How To Set Time On A G-Shock

There are so many models of G-Shock out there, and the diversity comes with a twist. It’s a good thing that there are so many options to choose from, but it’s also confusing at times, especially when you don’t know what you want in a watch.

As they stand out with their toughness and durability, G-Shock watches have become a standard image for the rugged, casual, and affordable timepieces. Some come with digital display, others are analog, whereas some have both digital and analog display. It’s only making the selection ever more difficult as choosing one model or style isn’t straightforward at all.

Once you got yourself a new G-Shock, you’re going to want to know how to set it as some of the models come with pretty sophisticated functions. However, most of G-Shock watches present straightforward methods of setting time.

What are the general guidelines for watches with crowns?

Some watches come with mechanical hands with a crown, whereas others are electronic and include buttons for making the adjustments.

Watches with crowns are, and you typically use the top for setting the time or winding the timepiece. The crown is helping you do all the setting for the watch and pulls out to two positions: one is for date setting, and the other one is for time setting. You may notice a click for every position.

The first click position is when the crown is pulled out only halfway and for the second position the crown is going to be pulled out as far as it can. Some watches come with screw lock crown, so you’re going to have to unscrew the crown. You need to turn it clockwise before you may pull out the crown.

  • The second hand has to get to 12 o’clock position, and you should pull out the crown to the second click. You should notice how the second hand is stopping, giving you control over both hands
  • You continue with turning the crown so that you set the clock hands to the five minutes ahead of the current time. Back them out afterward.
  • You have to push the crown in at the time signal, so that you may end the time setting.

What about the automatic watches?

Automatic G-Shock

The automatic watches present various modes, timekeeping and stopwatch including. You use the M button for controlling the ways.

Here are some general guidelines when setting time for this type of watches:

  • You enter the Timekeeping mode by pressing the M button
  • Hold the A button down for selecting the second’s digits. You should do it until the second’s digits are going to flash on the display
  • When the numbers are flashing, you should press the C button, resetting the seconds to 00. Some models feature the Stop/Start button instead of a C button
  • Continue with pressing the M button and changing the selection. The order is seconds, hour, minutes, year, month, and day. You may change the time and date keeping that in mind
  • The digits are going to flash as you proceed with the sequences. You should increase a selected number by pressing the Stop/Start button or C button. Pressing the B button is going to decrease it. You may raise the speed of the selection by holding down any of the buttons. It’s how you set time and date for most models.
  • You should press L when you choose a digit, switching between the 12-hour and 24-hour formats.
  • Press button A when you set time and date. The watch is going to set the day of the week automatically using the date info.

What’s the right way to set time on a Baby-G?

Baby-G review

Baby-G watches are the smaller version of G-Shock. They are also sturdy and rugged within their build and come with similar functions.

A smaller size, more colorful designs, less prominent profile, and 330ft water resistance are the main features of Baby-G watches.

Here’s how you may set the time on a Baby-G:

    1. Take a look at the buttons

A Baby-G typically features four buttons. Even if they come with various names, they all serve the same functions after you set your watch in edit mode:

  • Adjust- you use it for placing the clock in the edit mode. It’s the upper corner of the left site of the watch
  • Reverse- you use it for moving back one value, and it’s the upper-right corner of the clock
  • Forward- you operate it when moving forward one value. It’s the lower corner of right side of the watch
  • Mode-when you’re cycling through options, you use the lower-left corner of your watch

   2. Press and hold the “Adjust” button for three seconds

It’s the top left corner button. Pressing it for three seconds is going to help you see one of the items on the watch’s face how it starts flashing.

    3. You press the “Mode” button several times

You need to press these buttons until the “Seconds” value is flashing. The pin in the bottom-left side of the watch face is the “Mode” button. You may continue the moment the number that displays the number of seconds is flashing.

