G-Shock GWR-B1000 Gravitymaster with Carbon Monocoque Case- The Latest Addition to the GravityMaster Series

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One Gravity Master to rule them all

The latest addition to the Gravity Master that comes with carbon monocoque case, becoming light and tough altogether.

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It was only a couple of days ago, and Casio G-Shock released the brand new GWR-B1000. It’s an all-new men’s Gravity Master timepiece. It’s designed for aviation professionals while presenting the G-Shock’s premium features. The all-new structure and the rust-resistant titanium parts are going to make any aficionado pay the high-dollar for this one.

The GWR-B1000  is going to hit the shelves somewhere in April 2019, and it’s going to cost around $800.

Why do we like G-Shock that much?

Casio’s G-Shock is the equivalent of tough watches, and it was Mr. Ibe ( a Casio Engineer) to create this watch that never breaks

Two hundred handmade samples later, he managed to succeed, and we have to thank him for the iconic G-Shock that we now have.

Every G-Shock watch comes with seven elements: electric shock resistance, low-temperature resistance, gravity resistance, vibration resistance, water resistance, toughness, and shock-resistance.

All G-Shock watches are made with technologies that reduce the risk of suffering from a straight impact. Urethane protects all the internal elements, and the G-Shock watches feature suspended timekeeping modules inside the structure.

What’s the G-Shock GravityMaster series?

The G-Shock’s Gravity Master s series was created with both function and ease of use in mind. It’s the result of a long-standing association with the Royal Air Force and all models impress with their functionality and toughness.

What’s to say about GWR-B1000  in a nutshell?

The latest model comes with an all-new button structure which includes four large titanium buttons. They are easy to access even when wearing gloves.

The watch stands out with its carbon monocoque case that explains its lightweight, without sacrificing toughness in any way.

How does the list of features look like?

The watch is going to handle any challenging situations thanks to its impressive features. The laminated carbon bezel, the carbon fiber insert band, and the scratch-resistant sapphire glass make it easier to read but improve its overall appearance as well.

Standing out with the new Carbon Core Guard structure, the watch has a carbon monocoque case made of carbon fiber-reinforced resin which includes the case with the case back seamlessly. It’s why the watch becomes tougher and lighter than any previous Gravity Master model. The new case structure also has a modified circuit board plate that blocks a direct impact on the button shaft and circuit broad. There’s no need for button guards. You may enclose the button in a pipe fitting, which explains the strength and the ease of use. Besides, it also ensures a bold new appearance for the G-Shock.

All external metal parts of the watch are made with titanium (lightweight), which explains why the watch is, among so many other things, rust resistant.

The watch’s Triple G Resist sustain its protection against the three types of gravitational acceleration: centrifugal force, shock, and vibration.

On top of everything else, the watch includes Bluetooth technology through the G-Shock Connected smartphone app, keeping precise time. The Multi-Band 6 radio-sync timekeeping and the Bluetooth mobile link feature are ensuring world time with 300+ cities, one-touch time adjustment, secure watch setting, and even phone finder function. The watch also comes with the Flight Log function which notes the time and position information on the G-Shock Connected app, showing the graphical display of movement history.

The adjusting for daylight saving time and changes in time zone explain its accuracy. It’s why the GWR-B1000  is the ideal choice for the pilots. The dedicated stopwatch start button is at the 2 o’clock position.

The atomic timekeeping, the robust solar technology, and the full auto double LED lights are going to illuminate automatically in darker conditions for better visibility.

The GWR-B1000  comes with G-Shock technology that put it on the map:

  • Shock resistance
  • 200M water resistance
  • Countdown Timer
  • Full auto calendar
  • Daily alarm
  • 1/100th stopwatch

What’s our verdict?

Shifting away from the extra-large sizes of the previous GravityMaster models, the GWR-B1000  is rather compact, considering its thickness. Lightweight, sturdy and impressive, it’s one watch that no pilot affords to skip when shopping.





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