Casio G-Shock G100-1BV Review


8.8 Total Score
Great looks and value!

Affordable and good looking analog-digital watch with quality build and user-friendly setup. One of the most popular ana-digi G-Shocks!

User Rating: 3.8 (10 votes)

  • Great price
  • User-friendly setup
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to find spare parts and other consumables due to its popularity

  • A pretty bad illumination system (common among cheaper G-Shocks)
  • Hard to press buttons

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One of the most popular and affordable G-Shocks on the market, the Casio G100 is a basic analog-digital watch that impresses with the practicality, shock/water resistance, and great price. Although with a somewhat bulkier look than the similar priced DW5600, it can still match all major clothing types, except fancy suits or Tuxedos.

It comes with a simplistic design featuring a resin strap which has a one pin securing system and multiple tightening levels, a case also made of resin that features eye-catching red insertions on the top/bottom and indicators for each button. Somewhat uncommon about the design of this watch is that the case flows along with the strap without differentiating in any way, making it look like made from one piece.


The G100-1BV

While it has a very intuitive setup, the buttons are not of such good quality; you will have to press quite hard in order to set anything and this inevitably causes some inconveniences. Luckily this is a one-time configuration watch, meaning that you can set it once then never touch the buttons again until swapping the battery. By the way, the battery life is of approximately three years and you can change it all by yourself. There are lots of videos on the internet showing how to do this in a couple of minutes.

The display as said before is an analog-digital one that features only two hands for minutes and hours and a small screen on the bottom that shows the values of the stopwatch, alarm, date, day of the week and the dual time feature that lets you set one more time zone to be displayed on this little screen beside the regular one showed by the analog hands. I will not go into the button combinations for every function in particular because these can be found in the user’s manual along with visual instructions.

G100 and G101 side by side

G100 and G101 side by side

It is true, for this price you won’t get a perfect watch. There are some flaws that are to some extent pretty annoying like the backlight which only illuminates the small bottom display or the configuration buttons which take an inexplicably amount of force to be pushed. These are small things, but they add up in the end.

The alarm is quite loud and it will be enough for most situations even tough in noisy environments you cannot rely on it. Another feature that makes the G-Shock G100 shine is the magnetic resistance. Casio praises that contrary to the other cheap G-Shocks that quickly got broken any time you would expose them to magnets, the G100 will not. Now this is true but only to small power magnets. Once you expose it to higher power ones the watch will get broken just like any other watch.

In the end, this is an affordable watch that tries to include the qualities of the G-Shock line by making some shortcuts. If the pros outweigh the cons for you, then this is a very reliable and practical watch that should be taken into consideration if you think of buying one.

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Features List:

  • Shock and water resistance up to 660 ft. / 200 m
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Automatic Calendar
  • 1/100 Second Stopwatch
  • 12/24 hour format
  • Approximately 3 years of battery life
  • Daily alarms
  • EL Backlight
  • Dimensions of 49.6 x 47.8 x 15.7mm and a weight of 59g

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