GST-S300GL-1A-Toughness in an Elegant Watch

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When rugged build can feel elegant

The watch that surprises with the strong build and sleek appearance. It's loaded with functions that work and never disappoints.

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When you know nothing about watches and want a rugged watch that takes the wear under challenging conditions, one of the names you’re going to hear a lot is going to be Casio G-Shock.

Designed for the outdoors customer, the military professionals or anyone traveling around the world a lot, the Casio G-Shock watches have become the perfect image of watches that handle all sorts of challenging conditions and, most importantly, a fall.

Why do G-Shock watches stand out from the crowd?

In case you don’t know, G-Shock watches have been on the market for a couple of decades now. Ever since the first model created back in the 80s, G-Shock watches become the perfect image of tough and amazing watches that take the wear in the most challenging weather or environment conditions.

It took around 200 handmade samples until a Casio engineer managed to obtain a watch that took a fall and excessive wear.

To this day, all G-Shock watches come with fundamental features that tell them apart from any other watches in the world. The urethane protecting all the internal elements or the timekeeping modules floating inside the structure are some of the build characteristics that stay behind the fantastic performance of G-Shock watches.

The list of fundamental features includes the following as well:

  • Shock resistance
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • Vibration resistance
  • Electric shock resistance
  • Gravity resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Toughness

What about the G-Shock G-Steel?

G-Shock is always stepping up is game in terms of toughness, and the new designs include newer mid-size G-Steel series.

Casio is continually adding new models to the G-Shock line, and March 2019 is the month when four new G-Shock G-Steel watches make it to the market.

The black and gold GST-300GL-1AJF and the silver GST-W330L-1AJF come with Tough Solar/Multi-Band6, hitting the Japan market. GST-S300GL-1A and GST-S330L-1A (with Tough Solar) are going to impress the market in other Asian countries.

The Multi-Band 6 function helps watch sync the time via radio waves if it’s within the range of one of the six transmitters. Some “W” (solar and radio) and “S” (only Solar) watches are launches all over the world, with the “W” watches being launched in China, Europe, and Japan too.

The watches within the line come with bands made of synthetic strong leather material mixed with highly wear-resistant resin. The leather materials are stitches around the resin core, resulting in a high surface that protects against impact, without sacrificing on the appearance in any way.

The combination of leather bands and metal cases leads to robust, yet exquisite timepieces that look amazing for all kinds of casual situations.

The watches come with Tough Solar powered operation, and Full Auto Double LED illumination, for easier reading in the dark. The new type of leather and the layer guard structure turn the new G-Steel models into timepieces that any G-Shock aficionado should include in their collection.

What are the functions of GST-S300GL-1A?

The tough solar, the layer guard structure, and the Super Illuminator are standard features for the new mid-size G-Steel series, but the watch comes with several functions of its own.

The case/bezel material is resin combined with stainless steel, which only explains the toughness of the watch. The sturdy leather band recommends the watch to wear for a very long time, no matter the conditions.

The watch isn’t just shock-resistant, but also 200-meter water resistant. It includes mineral glass and Neobrite, features that sustain its toughness and utility.

The Double LED light means that the watch comes with LED light for the face and LED backlight for the digital display. The LED light for the front includes Full auto LED light, selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds), Neon Illuminator and afterglow features. The LED backlight for the digital display includes Super Illumination, and Full auto LED light, afterglow and selectable illumination duration functions as well.

You’re going to know the time wherever you are on the globe as the watch includes World Time function. It provides accurate time for 31 time zones (48 cities and coordinated universal time), and Home city/World time city swapping functions too. The Daylight saving on/off is handy also.

Some are going to appreciate the 1/100-second stopwatch and the Countdown timer function as well.

You may set up to five daily alarms. The hourly time signal is subtle and useful, whereas the hand shift feature is well thought out. The hands move out of the way so that you get an unobstructed view of the digital display contents.

One of the features that sustain the overall value of the watch is the Power Saving function. The display is going to become blank when you leave the watch in the dark, which saves power.  It’s why the rechargeable battery may run for eight months with regular use, without exposure to light after charge. In case of storage in complete darkness, with the power save function on after a full load, the watch may run for 19 months on the rechargeable battery. Anyway, the battery level indicator is going to inform you when it’s time to get a new battery.

The watch comes with 12/24 –hour format and Full auto-calendar (to the year 2099). The button operation tone on/off isn’t loud, and the precision is standard for G-Shock watches:+/- 15 seconds per month.

The gold accents on the face give the watch an elegant feel, without the watch becoming tacky in any way.

On top of everything else, the watch includes both analog and digital display. The analog has two hands (hour, a minute with hands moving every 20 seconds), while the digital consists of a display for hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, and day.

What’s our final thought?

Robust, elegant and made to take the use for a long time, the watch is a sure buy for many G-Shock fans. Thanks to its mid-size design, it’s instead a unisex model, fitting both men and women wrists.

Its bold and rugged face matches excellent with the classic tough leather band, with the gold accents helping one seal the deal faster.


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