G-Shock MRG-G2000R-1A-The King of G-Shock Watches

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The high-end watch that is tough, elegant, rugged, and impressive with all its features.

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Some collect books, and some collect butterflies. Some like to spend extra-buck and gather the most beautiful watches in the world.

For those of you who own more than just a watch, this next G-Shock model is one you shouldn’t skip.

Why do we praise G-Shock watches so much?

Ever since the creation of the very first G-Shock model back in 1983, G-Shock has become the equivalent of tough and rugged watches that are perfectly capable of handling a fall.

Truth be told, it took 200 handmade samples to get there, but the passion of Mr. Ibe (the Casio engineer who created G-Shock) was big enough not to give up the dream.

G-Shock watches stand out with their water resistance and shock resistance, but they present a couple of other fundamental abilities as well. They handle low temperature, vibration, electrical shock, gravity and impress with their toughness.

It’s the build and the innovative technologies that give the G-Shock watches the incredible strength and resistance in all sorts of challenging situations. The urethane protecting the inner elements or the floating timekeeping modules inside the structure are only a few to mention.

What’s to say about G-Shock MR-G-2000R-1A at a glance?

MR-G is the series that always makes a stand with the incredible strength and precision, and its latest model doesn’t make an exception.

The MRG-G2000R-1A is the first G-Shock that comes with a Dura Soft Fluoro-Rubber band. The material has a soft and delicate texture and elegant appearance, ensuring extreme durability as well.  The band also presents a Japanese Bishamon Kikko textured pattern, which is inspired by the armor of Bishamonten (Buddhist guardian).

The list of impressive features continues with the band and the titanium case which are connected with the “L/R-Δ Loc” (L-R Delta Lock). Casio collaborated with NejiLaw for this watch, and it’s the first application of the L/R-Δ Loc. This type of lock was designed for watches so that it doesn’t loosen from vibration or other forces.

The titanium parts of the watch went through a deep-layer hardening process, which made the surface four to five-time tougher than plain titanium.  The titanium case and the case back have been treated with titanium carbide (TIC) for better abrasion resistance. The clasp and the bezel come with a DLC coating, which increases the strength against scratches.

The watch is a November 2018 release with a list price of $2800US. It’s the latest version of G-Shock’s famous MR-G model.

What is the detailed image of the watch?

Sturdy and lightweight, the MRG-G2000R-1A is made with high-performance materials. Apart from the shock-resistant full-metal body with Dura Soft Fluoro-Rubber band, the watch stands out with the astonishing functions and reliable performance. It comes with GPS Hybrid Radio-Controlled solar-power and Bluetooth. The GPS hybrid radio-controlled solar includes Casio’s solar power charging system, a position with GPS and reception of time calibration signals from everywhere on the planet.

When it comes to functions, we notice the time adjustment system which can get data via Bluetooth, GPS signals and time signals as well.

The fluoro-rubber band has a soft touch feel and takes the use for a very long time. It’s a new material that is both comfortable and tough, increasing the overall value of the watch. It’s important to mention that the band length adjustment needs special tools. You can only do it from an original retailer or an Authorized Casio Service Center.

Side note: Bishamon Kikko

Bishamon Kikko is a pattern that mixes hexagonal shapes into several groups of three. The model was used since ancient time on the clothing and armor of the Bishamonten, which was one of the gods of war. He was the protector of Buddhism, which explains the named.

The band of the MRG-G2000R-1A has bishamon Kikko pattern, which sustains the strength and excellent feel of the watch.

Moving on with the details

The watch comes with a titanium buckle, and the material was forged and machined for obtaining the three-fold clasp. The ends of the band are embedded in the buckle, sustaining a comfortable fit and a pleasant design.

The titanium parts went through a deep-layer hardening process, which explains the fantastic strength. As previously mention, the case and the back cover come with titanium carbide coating, which increases the wear resistance. The buckle and the bezel have a diamond-like carbon coating (DLC), which gives both strength and beautiful appearance.

The watch comes with Sapphire glass with a non-reflective coating, AIP (Arc Ion Plating, TIC and partial DLC.

It’s magnetic resistant, shock-resistant and has 200-meter water resistance as well. It features screw lock crown for better performance, and the Neobrite makes reading it in the dark a lot easier. It also includes afterglow and Super Illuminator functions.

The watch includes Time calibration signal reception (auto-receive up to 6 times a day; remaining auto receives canceled when one is succeeding). There are time calibration signals from Germany, England, the United States, Japan, and China.

The list of functions continues with World Time (39 time zones with 39 cities and coordinated universal time), Home city/world time city swapping, daylight saving on/off and even auto summer time switching (DST).

The watch comes with countdown timer, 1-second stopwatch and you may set daily alarms too.

The Power Saving function is going to make the hands stop when you leave the watch in the dark, for saving power. Anyways, the watch includes a low battery alert so you’ll always know when to get a new battery.

The battery should run around six months with regular use and no exposure to light after charge. When stored in complete darkness with the power save function on, after a total charge, the battery should run 23 months.

The watch includes Full auto-calendar (to the year 2099), date display and day indicator. It ensures regular timekeeping. The analog display consists of 3 hands (hour, minute and second with the hand moving every 10 seconds). It also has four dials (24-hour, world time hour and minute, world time 24-hour, day) and world time city.

What’s our final say?

Some may not like the fact that you cannot adjust the band on your own and you need to do it at a professional. However, this is a small downside considering the overall value of the watch. Let’s not forget the price, which is going to be a deal breaker for many.

Standing out as a high-end G-Shock watch, the MRG-G2000R-1A isn’t a regular G-Shock but one that is astonishing through its value, performance, and materials.




G-Shock MRG-G2000R-1A with Duro Soft Band & Titanium Clasp (US Model: MRGG2000R-1A)

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