MTG-B1000TF-1A-The Anniversary Watch to Add to Your Collection

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Spoil Yourself with an Anniversary watch

It's the eye-catcher that delivers. The survivalist toughness is the primary source of inspiration, and the functions raise the bar for its competitors.

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You know that you’re a watch aficionado when the price is the last thing you check on a watch. Not only that a high price throws you off, but you’re also willing to give not a second thought when getting a nice watch.

If you’re not into watches that much, you should scroll down anyway. By the end of the description of this particular G-Shock model, you may start considering getting a timepiece of the collection.

Do you know anything about G-Shock watches?

Nine times out of ten, the name Casio does ring a bell for you. And if you own more than a watch, the chances are that the name “G-Shock” is also familiar to you.

Everyone in the watch industries appreciates and recognize the milestone that the first G-Shock became in this industry. After all, the first G-Shock brought the conquer of the shock-resistance and water-resistance limits.

Even if the water resistance and the shock resistance are essential for all watches with the G-Shock line, there are some other characteristics that they all share. The low-temperature resistance, the vibration resistance, the electric shock resistance, the gravity resistance, and the overall toughness are the main abilities for all G-Shock watches.

Urethane protects the elements inside the G-Shock watches, and the timekeeping modules inside the structure are floating. These particular features count so much for the impervious toughness of the G-Shock watches.

What better way to celebrate an anniversary but with an anniversary collection?

The G-Shock 35th Anniversary Magma Ocean Collection consists of three exquisite G-Shock models: the Frogman GWF-1035F-1, the Rangeman GPR-B1000TF-1, and the MT-G MTG-B1000TF-1A.

The magma ocean that used to be during the formation of our planet was the main inspiration for the color scheme of the watches. The returning to the origin is the central theme of the line while expressing the will to produce valuable things forever and ever.

All watches within the series come with black bodies and bands that represent G-Shock. The rose gold, red, and yellow details do remind of a celebration. Anyone wearing any of the models is going to stand out as the overall design is anything but ordinary or subtle.

Every watch within the anniversary collection also comes with “Since 1983” text on display, reminding you, once again, the particular moment within G-Shock’s history. The case back and the special anniversary packaging don’t make an exception, marking the 35th anniversary as well.

The base models are the MTG-B1000MTG, which impresses with its robust and refined metal design, and the GPR-B1000 Rangeman which was created with survivalist power in mind. The GWF-1000 Frogman is for the diver that always needs to track his/her performance.

The G-Shock MTG-B1000TF-1A is similar to the MTG-B1000 (a 2018 model), which was part of the Metal-Twisted G-Shock (MT-G) series. The series was made with resin and stainless steel, whereas Multi-Band 6, Tough Solar, Triple G Resist and Bluetooth Smart connectivity are the main features.

The band of the anniversary model is made of stainless steel and red resin inner layer. It also includes a one-of-a-kind rose gold section between the lower lugs. Three massive stars and five small stars are also marking the 35th anniversary.

What are the specs for the watch?

Along with the layered composite band, the resin and stainless steel material used for the case and bezel, the watch stands out with its Spherical Glass and Sapphire Glass with non-reflective coating. Any of these high-quality details are going to help you understand why this watch is a high-end model.

The watch comes with Screw Lock Crown, Black IP and Black ion plated bezel. It’s a triple G-resist watch (vibration resistant, centrifugal force resistant and shock resistant). It also presents 200-meter water resistance and comes with Neobrite function for more comfortable reading in dark environments.


The LED light function is, and the watch also includes afterglow. There are time calibration signals, and the watch can auto-receive up to 6 times a day (remaining auto receives is canceled when another is succeeding).

The watch comes with a free link, and it uses Bluetooth, which is such a valuable feature in modern watches. The auto hand home position correction ensures the accuracy of the watch.  The watch’s precision is +/- 15 seconds per month, without any signal calibration or mobile link function.

The World Time function is also great, and the watch includes 39 time zones, with 27 cities and coordinated universal time. It also has auto summer time (DST) switching function, and you may update it when you’re connecting to your smartphone.

Solar powered, the watch presents daylight saving on/off function and Power Saving function (the hands stop when you leave the watch in the dark, saving the power). Anyway, you always have an idea about the battery level as the watch contains a battery level indicator. The battery runs for five months in case of regular use with no exposure to light after charge. It’s going to run 18 months when you store it in complete darkness with the power function on, after a total load.

The list of functions continues with the countdown timer, a full Auto-Calendar (to the year 2099), and the 1-second stopwatch. You may set a daily alarm as well.

The watch includes both analog display (hour, minute, and second with the hand moving every 10 seconds) and four dials as well (24-hour, day, dual time hour and minute, and dual time 24-hour).

Should you pay the extra buck?

Bells and whistles aside, the watch stands out as an excellent high-end watch that delivers.

Apart from its impressive design, subtle and colored details, the watch is one memorable piece that any timepieces lover is going to want to include into their collection. As long as you don’t mind paying the high dollar, you shouldn’t hesitate about whether you should get it or not.


G-Shock Magma Ocean 35th Anniversary Collection

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