   4. Choose the “Minutes” value

You go back to the “Mode” button again and press it. Choose the number that stands for the minutes. You should modify the “Minutes” value to a minute before the present time. Press the “Forward” or the “Reverse” button for doing it. You should set the minutes to a minute before the current time so that they sync automatically as the seconds get to 60 again.

   5. Choose the “Hour” value

Go to the “Hour” value, pressing the “Mode” button once again until you select the current hour. You need to change the “Hour” value to the current one, pressing “Reverse”/Forward button until you get to the present hour.

Should you use the 12-hour time on the watch, it’s essential that the time of the day (AM or PM) is right. In case it’s not, you have to go through 12 times until you obtain the right time.

As for setting the flashing options, you could operate the “Mode” button for going through other options that come with the watch. You may adjust them by using the “Reverse”/”Forward” buttons.

  • DST (Daylight Saving Time) – you may turn it off on some models. When doing it, you’re going to make the watch’s time reset with the use of DST.
  • Time Zone- You may find it at the top of the face. The time zone has an impact on the current hour.
  • Light-It’s common for Baby-G watches to feature light built-in, but you may be chose the number of seconds for which the light is going to display
  • 12h or 24H- you may select how the time is going to show: 12-hour time (Am and PM), or 24-hour (6:00 for 6 AM and 18:00 for 6 PM).
  • Date- you may also adjust the day and month on Baby-G watches

In the case of analog-digital watches, you may have to hold down “Adjust” for several seconds before you set the time.

Let’s also mention that the hands of analog-digital models are going to adjust automatically so that they match the digital time.

What about an analog G-Shock?

Analog G-Shocks

Many G-Shock watches come with an analog display so let’s take a look at the G-Shock GA-1000 on how to set the time.

   1. Press and hold the Adjust button

You may begin with pressing and holding the Adjust button (it’s on the upper left) for 4-5 seconds. You’re going to notice the ADJ> showing in the top right and you should press it until it turns into “H-SET,” whereas “00” blinks on the bottom display.

   2. Press the Mode button

Continue with pressing Mode button as the digital blinks “0:00”. The analog watch (both minute and hour hand) is going to begin moving clockwise, and you shouldn’t press any buttons until they stop moving.

   3. Press the Light button

Pressing once > the analog watch, it’s going to make it move counterclockwise a bit. When you operate and hold the button >, the minute and the hour hand are runnning automatically. Moving counter clockwise> and stop the movement by pressing the button once again.

When you wish to set the analog watch so that it shows same time as the digital time, you need to set the minute and hour hand in 12:00 (0:00) clock position (straight up).

If there’s an important time difference, it’s essential that you operate and hold the LIGHT button until the hand moves automatically. Once it’s close to the noon position, you need to press the LIGHT button once more so that you may stop the movement. Continue with pressing the LIGHT button a couple of times until the hour, minute, and seconds hand are going to align in 12.00 clock position. Do it slowly and carefully as if you miss the 12.00 spot only just a little bit, you’re going to have to rotate the hands one complete rotation once again.

  4. Operate the Adjust Button

You need to close the setting > by operating the Adjust button so that the analog watch moves automatically.

How to set time on G Shock 5081

G Shock 5081 review

If you’re looking to adjust Home Time city date and time, you need to get in the Timekeeping Mode.

  • Operate the “D” in the Timekeeping Mode so that it toggles lower left display between the screens.
  • Once you’re in Timekeeping Mode, you should press A for 3 seconds. You should wait until the city code flashes on the lower right side of the display. It gets you to the setting mode.
  • You may select the city code using the D and B. you should always choose the Home City code before you’re making any other changes. Don’t forget to check the City Codes before this step
  • When the timekeeping setting you want to alter starts flashing, you may use D or B for making the changes you want.
  • Exit the setting mode by pressing A once again. You should see the day of the week displayed in relation to the other settings (year, month, and day).

One last suggestion

Setting your Casio watch isn’t tricky, and you should also go over the manual for your watch. When you no longer have it, go online for checking the details. It’s a shame to have a reliable G-Shock and don’t know how to get the best out of it.


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