G-Shock MTG-B1000D-1A- The Luxury Watch for the Modern Days

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When Elegant Meets Functional

First impression is, this is an amazing value for the money. Solid build quality. Wears well. It's a Triple G Resist watch that sports appealing colors and elegant design at the same time. It has all the modern functions you want in a G-Shock and just the perfect profile for the hi-tech life.

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You know that you’re a watch aficionado when the price tag doesn’t stop you from adding another timepiece to your collection.

From the tough and rugged watches to the ones that combine elegant design and modern features in the same package, watches come in all sorts of models and list of functions, making the selection a lot more difficult.

Do you have a G-Shock already?

If you know a thing or two about watches, the G-Shock name isn’t all new to you. Anyone into watches appreciates the amazing toughness and features of G-Shock watches.

For those of you who are only at the beginning of their timepieces collection, here’s some vital input.

The first G-Shock was created in the 80s when a Casio engineered was stubborn enough to design this robust watch that would take a fall. Mr. Ibe needed 200 handmade samples until he got the perfect result at the time. Soon enough, G-Shock became a turning point in the watches industries.

To this day, every single G-Shock comes loaded with fundamental features that tell it apart from any other watch in the world. The shock resistance, the water resistance (up to 200-meters for most of the models), and the toughness are essential. The list continues with the ability to handle low-temperature, electrical shock, vibration, and gravitation.

The fantastic abilities of G-Shock watches are the result of some impressive technologies within the construction of the timepieces. The floating timekeeping modules inside the structure or the urethane protecting the elements inside are only some of the many to mention.

What’s to highlight about G-Shock MT-G series?

The G-Shock MT-G series combines metal and resin into function and elegance while ensuring Triple G resist durability. The new xx has a mid-size design and fits well to the wrist.

It was only a while ago when Casio Europe released the xx and the MTG-B1000BD-1A. The two luxurious models resemble the MTG-B1000, and they feature Multi-Band 6 radio wave time-syncing, Tough Solar power, Bluetooth Smart connectivity, and even sapphire crystal.

Unlike the previous MTG-B1000 watches that features resin bands, the new models come with stainless steel bands with an inner resin layer, just like the past MT-G models.

The two new models don’t shift far from the previous MTG-B1000 models, as they come with a smaller case than the last MTG-G1000 series. Even if it’s not a mid-size luxury model as the MRG-B1000, the MTG-B100 is slightly closer to a larger size than the extra-large, just like other high-end G-Shocks. It has a stainless steel band, which sure explains its weight.

The new models are Triple G Resist (protection against vibration, g-forces, and shock) and include smartphone time adjustment, dual time display, stopwatch, and so many other functions.

G shock MT-G TRIPLE G RESIST durabilityThe watches are a November release for America and have a list price of $900.

What’s to say about the xx in a nutshell?

The xx has a beautiful appearance and its face, parts and inner surfaces of the band present fun accent colors. The silver case and the band feature metallic red details.

G shock MTG B1000D TRIPLE G RESIST durabilityThe inside surface of the band includes little resin parts with attractive colors, which renders the band lightweight, robust and nice looking as well. The fine resin parts present a lower thermal conductivity than stainless steel. It means that less of the cold is going to get to your wrist, even during winter time.

The shock-resistance structure of the watch includes lugs that link the band and the pipes connecting the bezel and the back cover into one piece. It results in a wall-like frame that is going to protect the watch’s module.

The Connected engine is going to sustain time correction as it uses a time calibration signal and Bluetooth connection. You may connect the watch with a smartphone running the G-Shock Connected app thanks to the Bluetooth communication function, giving you precise time information from the online time server.

The watch also comes with Multiband 6 which automatically adjusts time settings using the reception of one of the six-time calibration signals around the planet (England, Germany, China, two for Japan, and United States). It ensures automatic time adjustment when you’re within a signal’s range, even if the connection with the smartphone isn’t working. It explains the accuracy of the timekeeping, no matter where you are on the Planet.

What’s the list of specifications look like?

The watch’s case and the bezel is made with resin and stainless steel, whereas the band is a layered composite type. The One-Touch 3-fold clasp ensures comfortable and intense wear all the time.

The Screw lock crown contributes to watch’s durability and so does the spherical glass that takes the excessive wear and scratches. The Sapphire glass comes with a non-reflective coating, increasing the watch’s strength.

The watch has 200-meter water resistance as well.

The list of functions also includes World Time for 300 cities, auto time zone and summer time rule updating.

You may read several watch status indicators (solar power generation amount, number of time corrections, time zone/summer time rule update) for getting the info you need.

The battery level and phone finder are great functions for modern times. The watch provides dual dial world time, showing the current times in two different places.

The countdown timer and the stopwatch are also on the list of functions.

You’re always going to be able to read the watch in the dark thanks to its Super Illuminator (the watch comes with Neobrite and Afterglows function).

The Tough Solar power system is going to provide energy for the uninterrupted operation of power-consuming functions.

The battery check, low charge, and possible magnetism exposure warnings are also helping you when using the watch. The Power Saving function is going to make the hands stop when you leave the watch in the dark, which saves power.

The watch comes with Full auto-calendar (up to the year 2099) and date display. It provides regular timekeeping with analog display (3 hands: hour, minute and second. The hand moves every 10 seconds) and four dials (24-hour, day, dual time hour and minute, dual time 24-hour).

The battery runs for five months with regular use and no exposure to light after charge. When stored in complete darkness with the power save function on, it’s going to run for 18 months on a full charge.

G-Shock MTG-B1000D-1A luxury watch

What’s our verdict?

The xx is no ordinary watch, and it’s not only the price that tells you so. It’s an impressive model with fantastic looks, features and builds that is the perfect explanation of why G-Shock watches are unique in the world.

As long as you don’t have a problem with the price tag, you should get it and increase the value of your collection. We know you have one.


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