G-Shock GST-B100XB-2A- The Sporty Elegant Watch to getting

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Who says sporty watches can’t be elegant?

It’s elegant in design, but takes the sporty activities any given day, for as many days as you need.

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Some cannot get out of the house until they put on their watch. Some don’t even like wearing watches at all. And there’s this other part with people owning a lot more than just one watch.

For those of you that think that every watch has some exciting features that make it worthy of your collection, adding a G-Shock to your selection is only a matter of time.

Why get a G-Shock?

Truth be told, the fragility of watches and their low resistance to impacts are their main flaws. We have to thank Mr. Ibe, the Casio engineer, who was determined enough to create a robust watch that would easily take a fall.

It was 1983 when Mr. Ibe tried and finally succeeded to create a rugged watch that would handle a fall and even come with water resistance. It took him 200 handmade samples to build the very first G-Shock model, but it was sure worth it. Once the G-Shock hit the market, there was no turning point from that. The G-Shock did represent the conquer of a milestone in the watch industry.

It goes without saying that some innovative technologies had to be used for creating a sturdy and water-resistant watch. The floating timekeeping modules inside the structure and the urethane protecting the elements inside are only some of the many.

To this day, G-Shock watches come with some fundamental abilities:

  • Water resistance
  • Gravity resistance
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • Resistance to vibration
  • Toughness
  • Electric shock resistance
  • Shock resistance

Over the years, Casio G-Shock managed to stand out by creating exciting and attractive lines that work for both military professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and casual wear. Any now and then, collaboration results in timepieces that any collector should get.

What’s unique about the G-Shock G-Steel GST-B100 series?

G-Shock is a watch brand that is continuously defining new standards for timekeeping toughness. The new G-Steel designs present a combination of various materials that explain their ruggedness and long life span.

Casio released the G-Steel GST-B100 series in November 2018 in Japan, and the series consists of three watches: the GST-B100G-2AJF, GST-B100D-2AJF, and GST-B100XB-2AJF.

All of the three watches come with Bluetooth mobile link and Tough Solar power. Thanks to the G-Shock Connected app, the Bluetooth ability ensures 300-city world time, automatic time adjustments, watch setting adjustment and even phone finder function.

The list of functions continues with the dual-dial world time, timer, stopwatch, and many more.

Just like any other G-Shock, the three watches within the G-Steel line is entirely shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200 meters.

Casio America released the GST-B100XB-2A for $700.

What’s the GST-B100XB-2A in a nutshell?

The looks may be the first thing to strike you at the GST-B100XB-2A, but the watch is a lot more than meets the eye.

The new model includes metal parts and buttons, whereas the rose gold accent coloring on the famous disk dial at 9 o’clock is a great detail. The colors of the watch turn it into both elegant and sporty watch.

The bezel has a stylish design, but it’s made with the rigid, yet lightweight carbon material. The bezel is the result of combining the impressive Torayca 1 and Nanoalloy2. It’s a material that impresses with its shock resistance abilities.

The watch rocks a sapphire crystal with non-reflective coating. The highly scratch resistant clear sapphire glass improves the readability and appearance, resulting in a design that is both nice looking and tough.

The band is made with urethane and has a hefty feel. It features a sporty outer surface pattern that ensures a comfortable fit, without compromising on the look in any way. It also comes with a metal band ring which lowers the risk of band breakage caused by abrasion.

What are the specifications?

The watch is shock resistant, and its build protects it against impact and vibration. It also comes with a Tough Solar charging system that can convert sunlight, and light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power.

The screw lock down makes the watch more resistant, whereas the new layer guard structure increases its performance.


The watch comes with Neobrite, and the LED light is great for reading the watch in darkness. It also includes an Afterglow function. The LED is white, which makes the reading very easy.

Let’s not forget the Smartphone Link which ensures the accuracy on many functions: hand alignment correction, alarm, 300 World Time cities, home city time swapping, phone finder, and timer.

The watch includes 1-second, countdown timer and full auto-calendar to the year 2099.

It has both day indicator and date display, and a battery level indicator which keeps you posted about the level of the battery. The Power Saving function is, and the hands stop when you leave the watch in the dark, saving power.

The watch provides regular timekeeping and has three dials (dual time hour and minute, dual time 24-hour, day) and analog display (3 hands- hour, minute and second. The hand for minute moves every 10 seconds).

The battery runs for five months on a rechargeable battery with regular use and no exposure to light after charge. When you store it in complete darkness with the power save function on after a full charge, the battery runs for 24 months.

What’s our recommendation?

The watch is loaded with functions that anyone in the modern era is going to love. Apart from the features, we also have to highlight the looks, which make the watch both sporty and elegant at the same.

The main downside? The price tag is going to throw off many, but it’s a good thing. The watch is only for people who appreciate the value of high-quality materials, impressive build, tons of functions and amazing looks. How much are you willing to pay for that?



New G-STEEL Bluetooth Models: GST-B100D-2A, GST-B100G-2A, GST-B100XB-2A


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