Welcome Spring with DW-5600TCB-1DR Sakura Storm Series

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When Spring can be an accessory to life

Do you remember the iconic DW-5600? This watch is just that, but with a touch of spring from the Sakura flowers and plenty of attention to the details that count.

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If you fancy watches, you know that it’s not only the looks that matter to you but also the performance and the features.

Selecting a watch only by judging its appearance is an amateur. If you’re a timepieces aficionado, it’s going to take a lot more than a cute appearance for sealing the deal.

And if there’s one thing you know as a watch fan is that Casio G-Shock is one name to add to your collection.

What’s the fuss with the G-Shock watches?

If it were for you to choose one rugged watch from all the watches out there, nine times out of ten you’re going to go with a G-Shock.

Since its creation back in the 80s, the G-Shock watch has become one representative for the category of robust and reliable watches. The G-Shock watches are the result of the hard work and dedication of one Casio engineer who had one thing in mind: creating the most robust watch out there. It’s why all G-Shock watches can withstand a fall.

Even if all the series that followed the first G-Shock presented their distinctive features and looks, they all still share some standard characteristics.

To this day, all G-Shock watches come with the following seven fundamental functions:

  • Shock resistance
  • Electric shock resistance
  • Toughness
  • Vibration resistance
  • Gravity resistance
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • Water resistance

In addition to the seven features, G-Shock watches come with urethane which protects the internal elements, whereas the timekeeping modules inside the structure are suspended.

How does the Sakura Series stand out?

The new model has Sakura as its central theme.  The release of The Sakura Storm series took place in January 2019. It includes two classic digital models (DW-5600TCB-1DR and DW-6900TCB-4JR) and one traditional analog-digital model (GA-100TCB-1 AJR). The central theme is the color pink which represents the cherry blossom flowers (sakura flowers).

The watches within the series present special marking which depicts a single cherry blossom petal in unusual places.

The exclusive packaging completes the design, and the black box features a pink G-Shock logo and a pink tin case.

The base model is a reminder of the iconic DW-5600 and has the standard square face that we all recognize. However, many details make the xx stand out/ the sakura petal look, the sakura petal images on the band ring and many more.

The xx is not just a reminder of the very first G-Shock model, but also a fantastic symbol for attention to details and impressive performance.

What are the features?

The case/bezel material is resin, and the watch comes with a resin band. It features mineral glass and electro-luminescent backlight for better reading in low light conditions. The afterglow function is also going to help you see what time is it in dim light. The digital display is going to light up at the touch of a button.

The watch is a G-Shock model, so it does present 200-meter water resistance, and it’s shock resistant as well. You may confidently use it for professional diving. Its patented Hollow Core Guard Structure is going to protect it against impact and vibration. The watch can also handle temperatures down to 14F degrees.

The functionality of the watch is, and you may set four multi-function alarms: 1 daily alarm, monthly alarm, alarm for a specific time of a day, of a particular month, date alarm and hourly time signal. Therefore, the watch is going to beep every hour on the hours. The flash alert is easy to notice, and the watch flashes with buzzer that sound for the alarms.

On the list of functions, we also notice the 1/100-second stopwatch, the countdown timer, and the Auto-repeat function.

The watch comes with both 12/24 hour format and Full auto-calendar (to the year 2039). It ensures regular timekeeping: hour, minute, second, pm, month, date and day. Its accuracy is solid (+/-15 seconds per months), and the CR2016 battery may run for two years (give or take).

The build is good, and the watch comes with hard glass which resists scratching.

What’s our final thought?

Dependable, affordable and beautiful looking, the watch isn’t a milestone for the industry of watches. However, it doesn’t disappoint as it manages to combine toughness, reliability and subtle details that make any timepieces aficionado proud to wear yet, another excellent G-Shock watch.





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