CASIO G-Shock GW-9404KJ-3JR Love The SEA and The Earth Radio Solar Watch


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Don't you love parrots?

It’s a watch from the “Love the Sea and the Earth 2019” series. It gets its colors from the kakapo parrot but maintains the typical features and abilities of G-Shock watches.

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CASIO G-Shock GW-9404KJ-3JR Love The SEA and The Earth Radio Solar Watch (Japan Domestic Genuine Products)

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  • 20Bar Water Resistant
  • Multiband 6
  • Tough Solar
  • Shock Resistant
  • Japan Imported

Some like to collect pictures or shells, whereas others sure fancy a nice watch on their wrists. No matter if you’re the outdoorsy type or like to get new watches, one thing is sure. You may have heard by now about Casio and Casio G-Shock.

Why is Casio G-Shock such an impressive name?

Having a nice watch isn’t enough. Some wanted to rely on their watches while hiking or taking a fall. This is why the interest in developing a rugged watch has always been there.

The History of the Casio G-Shock

We have to thank Kiko Ibe, the engineer from Casio who had the patience and the determination for developing such a watch. It took him no less than 200 prototypes until he created a watch capable to take a 32ft. fall and to present water resistance to 10 bar.

The first model was created in 1983, and the DW-5000C is the first G-Shock ever created. Not only that the watch was tough and ready to take the use in outdoor activities, but it also came with a 10year battery life too.

Casio G-Shock watches are made to handle vibration and mechanical shock. Few of you know, but G-Shock stands for “gravitational shock”. It was only a matter of time until they’ve become the no.1 choice for military, sports and anyone spending time outside.

gshock modular designMost of the G-Shock models are digital, but you may also find that include a combination of digital and analogue.

As men and people with big wrists weren’t the only ones wanted to wear a G-Shock, Casio thought about creating a model for women and people with smaller wrists. This is how the Baby-G series was created. The watches within this category are 70% of the size of a traditional Casio G-Shock.

Do all G-Shock watches have the same features?

Casio G-Shock GW

Even if the models from the G-Shock line are different in many ways, they do share some common features.

The list begins with the shock-resistant design as the watches are made with 10 layers that protect the timekeeping module. The hardened mineral glass watch crystal, the stainless steel, the floating module are completing the list of common features.

The LCD module attached with flexible cables, the urethane rubber bumper- is also on that list.

o G-Shock GW-9400 Rangeman

What’s to know about Casio G-Shock GW-9400 Rangeman?

The GW-9400 Rangeman is one of the additions of the Master of G series. It’s a tough and rugged model that is made for taking the most challenging conditions.

The Rangeman comes with Triple Sensor which enables it to keep temperature, altitude, barometric pressure and direction readings. Its cylindrical buttons offer impressive operation and better resistance to impact.

What’s to know about Casio G-Shock GW-9400 Rangeman

The main sensor button comes with a metal cover that protects against lateral impact. It also keeps any dust or foreign matter out. The watch is easy to use and its sensor button takes you straight to the sensor screen.

Every sensor mode comes with a specific audible tone so you can identify a mode without even taking a look at the watch.

The Rangeman is one of the best options for the Rangers, rescue crews and anyone needing reliability from their watch more than anything else. The one-touch time recording, toughness, life span, one-touch elapsed time measurement- turn the Rangerman in one amazing option for many out there.

Is the CASIO G-Shock GW-9404KJ-3JR much different than the first Rangeman?

The XX is the results of a collaboration with the Boston-based environmental NGO Earthwatch. It’s part of the 2019’s Love the Sea and the Earth Series.

CASIO G-Shock GW-9404KJ-3JRIn all fairness, the Earthwatch-edition Rangerman watches did stand out with the bold colour schemes inspired by the animals.

The new model doesn’t make an exception and impresses with the multi-colour design. The Kakapo parrot was the source of inspiration for the watch.

Originated in New Zealand, the kakapo is also known as the “night parrot” or the “owl parrot. It’s a large and nocturnal bird and it’s also critically endangered.

As a matter of fact, the bezel of the xx is similar to the bird’s face as it has light and dark streaks. The band looks a lot to the bird’s bright green feathers. The design includes yellow accents on the face, gold IP buttons and the LED backlight feature the Earthwatch logo.

The watch comes with a carbon fibre insert band. Its packaging makes a nice impression too and it’s an exclusive Love the Sea and the Earth 2019 type.

CASIO G-Shock GW-9404KJ-3JR with the bold colour schemes inspired by the animals

Let’s not forget to mention that the Love the Sea and the Earth series also includes a Baby-G watch (in collaboration with Wildlife Promising) and two other G-Shock watches.

What are the features of xx?

Truth be told, the Rangeman GW-9400 was quite a hit. The Tough Solar power, the triple Sensor and the Multi-Band 6 timekeeping were its strong points.

The xx doesn’t fall far from the famous model and comes with a shock resistant structure and inorganic glass. The case is made of resin and the watch comes with a carbon fibre insert band.

Just like the first Rangermen, this one comes with Super Illuminator LED and tough solar. It’s 20 bar water resistant and also includes the Multiband 6. It presents the same functions as the first Rangermen: barometric pressure measurement, temperature measurement function and altitude measurement function as well.

World time, timer, stopwatch and sunset/sunrise time display are on the list too. you may set 5-time alarms and use the Full Auto Calendar.

The watch also includes sound on/off for the switching function and the battery indicator display tells you when to change the battery.

The Power Saving Function helps you rely on the watch for a long time and everything about the watch is great.

Any downsides?

It’s a colourful watch so some may find it a bit much in terms of design. Its price may throw off some too, but this shouldn’t be a deal breaker if you know that it’s an investment for the long run.

The final word?

If you want to get yourself a watch that delivers, no matter how challenging the conditions are, get a G-Shock. If you also need some useful functions (pressure, temperature), get the xx. On top of everything else, you’re going to help some birds from extinction too!


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