Casio G-Shock Gravity Master GPW-1000-1A Review


9.8 Total Score
The Ultimate Gravity Master G-Shock!

If you are looking for one of the best G-Shock experiences ever, look no further because the G-Shock GPW-1000-1A is the top of the line.

User Rating: 2.87 (78 votes)

  • One of the most advanced G-Shocks ever
  • Great design
  • Long term investment

  • Quite Expensive

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This is the kind of G-Shock that many would like to get their hands on, yet only a few afford it. If you are one of those having enough capital, you will enjoy a G-Shock world of perks and benefits as rarely available on a wrist watch. By this, I mean that you will get exclusive features which are too expensive to incorporate in lower budget G-Shocks and features which cannot be included due to the limited size.

As you might have already seen this is not a small watch. It will represent quite a big presence on your wrist when it comes both to the footprint and weight. It is quite remarkable how Casio invested a lot of resources into creating a stunningly beautiful G-Shock in the case of GPW-1000-1A in particular and the Gravity Master line in general. The efforts of the design and technical departments materialized in an amazingly practical watch with one of the best looks that ever existed. I guarantee that the number of heads this watch will turn is not negligible. People will ask a lot of questions about it and continue to be amazed of its looks and size.

Casio G-Shock Gravity Master GPW-1000-1A_4

Because the design is such an important aspect of it let’s talk more about what materials were used and other similar aspects. First and foremost this is one of those G-Shocks having the so-called Triple G Resist feature meaning that it will resist all three shocks which are responsible for the damage of most watches. These are the gravitational dropping forces, centrifugal gravitational force, and vibration. Basically, this translates into an indestructible watch to all major hazards of an active life and even beyond. Drops from face level? No problem. Smashes, deep water submerging, and much more? Still the watch will remain as intact as when you first opened the box. The absolute meaning of a G-Shock is present in this top of the line Gravity Master.

The band is made from a tough Resin material with carbon fiber inserts which feels great on the hand and attenuates the impact of its large case and weight. It uses a secure two pin locking system with multiple tightening levels. Overall the band is great, now the case is even better. It is made of stainless steel with a kind of shiny same material bezel that gives it an industrial look. The dial window is made of the Sapphire Crystal material which I was talking about in past reviews saying that is both a more expensive and a more resistant material than the mineral crystal. With a thick Sapphire Crystal window, you can make an unbreakable watch window. On top of that, the window is protected by the bezel which is positioned at a higher level than the window. So when the watch will fall face down it will only have an impact on the stainless steel bezel which is already tough as hell.

Casio G-Shock Gravity Master GPW-1000-1A_2

Now let’s talk about the technical aspects. The Multiband 6 system that Casio advertises is basically a radio calibration system from the 6 transmitters they have around the world (All situated in first world countries). However, I would not concentrate too much on this feature since there are a lot more interesting ones to talk about like the Smart Acces crown which makes configuration an incredibly easy process. It uses motors to make multiple configurations of different features possible. This is one type of crown which you will not see very often, not even on a G-Shock.

Another feature that basically makes the watch immune to time deviations is the GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor which combines the power of the GPS system with the Multiband system to ensure an accurate time wherever you go. This is yet another feature developed with the needs of travelers and businessmen alike in mind. The solar charging system will ensure that the batteries are always full. On a full charge, the batteries will last for an amazing 7 months period without any further light exposure.

Casio G-Shock Gravity Master GPW-1000-1A_5

Ok so the features and looks are definitely right on the Gravity Master GPW-1000-1A but how does it feel in normal daily use? The most pregnant, aspect is the one that I said in the beginning and that is the size of it. It will not go unobserved and it definitely takes some time to get used to it. I would say you will have at least a period of a week where the watch will feel too big and too heavy. However after you get over this accommodation period you won’t imagine life without it. The band is comfortable as said before, however, the single inconvenience is when it comes in contact with water because it gains a weird feel. Other than that every aspect of the feel on the hand is on point with less to no inconveniences.

Casio G-Shock Gravity Master GPW-1000-1A_3

This is definitely not a watch for everyone. It takes more than a large wrist to carry it with you every day; it is not cheap, it has complicated features and an industrial grade design. It is for those looking to get the most of the G-Shock line. It is made to blow every expectation and impress with the status that it creates. If you think you have what it takes to make the GPW-1000-1A Gravity Master your daily driver, go on and make the purchase. You will not be disappointed.

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Features List:

  • Triple G Resist Feature (gravitational / centrifugal forces, vibration)
  • Neo-Brite Luminous Hands
  •  GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor ensures accurate timekeeping
  • Solar Charging
  • GPS system with auto and manual receiving settings
  • Multi band 6 radio time calibration using the 6 transmitters around the globe
  • Carbon fiber inserted band
  • World Time
  • 200 meter / 660 feet water resistance
  • 66 X 56 X 18.8 mm size and 126 g weight



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