G Shock Fake Vs. Real (How to Recognize a Genuine G-Shock)

For reasons that we can only assume, some brands out there find out the secret of creating exciting products that take the world by the storm.

One of the names that pop out a lot when we talk about watches is Casio, and scrolling down for the details is going to help you understand why it is so.

Why do we praise G-Shock so much?

Even though the well-known Japanese brand is a common name within the world of electronics, it’s no less than a respected name within the universe of timepieces.

  • The first release for Casio G-Shock

Casio did hit the market back in 1983 when launched the very first G-Shock- the most robust and most durable watch (at that time). The “Triple 10” principle was used for developing a watch that was able to take a 10m (33ft) free-fall, came with a 10-year life for the battery, and presented a 10-bar water resistance.

  • The most important features

It was the beginning of an era not only for Casio but also for the entire watch industry. G-Shock watches soon became the no.1 choice for people in the military and the outdoor frenzies. To this day, the G-Shock watches come with resistance to impact, gravity, electrical shock, low-temperatures, and vibration, with most models presenting water resistance up to 660 ft.

Casio used advanced technologies for getting the impressive build and toughness for G-Shock watches. Timekeeping floating modules inside the structure or urethane that protects the inner elements are only some of the many that count.

  • The style & design

But it’s not only the strength and ability to withstand intense physical pressure that gives value to G-Shock watches. They come in various styles designs, with round/rectangular or hexagonal shapes. The dial is digital, analog, or both, so the variety of watches to choose from is pretty outstanding.

  • The prices

One may think that Casio had to use expensive methods to obtain the fantastic strength of the watches, but they couldn’t be much further than the truth. By contrary, G-Shock watches come with prices starting from $40. GPS, digital compass, Triple Sensor, Solar Power system and Bluetooth connection are the more advanced features that many of the high-end G-Shock watches include. Even so, a high-end G-Shock watch can still come as an affordable watch for many. If you can’t afford it right now – sign up to do ghostwriting jobs and earn money for your dream watch.

All in all, one can understand why is G-Shock such a big player in the watch market. With that in mind, let’s mention it’s also apparent why so many are trying to replicate the G-Shock models.

What are the general rules when buying a G-Shock?

Genuine G-Shock box view

If you don’t want to spend your money on a fake watch (even though it’s not a drama when you’re only paying $40 for a basic model), it’s better for you to do due diligence about it. Learn as much as you can about G-Shock watches so you can identify for yourself a counterfeit.

Therefore, it’s wiser that you look for an Authorized dealer when you’re buying it in a shop. When you’re purchasing online, you need to pay even more attention than in a real shop. Needless to say, stay away from the bargain prices- they’re red flags about the fake you’re about to get!

How to make the difference between the genuine and the fake G-Shock watches?

It’s going to take some patience and some time until you go through all the things that tell the original apart from the counterfeit. However, being meticulous about it is going to worth it- it’s your money at stake!

Let’s list the things you need to check when buying a G-Shock carefully:

  • The packaging

It’s one of the easiest ways to recognize a fake G-Shock. An original G-Shock comes in an aluminum box, and so does a fake one. However, the genuine G-Shock’s aluminum case is encased in a cardboard box. It doesn’t mean that you should only play the packaging card; it means that it is one of the things you should remember.

  • The tag& manual

A fake G-Shock is going to come a user manual, but the reality that it’s half written in Chinese is one sign that you’re not buying an original G-Shock. The genuine G-Shock comes with a comprehensive instruction manual and many details about the watch.

A tag with a code is also something that an original G-shock includes. The code matches the one displayed on the MRP sticker. You can also use the code for checking your watch on the Casio’s website.

  • The weight

If you have the possibility, it’s also a good idea to feel the weight of the watch with the original G-Shock being more massive than the counterfeits. Even if a G-Shock is lightweight, it’s still going to be more substantial than the fake one. To give you an idea, an original GA-400 weighs 72grams, whereas a fake one is around 63grams. You may think it’s not enough to tell the difference, but you’re going to be able to feel it.

  • The back plate & screws

An original G-Shock is deeply engraved, whereas a fake one isn’t. At the same time, the model number is always written correctly on the backplate of the original watch, and a fake one is going to feature a lot of typos and spelling mistakes. The screws are also more prominent for the original G-Shock watch.

