Casio G-Shock GWF-1000-1JF Frogman Dive Watch Review


9.4 Total Score
Serious dive tool!

Packed with all the diving functions, and with a sturdy build, the Frogman has quite a reputation to defend.

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  • Bold and extra-large case with comfortable strap and good fit on the wrist.
  • Lots of useful and reliable features for divers.
  • One of the best diving watches in the price range.

  • Pricey.

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With the Frogman G-Shock, Casio took the idea of a diving watch to a whole new level. Acclaimed as a masterpiece by most customers, the G-Shock Frogman is what every diving enthusiast or even professional would want. From the start, you must be aware that this is a massive watch capable of withstanding more shocks and water depths than your body can. So if this sounds as what you look for, then read on.


The Frogman comes with a fully digital display split into two parts. At the top, you can see the moon graph which shows the different moon phases and below is the main display that shows the hour and day of the week by default. Of course, the other features can be accessed using the buttons on the sides and they will appear on this main display. The Frogman as many other G-Shocks is highly customizable, so you will just have to get the hang of the buttons in order to set it as you wish.


The watch features two very important graphs for divers and everyone that works or lives near the sea/ocean. And here I refer to the Moon Graph and Tide Graph. With these, you can identify for example when is the propitious time to get underwater in order to get your job done, and basically all activities that imply the need of knowing low and high levels of the sea. These two graphs work hand in hand since tides are partly created by the gravitational forces of the moon. When the moon graph shows a full moon, the gravitational forces of the sun and moon are combined, so expect high tides to be higher and low tides to be lower; these tides are called spring tides. During moon’s quarter phases, the difference between high and low tides is smaller and these tides are called neap tides. It may not make sense at first, but if you search the subject preferably with images you can understand the phenomenon better. I find these two graphs to be very useful on a divers watch and probably this is one of the reasons why the Frogman is so appreciated by many people.


Other nice features include the countdown timer which has a measuring unit of one second and a setting range from 1 minute to 24 hours, loud daily alarms that feature 4 daily alarms and one snooze alarm, the world time feature with a total of 31 time zones and last but not least the solar charging capability. Casio is well-known for creating high-quality self-charging watches and the Frogman is no exception. Thanks to this feature you won’t have to think about swapping the batteries anymore.

Although the Frogman is a watch that comes closer to perfection that many other dive watches do, it still has its small flaws. The clasp with the two pins that securely closes the band has a kind of design flaw that makes the pointy end of it irritate the skin and the illumination is good but not something to be praised for. Also, I would have liked to see a depth meter on this watch. Again, these are not major imperfections, but definitely important to note.

It’s true, this is not a very cheap watch, but considering that the Frogman has some of the best specs on the market for a divers watch and at the same time is highly resistant and made of quality materials that will last for years then I think it is worth it.

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Features List:

  • Solar powered
  • Full Auto EL light with afterglow that makes the watch readable in most lighting conditions
  • Countdown timer
  • Daily alarms, hourly time signal
  • World Time
  • Moon graph, Tide Graph and Dive Time function
  • A bit heavy at 115 grams and extra-large at 58.3 mm X 52.8 X 18mm
  • Power saving feature
  • Mineral Glass window and Resin case

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