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Completing Your Seven Lucky Gods Series is easy

The Bishamonten watch reminds you of the DW-6900. It’s got the looks and the functions that we all love on G-Shock, without even breaking the bank!

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Even it watches are accessories that tell time, some appreciate them and use them as the perfect excuse to begin a collection.

The looks, the features, and the build are fundamental for the diversity of models out there, and once you become a timepieces collector, it’s pretty tricky to go back or stop.

Should you add a G-Shock to your collection?

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You don’t have to be a collector to get yourself a G-Shock. Designed for the military professionals and the outdoor enthusiasts, the G-Shock watches do impress with their abilities and toughness. However, they’ve become a fantastic choice for style reasons as well, and one can rock a G-Shock purely for fashion style reasons.

Back in the 80s, when the first G-Shock watch hit the market, the G-Shock impressed with its toughness, water resistance, and shock resistance. Add the resistance to low-temperature, gravity, electrical shock, vibration and impact and you get to understand why G-Shock has become a standard for ruggedness and astonishing abilities.

Bear in mind that G-Shock watch brand has never compromised to the looks or the attention to the details. It’s why G-Shock watches always have something to say as they’re full of hidden messages and value.

What’s the Seven Lucky Gods Series (Shichi-Fuku-Jin Series) all about?

The Seven Lucky Gods refer to a combination of indigenous Japanese religion and Buddhism, resulting in a one-of-a-kind Japanese belief. The celestial group includes seven gods: Hotei, Ebisu, Daikokuten, Bishamonten, Jurojin, Benzaiten, and Fukurokuju.  Daoism, Buddhism, Shinto, Hinduism are the primary source of inspiration for the old gods of fortune. And so on. The Humane King Sutra highlights that paying your respects to any of these gods is going to help you stay away from seven calamities and grant you with seven fortunes.

Here are the seven fortunes: prosperity, integrity, long life, influence, love and respect, popularity and abundance. As for the sever misfortunes, here’s the list: planetary abnormalities, water damage, wind damage, theft, drought, fire, and solar and lunar anomalies.

The painter Toshikazu Nozaka designed the artwork and the watches within the Seven Lucky Gods Series. They all come with a sophisticated design that have Japanese art as a primary source of inspiration. It’s not only the bands, the bezel and the faces that are special, but also the strap keepers that are customized for the series. The watches feature EL backlight that illustrates a stylized letter or hyphen. Once the series is completed, they all spell “G-Shock.” All watches come in custom packaging that features a motif specific to the analogous god.

How to describe the Bishamonten model briefly?



The Bishamonten model within the Seven Lucky Gods series resembles the iconic DW-6900 as it features three different graphic dials. To remind you, the DW-6900 was a regular digital model that stands out from other models with its third indicator.

The Bishamonten model has a see-through clear dark gray primary color and rose gold color details.

There are markings of the treasure chest on the band. You can also notice gargoyles imprinted on the group, which only gives the design a more sophisticated feel.

When the display is illuminated, the letter H of the G-Shock name is going to float in the EL backlight glow. Every watch within the series is displaying a different letter, and they all spell together G-Shock (we’ve mentioned before, but it’s a great detail that Casio G-Shock used for the series).

On the side node, Bishamonten is God protecting the North area of India. Some know it as “Tamonten,” which is the God of Four Devas that look after Buddhism.

Let’s take a look at the specifications!


The watch is still a G-shock which is why it comes with the fundamental features and characteristics of G-Shock watches.

It comes with mineral glass, handling some scratches and it’s a shock-resistant watch. It also presents 200-meter water resistance, but that’s not a surprise within the G-Shock watches.

The case/bezel material is a resin which takes excessive wear for a nice amount of time. The band is also made of resin, having a comfortable feel onto the skin. It’s comfortable to wear the watch and finding the right fit is relatively easy too.

As the watch comes with EL backlight and Afterglow function, reading it in dim light conditions isn’t going to be that difficult. The EL is, but it’s straightforward to notice and to understand.

The list of functions continues with the flash alert, so the watch is going to flash with buzzer that sounds for your alarms and hourly time signals as well. You may set multi-function alarm on the clock.

The watch is no exception within the G-Shock collection; therefore it provides 1/100-second stopwatch with several measuring modes: split time, elapsed time, 1st-2nd place times. The countdown timer uses a 1-second measuring unit, whereas the countdown range is 24 hours. The countdown starts time setting range is 1 second to 24 hours, as the watch features increments for 1 second, 1 minute and 1 hour. It also includes Auto-repeat function.

The Bishamonten watch comes with full auto-calendar (to the year 2099) and has a 12/24-hour format. It also presents regular timekeeping: hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, and day.

The battery life is around two years on CR2016, and the precision is the standard for the Casio G-Shock watches: +/-15 seconds per month.

What’s our final take?

If you’re into the Casio series, you should include the Bishamonten into your shopping list. It’s not only the looks that recommend it, but also the reliable performance, the robust build, and the useful features. It’s going to take the use for quite some time, and it looks great on your wrist. Why not take the plunge?


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