  • The hands (if it also features analog display)

It’s not mandatory, but for most original G-Shock watches, the ends of the hands are painted with different colors. You should look out for this detail as well.

  • The buckle

It’s not an obvious difference, but it’s easier to spot it when you know what to look for. The buckle of the original G-Shock is slightly shiny, and it comes with “Casio China” written on the back side. A counterfeit has a matte finish on the buckle.

  • The lights

When it comes to views, you’re only going to be able to notice the difference if you have both an original and a counterfeit side by side. The color of the watch is similar for the two, with the light of the authentic being more intense with both color and level of brightness.

On the other hand, the Auto-Light function can help you know if you’re buying an original or a counterfeit. You may activate it by pressing the LIGHT button for 3 seconds, and an LT text or a light icon will show on the dial. It’s common for fake watches not to include the Auto light function.

  • Watch animation

It’s pretty standard for both G-Shock and Baby-G watches to feature animation for indicating seconds (or other functions). In the case of an original G-Shock, the animation is going to sync with the seconds. It’s moving forward, and the pattern is flowing. You’ll know that your G-Shock is fake when the model is somewhat random. Bad animation and random patterns are signs that you’re buying a fake G-Shock.

  • Function

The function is fundamental, and the differences aren’t easy to spot. An original G-Shock watch within the camouflage series comes with a reverse lit display, but a counterfeit is going to have a regular screen.

As counterfeiters have access to advanced technology, the replicas resemble the originals a lot more than in the past years. It’s better than you find out as much as you can about a particular model so that you can know for sure that you’re buying an original.

  • Precision

You’re going to find out about your watch’s precision after using it for a while. Nine times out of ten, a G-Shock and a Baby-G have an accuracy of 15 seconds per month (give or take). Keep in mind that the 15 seconds precision is the maximum that an original G-Shock could present. Any G-Shock user is going to testify that accuracy is rarely a problem with the Casio watches.

A watch that becomes faster/slower 1 minute or more than 15 seconds per month isn’t an original one. However, it’s not something that you can notice when you’re buying online or in a shop.

  • Water & shock resistance

G-Shock watches are known for their water and shock resistance. Most of G-Shock watches come today with water resistance up to 660ft, whereas for the Baby-G is up to 330ft. When you go swimming with your watch on and notice water inside or fog, the chances are you’ve just thrown your money out the window.

  • Double-engine

You can use this aspect only for the G-Shock watches that come with the second-time feature, as they come with both digital and analog display.

A fake G-Shock is going to use two different engines- one for the analog and the other one for the digital. A genuine G-Shock watch rocks an integrated motor. To set the analog function, you need to pull the crown, and it means that the watch uses two engines- therefore, it’s a fake one.

If you need to pull the crown for setting the analog for your G-Shock, it means that your watch features a double engine and the risk for being a fake one is higher. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t counterfeit watches that come with just one engine, making it more challenging to know the differences.

  • The details

You should look carefully at the front and the back of the watch, to see the Casio brand name. Even a counterfeit is going to resemble an original one a lot, and it’s not going to come with all the details. A fake G-Shock is going present false model name (G-Sport, Aqua Sport- it’s easy to check if it’s original or not).

A genuine G-Shock features a square pointer at the 12 o’clock and not a triangle, which many fake G-Shock watches have. The adjustment button on a genuine G-Shock is always placed on the top left, whereas the day’s window is right under and between the couple dials on top. Many fake G-Shock watches are going to show this type of info right under the second dial.

Some final recommendations

Genuine G-Shock side view

Some also suggest that the fake G-Shock watches come with straps that lose the color rather easy. However, it’s not entirely accurate as straps of genuine G-Shock watches may fade the color faster just as well. Therefore, you should take with a grain of salt the aspect of the durability of the straps.

When you go shopping for a G-Shock, it’s not always going to be easy to know the differences between a genuine and a counterfeit type. Some aspects are more evident than others, and you can check them right there when you’re buying (the details, the code matching the tag, the weight, the bold engraving for the genuine watches, and so on). Others are also reliable, but you may need to use the timepiece until you realize you got yourself a fake watch (you can only test the water resistance by swimming or notice the lack of accuracy after one month of use).

At the end of the day, buying from an official shop or dealer is the best way to know that you’re about to buy an original G-Shock watch. But once you know it’s a genuine G-Shock, you should never double think about getting it or not. It’s going to worth every single penny!


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