Casio G-Shock Limited Edition GMW-B5000GD-9ER – When Practical Meets The Elegant Style

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The Full Metal Gold Watch to Get

A stainless steel watch that includes radio controlled timekeeping and Bluetooth smart link. It’s the iconic DW-5000C, but with the features for the modern days and elegant appearance.

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Who says that you cannot have a tough watch that doesn’t make a great first impression? Things have never been truer with the GMW-B5000GD-9ER and you’re going to have to scroll down for understanding our statement.

First things first: what do you know about Casio G-Shock?

You don’t have to be a watch lover for knowing about Casio. However, you may own more than one watch if you also know about G-Shock.

Do you know Casio G-Shock

Without boring you too much with the details, let’s have a short trip back in time. back to the ‘80s (for more precision), when a Casio engineer was determined enough to create the toughest watch that was ever made.

Well, he needs it more than one prototype to get there. 200 prototypes he had to try until he got it right. It was the very first G-Shock: the DW-5000C. this watch was able to take a fall onto a hard surface (a 32ft fall) and some splashes too (it presents water resistance up to 10 bar). The 10-life battery may have been the seal dealer for many. nevertheless, this was truly the beginning of one of the most famous watch lines: Casio G-Shock.

But this one was only the first in a very long line of watches that handle vibration and mechanical shock. Side note: G-Shock comes from “gravitational shock”.

Even if the Casio G-Shock watches are a common choice for military, outdoorsy type or sports, anyone can wear them. As they’re rugged without sacrificing on the style.

As for the display, most of the models come with a digital. However, some models combine both analogue and digital.

One last thing before coming back to our model. In the 90’s Casio came up with the idea to develop a line for women and people with smaller wrists. This is how the Baby-G was born. The watches within the category are 70% of the size of a regular G-Shock.

What are the common characteristics of Casio G-Shock watches?

Resistance to impact or water are only the main features for the G-Shock watches. As a matter of fact, they’re similar in many ways. The hardened mineral glass watch crystal, the floating module, the electroluminescent backlight- they all complete the list of common features.

Most of the time, the G-Shock watches feature urethane rubber bumper and stainless screw down case back as well.

What’s to say about the GMW-B5000GD-9ER?

What’s to say about the GMW-B5000GD-9ERSome things should never change and this applies especially to a classic model like the original DW-5000C. ever since its release back in 1983, the 5000 series didn’t shift from the square-shaped style. After all, it did become a style icon.

Without changing too much the style, the GMW-B5000GD-9ER pays a tribute to the very first G-Shock. And it does it with the help of new technologies and materials. All the outer elements (case, watch band, bezel) are made from stainless steel and the interior presents a new shock-resistant build.

The Bluetooth smart line and the radio controlled timekeeping are included on the list, turning the GMW-B5000GD-9ER into a great piece of every G-Shock collector.

Let’s go over the details of the GMW-B5000GD-9ER!

GMW-B5000GD-9ER stainless steel case and bezelThe watch comes with full-metal hard stainless steel case and bezel. The ion-finish in gold catches your eye, for sure. The case and the band present hairline finishes, which improves the elegant feel and look of the watch. Light-on-dark LCD gives a special feel to this timepiece.

Remember the old GMW-B5000? The shock resistance structure for the full-metal case was built with fine resin shock absorbers between the metal bezel and the case. The GMW-B5000GD-9ER is made with innovative band connections which use TROGAMID R to reduce the effects of impact on the band pipes. 

The back covers of the screw back case have a diamond-like carbon (DLC) finish which takes the wear for a very long time. the display is really clear and easy to read thanks to the film solar cell. The STN-LCD makes the reading of any display information a breeze as well, even from an angle.

casio g-shock details

The high-density component mounting was made with top engine, without compromising the size of the finished timepiece. Top technology modules are included in this impressive design.

What functions do we like a lot in the GMW-B5000GD-9ER?

This watch was made to ensure astonishing timekeeping precision thanks to the Bluetooth data communication and Multiband 6. This one takes automatic time setting adjustment thanks to the 6-time calibration signals around the globe.

Limited Edition GMW-B5000GD-9ER

Casio Limited Edition GMW-B5000GD-9ER

Time information is going to come from an internet time server that uses G-Shock Connected*1 app on one’s smartphone.

The watch also comes with Tough Solar system which provides enough energy for uninterrupted operation. The power saving technology ensures a stable supply of power. World Time, Full Auto LED illumination is also on the list of functions.

The watch includes 6 languages to choose from for the days of the week, whereas the indicator *2 offers localization pressing one single button. No matter where you are in the world, you’re going to know exactly what time it is

You can set 5 reminders and even find your phone with the watch. No worries about when it’s time to change the battery as the watch also includes a battery level indicator (7 levels).

Just like any watch in the G-Shock line, this one is also water resistant (656ft) and its precision is impressive: +/-15seconds per month.

Is there anything we don’t like about the GMW-B5000GD-9ER?

For once, the price may be quite a deal breaker for many. its gold finish has a bronze tone to it, but this isn’t a downside per se.

Even if it’s such an elegant piece, some may find it a bit too much for day wear.

Final word

Presenting all of these impressive new features and delivering accurate and reliable performance, the watch is a great investment for any watch aficionado. The only problem? All eyes are going to be on it, as it does make a great first impression, every single time.


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