GST-S310BDD-1A- The Elegant Watch for Your Man

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When diamonds do make a “cut” to the tough G-Shock

It’s the G-Shock with diamonds that is rugged and elegant altogether. It’s the perfect gift to get for your better half, especially if you’re getting the other one for yourself.

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Watches are a fantastic accessory as they’re not only fashionable but also highly functional. Apart from telling time, some of the modern watches nowadays come with vital functions. Some can connect to your phone, whereas others include barometer or help you keep track of your sports activities.

Long story short, a watch can check so many boxes in modern times, and you should invest in a good one every once in a while.

Why does everyone praise G-Shock?

Watches’ primary function is to tell time, but modern day models sure impress with their amazing features.

Creating a watch that would take a fall and wear for a very long time was one Casio engineer’s dream (Mr. Ibe). Even though it took him a couple of hundreds of handmade samples, he managed to give the world the first G-Shock. The very first model would become, later, an iconic model for years to come.

Along with the water resistance and shock resistance, a G-Shock watch comes, no matter the series, with gravity resistance, ability to handle low-temperatures, vibrations, impact, and even electric shock. The toughness of G-Shock watches the highest standard for watches, which is why military professionals or outdoor enthusiasts are keen to have at least one.

Ever since the creation of the first G-Shock watch (back in the 80s), the G-Shock became a watch brand that always designed new and exciting watches that had a say in the street fashion casual wear. It’s why G-Shock watch brand is releasing models that aren’t just functional, but also fashion art statements that any collector wants to add to the timepiece collection.

Why is the Precious Heart Selection appealing?

As the standard G-Shock models wouldn’t fit the smaller wrists and women’s wrists, Casio designed the Baby-G line which ensures a better fit for smaller wrists. The watches are a tad smaller than the typical G-Shock watches and never compromise on the looks of features either.

The new series is a combination of the robust and rugged G-Shock watches with the casual Baby-G watches, and the diamond accents do help them stand out.

The Precious Heart Selection is a November 2018 release in Japan, and it consists of the GST-W310BDD-AJF and the MSG-W200BDD-1AJF watches. Some similar models were released to other Asian countries, but they don’t come with the Multi-Band 6 function. Only China is going to get the same models the same as Japan.

Both watches come with Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6 and have a diamond-accented design. The diamonds embedded into the hour markers at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock give the watches an elegant vibe. The crystal of the watches has a diamond-like cut image, which only makes them even more elegant.

The rose gold coloring of the hour markers, and the hands is highlighting the black color of the watches. It’s a new his-and-hers series that is going to make couples looking for sharing an elegant coordinated style happy.

The looks are the main strength of the watches, and along with the diamonds (placed just right), we have to notice the multi-faceted glass with angled edges. Both watches come with stainless steel bezels, whereas the bodies and the buttons present black ion plating for longer life span and exciting look.

The watches sport rose gold index and hands which combine great with the black resin bands. They come with black IP metal band keeper, for more durability.

As they’re G-Shock and Baby-G watches, the models present full shock resistance. One thing that tells them apart is the water-resistance. The GST-S310BDD-1A is water-resistant to 200meters, whereas the MSG-S200BDD-1A is water-resistant to 100 meters.

What’s the detailed look of the GST-S310BDD-1A?

Not only that the watch is shock resistant and presents a 200-meter water resistance, but it also comes with many features that sustain its toughness.

The mineral glass takes scratches, and excessive wear and the cut glass looks very nice. The case/bezel material is stainless steel and resin. The band is also made with resin. Therefore the watch doesn’t just look tough, but it is strong and has a soft touch feel onto the skin. The band features multiple holes so that the fitting is snug and comfortable for every customer.

You shouldn’t worry about not being able to read the watch in darkness as it comes with Neobrite. The Double LED light is, and the watch comes with LED light for the face and LED backlight for the digital display too. Both LED lights to include Super Illuminator, Full auto LED light, and afterglow function. You may select illumination duration for both LED lights, for 1.5 seconds or 3 seconds.  The LED is light, which many are going to like.

The watch is solar powered, which means it uses not only the sunlight for charging but also any other source of fluorescent light or any source of light.

You’ll always be capable of telling time as the watch comes with a reliable World Time function with 31 time zones (48 cities+ coordinated universal time). The Home city/World time city swapping and the daylight saving on/off features are also on the list.

The 1/100 second stop watch and the countdown timer continue the list of functions. The countdown range is 100 minutes, whereas the measuring unit is 1 second.

You may set up to 5 daily alarms and hand shift function. Therefore, the hands are moving out of the way so that you may easily read the digital display contents.

The hourly time signal and the button operation tone on/off are useful and somewhat subtle.

You get to know when it’s time to change the battery as the watch comes with a battery level indicator. The Power Saving function is efficient, as the display goes blank when you leave the watch in the dark. It counts so much for saving power! Anyway, the battery may run for eight months with regular use with no exposure to light after charge. When you store the watch in complete darkness and with the power save function on, the battery runs for 19 months after a total charge.

The watch comes with full auto-calendar (to the year 2099) and has a 12/24-hour format. It offers regular timekeeping. The digital display is for an hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, and day. The analog includes two hands: one for an hour and one for a minute. The hand moves every 20 seconds.

What’s our verdict?

The watch is elegant, reliable and comes with great features for the modern-day user. Its high-quality materials, the build and the list of functions are its primary qualities, and it’s only the price that may put some giving a second thought.

However, the timepieces aficionado that doesn’t hold back from completing his/her collection is always going to find that extra-buck for buying the watch.


G-Shock G-STEEL GST-S310BDD-1A and Baby-G G-MS MSG-S200BDD-1A with Natural Diamonds and Multi-Faceted Glass

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