Seiko Prospex LX line Review

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The newest line from Seiko Prospex

When heritage can balance with the original execution. The comfortable watch that shines and gives toughness a new face.

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When it comes to watches, most of us out there don’t have special requests. As long as it’s accurate and comfortable to wear, a watch is just another piece of jewelry that helps us know what time it is.

There’s also the category of people that rely on their watch, as watches may include functions that can make the difference between life and death in an extreme scenario. From the clocks that are water-resistant up to 300meters, to the watches that take the altitude and the severe abuse, the category of outdoor watches that are so much more than just timepieces is impressive and astonishing in features.

Is this the first time you hear about Seiko watches?

Seiko Prospex LX line side view

Commonly known as Seiko, Seiko Holdings Corporation is a Japanese holding company that includes multiple subsidiaries which manufacture and sell watches, clocks, jewelry, electronic devices, semiconductors, and optical products.

The company was founded at the end of the 19th century, and the company created interesting models ever since. After all, Seiko is the Japanese word for “exquisite” or “success.”

In the late 80s, Seiko produced the very first automatic quartz that combined the features of an automatic watch with the quartz precision. It means that its movement in everyday day wear entirely powers the watch.

What is the Seiko Professional Diver’s series?

Seiko Prospex LX line view

Seiko released its very first diver’s watch back in 1965, but it has been designed many watches that sportsmen (professional divers including) would love. The 1968 Seiko Professional Diver’s watch made an impression with its tough design and astonishing functionality.

The Prospex line is the recreation of the 1968 Professional Diver’s watch, and the creative team won the Sports Watch award back in 2018.

Why is the new Prospex LX line so particular?

Seiko Prospex LX line review

The new line, LX, sends to the Latin word for light and it’s a subtle way to pinpoint how the light is reflected in the flat and wide surface of every case watch.

The new Seiko Prospex LX collection consists of 6 watches, and it’s all the rage at Baselworld 2019. Even if the clocks are anything but cheap, they’re all made from machines and Zaratsu-finished titanium. They’re powered by the precise and mechanical Spring Drive movements (partially mechanical), and the differences in styles are notable.

All of the six watches within the new line come with date indication at 3 and a power reserve at 7.30 o’clock on the dial. Only some of the watches within the new collection (SNR 025, SNR 027, SNR 035 and SNR 033) also feature GMT second time zone displays.

The cases of the watches are 44.8mm wide (for all of them) and come with really tough coated titanium bracelets. There are also calf strap, crocodile strap, or silicone straps as options; it all depends on the version.

For instance, the SNR027, SNR031, and SNR035 versions come with a durable coating on the titanium cases for a mean look and a more rugged build.

The outstanding balance is the fundamental principle for the Prosper LX line. The watches resemble the old 1968 Professional Diver’s watch, but the execution is nothing but modern. The center of gravity is lower, which is why the clocks sit comfortably on any wrist. The attention to detail is impressive, and the upper side of the case is set to a more critical angle, helping the Zaratsu-polished surfaces to shine even better.

From all the features and technologies used for the line, the use of the 5R Spring Drive caliber is the most important one. It’s the one providing the one-second a day accuracy. Let’s not forget about the shock and temperature resistance of the watches.

5R becomes the ideal caliber for all sorts of sporting and adventures. It’s a successful option for space or when climbing Mount Everest.

Side note- the LX Black Edition

Seiko Prospex LX line 3 colors

Along with the three versions in light color titanium, the LX line includes an exciting series of three all-black models.

The simplicity and power of the LX design are easier to notice in the black models as they do make a dramatic impression. The sky and the land models come with leather straps, whereas the sea version comes with a durable silicone strap.

We’re expecting the watches to be available in shops somewhere in July 2019.

What do we know about the specifications?

Seiko Prospex LX line side view

Even though the six watches share some features, they also differ on many levels.

For instance, all of them are automatic and have a power reserve of 72 hours, but they differ on caliber. SNR025, 027, 033, and 035 come with Spring Drive GMT 5R 66, whereas SNR 029 and 031 come with Spring Drive 5R65.

The precision is the same for all (+1/-1 second per day and +15/-15 seconds per month), and only four of the models (SNR 025, 027, 033, and 035) also feature GMT hand.

When it comes to water resistance, their abilities are different. We notice that SNR029 and 031 have 300meter water resistance, whereas the SNR025 and 027 have 20bar water resistance. The SNR033 and 035 present a 10 bar water resistant, so it’s easy for a diver to choose among the models.

All of the watches present magnetic resistance (4,800A/m), and come with 44.8mm diameter. The watches come with two different types of thickness.

SNR 025, 029 and 033 come with titanium case and bracelet with a super-hard coating, whereas the SNR027, 031 and 035 have titanium case and black super-hard coating.

We’re noticing that SNR029 and 031 feature sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, but the sapphire crystal with a super-clear coating (in SNR025, 027, 033, and 035) is also impressive.

The six watches within the series come with screw-down crown and screw case back, which recommends them for the excess wear and extreme abuse.

The differences continue with the bracelet as SNR025 and 029 come with titanium bracelet with three-fold clasp and push-button release. The side adjuster is going to provide the best fit for anyone.

SNR 033 comes with titanium bracelet with three fold clasp and push-button release as well.

Should you put the buck aside or not?

When it comes to Seiko watches, you should never sit on the fence whether you should get it or not. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast that takes the watch on every single adventure, the clocks within the new Prospex LX line are a sure investment in the long run. Apart from the price which may throw off some, there’s nothing to complain about right now. After all, it’s Seiko that we’re talking about.


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