Casio Men’s GWM5610-1 G-Shock Solar Watch Review


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Great classic digital watch with updated features.

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  • Great value for the money
  •  Lightweight, easy to use and wear, user-friendly setup
  • Automatic time calibration and solar charging
  • Can be worn with most types of clothes

  • None (for me at least)

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With a design inspired by the first G-Shock ever created, the 2012 GWM5610 comes with brand new and improved capabilities, lots of new features and, of course, higher resistance to all sorts of shocks. Actually, it resembles so much the original DW-5000 G-Shock created in 1983 that it is impossible to tell the difference unless you search for the small design discrepancies. And if the features have been changed as the technologies evolved, the basic characteristic remained and by that I mean the simplicity/ease of use.

gwm5610-1 in box

GWM5610-1 in box

Since Casio created so many G-Shocks for virtually every outdoor activity, with this watch they wanted to please the daily users more, which want the resistance and other awesome features of other bulkier G-Shocks but at the same time a sleek design, a smaller footprint and obviously a smaller weight. And the GWM5610 is just that; a small and simple G-Shock capable of withstanding most bad treatments, featuring the functions that made the G-Shock line famous.

One of those functions is the solar charging mechanism. If you ever compared older G-Shocks with their newer counterparts you must have seen that everything from the sensors to the materials used is improved in the newer version. This is also the case of the solar charging system on this G-Shock. Casio tried different versions of it on previous watches, which truth be said were not that great, but now with the new and improved version, the watch can function for 10 full months without any light exposure after a full charge. Anyway, a thing is sure; it came a long way since the first implementation.

gwm5610 color variation 2

Another feature that shines is the multi-band Atomic Timekeeping that ensures a reliable and accurate time by receiving calibration through radio signals up to 6 times per day. What I especially like about this watch is that you can set it once as you prefer, then never touch the configuration buttons again, not even bother changing the batteries for years, since the watch is automatically calibrated through radio frequencies, and solar powered. The daily alarms are pretty loud, enough for waking you up in the morning but definitely not enough to hear it in a crowded room for example.

gwm5610 color variation 1

Speaking of the display, it is square, really simple and practical. By default, it shows the time with hours, minutes and seconds, the day of the week on the top and the city code. I will not enter into details on how every button configuration works, but generally you will have a lot of button combinations that will let you do plenty interesting things with the display. For example, you can change the 24-hour format to the 12-hour AM/PM format; mute the button sounds or changing the city code display to wherever you travel to. These are just some of the things you can do, but you can have more insight into the configuration of it in the user’s manual.

The strap has a basic securing system with one pin and different tightening levels, the band itself is very comfortable not because of the resin from which is made of, but because of the great weight balance, Casio managed to create. At 52 grams you won’t even remember you wear a watch that has a 660 feet water resistance and is capable of withstanding high amounts of shocks.

Protrek PRG-240-1 and G-shock GWM5600-1

Protrek PRG-240-1 and G-shock GWM5600-1

I think that the word that describes best this watch is practicality. Like I said before, this is a watch that you set once then never know that it has configuration buttons on the sides. Finally, if you are looking for a small G-Shock that is both practical full of useful features and also coming at a relatively small price, then the G-Shock GWM5610 is definitely for you.

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Features List:

  • 200 m / 660 ft. water resistance
  • World Time
  • Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping. It can receive the time calibration through radio signals.
  • Full Auto EL Backlight
  • Daily alarms with one snooze alarm
  • 1/100 second stopwatch
  • Lightweight and considerably smaller than other G-Shocks at 52 g and 46.7 X 43.2 X 12.7 mm
  • Full Auto Calendar
  • Good fit made possible by a quality and carefully crafted Resin band
  • Self-charging system from any light source, preferably the sun.



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