watches. Every watch comes in a black box featuring the pink G-Shock logo and a pink tin case.

Even if all the watches include the “JR” suffix which is typically a sign for a limited edition, the limited status hasn’t been confirmed in the listing.

What are the specifications?

The watch has case/bezel made of resin, taking the use for the right amount of time. The band looks nice with the pink details, and it’s made of resin as well. It has a soft touch feel and ensures a comfortable and secure fit. It features many holes so finding the right and snug fit isn’t going to be a problem.

As it’s a G-Shock still, the DW-6900TCB-4 is 20-bar water resistant and shock resistant too. It features mineral glass that handles excess wear and scratches.

Just like most of G-Shock watches, this one comes with Electro-luminescent light and afterglow. Reading it in dim light or darkness isn’t going to be difficult at all.

Despite its price (it’s affordable), the watch surprises with its functions. For instance, it comes with Flash alert which means it flashes with a buzzer. The buzzer is going to sound for both hourly time signals and alarms. It’s not loud, so no complaints on that part. Now that we’re on it let’s highlight that the watch also comes with multi-function alarm so you can forget about using your phone or calendar for that.

You’re going to use the 1/100 second stopwatch function which includes several measuring modes: elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times.


The measuring unit for the countdown time is 1 second, whereas the countdown range is 24 hours. The countdown starts time setting intervals from 1 second to 24 hours. The watch comes with 1-second increments, 1-minute increments, and 1-hour increments. It also includes an auto-repeat function for the countdown timer.

The list of features continues with the full auto-calendar (to the year 2099) and the 12/24-hour format which makes reading a breeze.

The watch provides regular timekeeping and has a display for hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, and day.

When it comes to accuracy, Casio G-Shock makes no compromises, no matter how affordable or straightforward that model is. It’s why the precision of this one is the standard one for G-shock watches: +/- 15 seconds per month.

The battery life is two years on CR2016.

Is there something we like less?

If you’re looking for a sophisticated watch that impresses with its modern functions, this one ain’t it.

It lacks the new technologies (Multi-band 6 is just one of them), which isn’t a surprise, considering its price.

What’s our final take?

The DW-6900TCB-4 is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a pretty and pink colored watch to match the spring feeling. Even if the pretty face is the first thing you notice about it, the watch is more than meets the eye. Reliable, robust, sturdy, comfortable and resistant to water and shock, the DW-6900TCB-4 isn’t’ just a great bang for your buck, but also an appealing addition to your watch collection.


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