G-Shock GBA-800DG-1A- The Basketball Inspired Watch that Delivers

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When you cannot play basketball without your watch

It's the latest addition to the new G-Squad lineup of sports watches. Its colors remember you of new basketball wear, whereas the inspirational messages are going to push you further. No matter if you're a player or just a basketball fan.

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Last updated on June 9, 2024 6:59 am

We don’t know when people realized that having a tool that would tell them time is essential. Once watches have been hitting the market, people decided that they wanted more from them; simply telling time wasn’t enough anymore.

From the watches that would take a fall to those that sync with your smartphone, watches are a lot more than they used to be.

Why do we praise G-Shock watches so much?

It was the 80’s when a Casio engineer (Mr. Ibe) was dreaming only about one thing: creating a watch that would take a fall and even handle all sorts of challenging situations.

Two hundred handmade samples later, he gave the world the first G-Shock watch and changed the world of watches forever.

Shock resistant and presenting water resistance as well (up to 200 meters is the standard water resistance), the G-shock watches share some fundamental features. They have resistance to low-temperature, vibration, gravity, electrical shock, and their toughness is impressive.

Some innovative technologies are sustaining the abilities of G-Shock watches. The floating timekeeping modules inside the structure or the urethane protecting the elements inside are only some of them.

What’s the G-Squad GBA-800DG Dagger Series?

The series has the final late-game 3-point shot in basketball as the primary source of inspiration. It consists of 4 colorways inspired by basketball and uses the GBA-800 as the base model.

Function-wise, the watches link with the G-Shock connected phone app, which allows access to several functions that improve your workout routine. Fitness support and daily health functions include a 3-axis accelerometer that records your step count, while the Multi-Timer helps you set up to 20-time combinations of five timers each, store for up to 200 lap records and much more.

The app also helps you keep step count logs with five exercise intensity levels, to get an idea about the calories you’re burning, to include a daily step target, to store stopwatch measurement data, to create timer combinations and then send them to your watch, to view data and much more.

Using any of the watches is going to help you plan and record your workouts, improving their efficiency.

Every model presents three colors in its design, which reminds you of the 3-pointer shot.

The series includes a black GBA-800DG-1AJF, a white GBA-800DG-7AJF, a yellow GBA-800DG-9AJF, and a purple GBA-800DG-2AJF. They all have motivational phrases on the band. “Beasting It Up” is printed on the upper band, whereas “Challenge the Limits” is printed on the lower band. The messages work for both the players that are always trying to get better, but fans alike too.

None of the watches officially correspond to a professional basketball team, but the colors do match some NBA teams. They do resemble with the colors of the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Phoenix Suns. The GBA-800DG-7AJF may be a match for more than just one team.

The GBA-800DG Dagger Series is a November 2018 release in Japan, and Casio America launched them with a list price of $140 each.

What’s the detail image of GBA-800DG-7A?

The watch is shock resistant and comes with mineral glass which is going to handle excess wear and some scratches as well.

It’s a water-resistant watch that comes with resin case/bezel and resin band. The band is comfortable and feel nice onto the skin. It features plenty of holes for adjusting the band size. The band also comes with back wings on the inside where it’s connected to the case and a new ring band ring shape that reduces the risk for sliding.

The watch comes with Neobrite and Double LED light. It has LED light for the face (with Super Illuminator, Auto LED light, afterglow and selectable illumination duration- 1.5seconds or 3 seconds). The LED backlight for the digital display comes with the same functions. Long story short, you’re going to be able to read the watch just fine in the dark.

The Step count uses a 3-axis acceleration sensor which helps with the following functions:

  • Step Goal Progress Display
  • Step Count Graph (hourly step count for the past 11 hours on a 6-level graph)
  • Step indicator

The watch also includes Stopwatch with Target Time alarm (lap/split display switching, 200 lap time records, up to 10 Target Times), Calories Burned display and interval measurement time with up to five-time settings (Auto-repeat up to 20 times, skip, auto start and alert sound).

Color Variations

The World Time function is on the list, working for 300 cities around the world. The watch also includes a dual time (home time swapping) function. The Auto time adjustment (four times a day) ensures the accuracy of the watch.

The list continues with the 1/100-second stopwatch and the countdown timer.

The hand shift feature is, and the hands move out of the way for ensuring an unobstructed view of the digital display contents.

You may set up to five daily alarms. The watch includes hourly time signal and button operation tone on/off. It also comes with full auto-calendar (to the year 2099) and has a 12/24-hour format.

The watch provides regular timekeeping with two hands for the analog (hour, minute; the hand moving every 20 seconds) and digital (hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, and day).

The LED is white, and the battery has a 2-years life.

What’s our final word?

If you like your workouts a lot, you should get the watch as it’s going to help you so much. Not only that it comes with so many functions that improve your performance, but it also handles the excess wear for the right amount of time.

The look is, and the watch is reliable. What’s not to like about that?



G-Shock GBA-800DG “Dagger” Basketball-Themed Series

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