G-Shock GPR-B1000TF-1- The Rangeman Watch You Shouldn’t Skip on

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The Rangeman Watch for the Devoted G-Shock fan

It’s one of the high-end watches within the 35th Anniversary Magma Ocean Collection. Its looks and features are to die for, and no collector should skip it!

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There’s no way to turn back time (not until now, anyway), but we can surely know how to read time, and the watches are fundamental for that.

In all fairness, watches had traveled a long way since their early stages when they were nothing but elegant accessories that had just one primary function. The more you’re willing to pay for a watch, the more you should expect in terms of reliability, features or overall value. And paying that extra-buck for a watch sure says something about you: that you’ve become a watch aficionado. It’s not a bad thing, but it does get expensive in time…

Is G-Shock as unique as they say?

Some watches stand out with their mechanical mechanisms, and some make an impression with their elegant looks. And there’s also the category of watches that amaze with their robust build, without ever compromising on the looks.

It’s the case of G-Shock watches that have become the equivalent of robust watches that are shock resistant and present water resistance as well.

Ever since the creation of the very first G-Shock model (which happened in the 80s), the G-Shock watches come with functions that satisfy the military professionals, outdoor enthusiasts or any other type of customer.

Along with the water and shock resistance, G-Shock watches are resistant to vibration, electric shock, gravity, low-temperatures, and impact. Their toughness is impressive, and their looks are always carefully picked.

All sorts of technologies are used for obtaining the abilities of G-Shock watches. The urethane protecting the inner elements or the floating timekeeping modules inside the structure are only some of them to highlight.

What’s the G-Shock Magma Ocean Collection all about?

The new 35th Anniversary Magma Ocean models highlight the 35 years since G-Shock began its mission of creating strong timekeeping pieces back in the early 80s.

These models incorporate the basics of the early G-SHOCK of 35 years ago while at the same time adding a new value with a theme based on the magma ocean that covered the Earth at its beginning. Base models are the MTG-B1000 MT-G, which packs absolute toughness into a refined metal design, the GPR-B1000 RANGEMAN that was designed with survivalist toughness in mind, and the GWF-1000 FROGMAN diver’s watch.

The series includes three high-end G-Shock models: the Rangeman GPR-B1000TF-1, the MT-G MTG-B1000TF-1A, and the Frogman GWF-1035F-1.

The models include the essential features of the early G-Shock, but also present a theme based on the magma ocean that covered the Earth at its beginning.

Therefore, the magma ocean that existed during the formation of our planet is the source of inspiration for the colors of the watches. The theme is about coming back to the origin, without ever ceasing to create something valuable.

All the three watches come with black bodies and bands which represent the G-Shock. They include red, yellow gold and rose gold accents which celebrate the anniversary. Every watch comes with the text “Since 1983” for commemorating the anniversary. They all come in a 35th Anniversary case back and a custom anniversary packaging.

The MTG-B1000MT-G impresses with the metal design and its toughness, whereas the GPR-B1000 Rangeman incorporates the survivalist toughness. As for the GWF-1000 Frogman, it’s the high-end option for the dedicated diver out there.

Let’s take a look at the details of GPR-B1000TF-1!

The new GPR-B1000TF-1 is similar to the GPR-B1000 Rangeman, and it features GPS tracking, mud resistance, solar-assisted charging, Triple Sensor, time-syncing, carbon fiber insert band, and sapphire crystal. It comes with a dual-layer resin band with a red inner layer.

The watch is both shock resistant and mud resistant, so taking it for the outdoor experiences should never worry you. It also comes with 200-meter water resistance, which only proves its overall toughness.

When it comes to abilities, we also notice the low-temperature resistance of the watch (down to -4F degrees). This ability ensures only the operation of the display. It doesn’t apply to the process of sensors, GPS or other functions.

The watch comes with Sapphire Glass with non-reflective coating, handling the scratches and excess wear for a long time.

The case/bezel material is resin and stainless steel, increasing the watch’s rugged build. The resin band comes with a carbon fiber insert, so it feels nice against the skin, handling the longtime wear.

The watch works with GPS signal reception, which allows Auto to receive (time information, once/day), and Manual receive (time information, position information).

The GPS Navigation function is impressive. The watch can run the following features: track display (wide area map/magnified map switching), activity logs (up to 20 logs), bearing to the destination, start-to-destination linear distance, destination setting from Point Memory recordings, activity time measurement, backtrack, and log use status.

The list of new functions continues with the Mobile ling, as the watch comes with Wireless linking using Bluetooth.

Any survivalist is going to appreciate the Point Memory function, allowing you to use up to 60 sets of point data (temperature, atmospheric pressure, time, date, altitude, and longitude/latitude).

As for the Digital Compass, Altimeter and Barometer, you shouldn’t doubt about their accuracy or utility.

You can read the watch in the dark either as it comes with LED backlight (Super Illuminator). It also includes an auto light switch, and you may even select illumination duration (1.5seconds or 3 seconds). The afterglow function is also on the list.

The watch is made with Solar powered system (solar-charging system), which is compatible with wireless chargers. (you need to use devices with type A USB-terminal).

The Power Saving function is excellent as the display gets blank when you leave the watch in the dark for saving power. The watch also comes with a battery level indicator. The battery operating time is around 33 hours with regular use of the GPS, and 20 hours when the reception is continuous (high rate). When you’re not using the GPS functions, the battery runs for two months or so. When you don’t use the GPS at all and the power-saving function is on after a complete charge, the battery runs for 29 months.

The watch also comes with airplane mode and sunrise/sunset display for a specific date. It also includes 1-second stopwatch and countdown timer functions.

You may set up to 4 daily alarms and use the Full Auto-calendar (up to the year 2099). The watch ensures World time (39 time zones), auto summer time (DST) switching, and daylight saving on/off.

The button operation tone on/off is subtle, and the watch provides regular timekeeping: hour, minute, second, am, pm, month, date, and day. It has a 12/24-hour format, and its accuracy is +/- 15 seconds per month.

What’s our final take?

Even if the looks are going to be the first thing you notice about the Rangeman, its functions or performance are going to amaze you even more.

The price may throw off many, but any true G-Shock aficionado is going to pay the extra-buck for adding it to their collection because you can’t really put a price on an anniversary watch like this one!




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