Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht Review


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The astonishing platinum vessel from Ulysse Nardin

It's the patent pending watch that comes with tidal and power reserve indicators and a flying tourbillon. It's got the looks and the functions that you need when out on your yacht.

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All good things come at a high price, and this principle couldn’t be more accurate than in the case of watches. We’re not going to talk about the majority of timepieces that satisfy most needs, but about the clocks that stand out with their unusual materials, innovative technologies or the reliable performance for generations to come.

We’re talking about the limited editions, the small number of watch brands that address to only a few out there that are always looking for the most exquisite and luxurious timepieces that were ever created.

Who is Ulysse Nardin?


Ulysee Nardin is yet another luxury Swiss watch manufacturer that was born at the end of the 19th century. Funny fact, but Ulysse Nardin has been operating in the same building headquartered in Switzerland since 1865.

Apart from that, the exclusive Swiss watch manufacturer is seen as a top-tier Kering brand, creating some of the most accurate marine chronometers. It has won many awards and honors for the marine chronometers and has 2411 special prizes, 4324 certificates and no less than ten gold medals at various International Exhibitions.

Ulysee Nardin has always designed timepieces with impressive dedication for the yachting world. Add the brand’s passion for the extravagant sophisticated mechanisms and workmanship, and you get a glimpse on the latest model, the Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht.

What’s to say about Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht briefly?


Addressing to the owners of luxury cruisers and sailboats, the new watch from Ulysse Nardin is both versatile and beautiful.

The watch comes with a flying tourbillon, a moon phase indicator with a little recreation of a ship’s features (propeller, chain, anchor, bow, and windlass right on the dial!), a tide indicator and an impressive price tag of EUR 300,000. It’s a platinum watch that comes in a limited edition of just 30 pieces.

The Marine Mega Yacht resembles the Marine Grand Deck Tourbillon that was released in 2016. The previous model had jumping hours, a tourbillon and a particular way to read the retrograde minutes as it used a nautical boom pulled by several nanowires. They were all placed against a wood inlay decking on the dial.

Having the Grand Deck Tourbillon as a primary source of inspiration, the new Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht takes it to another level with a modern feel that matches nowadays’ luxury vessels.

How does the new watch look up close and personal?

Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht Review

The watch has a 44mm diameter, and it’s a tool that was specially created for the modern time adventurer that looks up to Captain Nemo. The bows of a luxury vessel are impressively reproduced in 3D and look like they’re surfacing from a pool of white gold. They also seem to come out from the mist, cutting through a sea of a big firey enamel on a wave of foam. The realism is going to stay with you, leaving you speechless.

At the bottom of the bow, you’re going to notice the 60-second flying tourbillon that is tightly held in place with a bridge that is similar to a propeller. We also see the iconic Ulysse Nardin anchor in the center.

As nowadays mariners are using all sorts of sophisticated electronic instruments, the team from Ulysse Nardin wanted to offer important maritime information in a three-dimensional way as well. Therefore, the moon phase indicator is placed at 9 o’clock and presents a highly realistic representation of our close satellite, craters, and everything. It’s made of two half spheres, one in blue PVD (as a reminder of the new moon) and the other one with a rhodium plating (which resembles the illuminating effects of the Sun).

One of the many challenges for the Mariners is to decide when to anchor, especially when they have no tide table to check. The watch features a mechanism that shows the height of the tides in real time, according to a specific location. It’s displayed on the dial in a window, right under the moon phase. The functions are at the crown, whereas the positions (W for winding, S for setting the hands, and TM for Tide and Moon position) are found in the side window on the case band that copies the screen of a Chadburn Telegraph.

What is indeed going to strike the most is the realistic anchor and the chain on the right side. The details aren’t only for the looks as the anchor chair and the windlass placed behind the sapphire window at 12 o’clock move according to the movements of the winding crown for showing the power reserved against a white scale. Should you want to check the time on the watch, you can always read it clearly as the central hour and minute hands come with luminescent material.

Let’s take a look at the engine room as it’s important to mention that the platinum case includes a fluted bezel and a screw-down crown and sapphire case back which allow you to see the manual-winding movement.

The UN-631 caliber is developed together with the Christophe Claret manufacture and is similar to the machinery that we see in nowadays ship’s engine room. We also notice the aerated turbine covers and the modern final touches.

The movement is made with 504 components, beats at 21,600vph and ensures a power reserve of 80 hours, which is impressing considering the action on the deck.

The technical specifications

Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht side view

Let’s give you the technical specifications in a much clearer view:

  • The Case- it has a 44mm diameter, and it’s made of platinum. It features a side window on the case band, revealing the position of the crown. The screw-down crown features blue rubber detail, and the case is made with sapphire crystal front and back. It presents 50 meters of water resistance.
  • The Dial- rocks a Grand Feu blue enamel background with a white gold bow of the ship, moon phase at 9 o’clock. The power reserve indicator is connected to the anchor chain and windlass. We also notice the tide indicators at 7 o’clock and the 60-second flying tourbillon with propeller bridge.
  • The movement-it’s UN-631 caliber and has a 37mm diameter. It’s a manual-winding type with 504 components and running at 21,600 vph. It provides 80h power reserve.

What’s our final thought?

Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht isn’t your regular nautical watch for sure, and most of us are only going to enjoy this one from a distance. It’s a timepiece that makes a great first impression but astonishes with the movement, details, performance and high-quality materials.

It’s not even worth to talk about the price anymore as the watch comes in a limited edition and there are only 30 pieces out there.


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