Seiko Astron GPS Solar Executive Sports Series Review

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An executive style capable of handling everything

The GPS Solar watch that takes a long time and excess wear. It's the formal look, but with the vital functions and durability that never disappoint.

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We know that we can tell time by checking our smartphone (it doesn’t even have to be a smartphone!). Watches have been our piece of jewelry that would help us get organized throughout the day for so many years. The watch industry has kept up with all the changes in the world which are why watches come with more and more functions that make watches a lot more than tools telling time.

From the astonishing toughness to the solar batteries that keep your watch always charged, the watches sure have traveled a long time, without ever eliminating their fundamental purpose: telling time.

Why is Seiko such a popular name out there?

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Executive Sports Series review

Seiko has been out there for more than 130 years and even from its start, Kintaro Hattori (the founder), was struggling to make his products stand out from the crowd. After all, “Seiko” means “exquisite” in Japanese.

Seiko has been the first Japanese company to produce wristwatches, managing to win all the chronometer competitions in Japan in the 50s. It was also the first company to manufacture the first quartz watch in the world (the Astron) and the world’s first six-figure LCD digital display watch later in the 70s.

As you can see, Seiko has always been innovative in its creation. The list continues with the first quartz watch powered by the wearer’s motion.

Long story short, Seiko is one watch manufacturer that designs solar watches, but also watches for the sports enthusiasts, no matter if it is on the sea, land or in the sky.

What’s Seiko GPS Solar Astron Executive series all about?Seiko Astron GPS Solar Executive Sports Series view


The Seiko Astron Executive series was released back in 2017, and it was created for customers that wanted a versatile watch that would match all sorts of activities.

Due to the impressive success, the executive series expanded with a new set of sports styles. The line addresses the people that fancy a watch that handles the great outdoors but doesn’t disappoint in a formal meeting either.

The new executive sports series was launched in June 2018 and featured the Seiko’s particular GPS solar technology, but better performance in terms of water resistance, legibility, and durability.

The new Astron series has a more dynamic appearance, and the GPS Solar watches are an excellent choice for the active people that look for durability and accuracy.

Just like all the other Astron watches, the new models also connect automatically to the GPS network with just a touch of a button. They also adjust to the local time, no matter where you are in the world with an accuracy of a 1/100,000th second using the power of light exclusively. The watches also come with 8x53caliber which sustains the dual-time sub-dial with an AM/PM indicator.

The GPS solar watches within the new line comes not only with the functionality of Astron GPS Solar but also with 20bar water resistance and lumibrite on the broader hands. The UTC notifications and the indexes on the sapphire crystal bezel make the watches very easy to read and to understand.

Any watch designed to take the use in sports has to be robust and long-lasting, which is why the watches within the new series come with titanium case with super-hard coating and a separate crown guard for protection against shock. The soft silicone strap is both durable and comfortable, fitting right on the wrist. We also notice a new kind of deployment clasp that gives the watch an elegant and streamlined appearance.

Let’s go over the details as well!

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Executive Sports Series side view

The solar executive sports series comes in three versions that come with the same sapphire crystal bezel as the 2017 executive series. They also present a wide range of functions in four main areas:

  • Legibility: The more extensive hands and indexes come with a high grade of LumiBrite, which eases out the reading in dim light conditions. The UTC codes also come with LumiBrite. You may read the watch four hours after the lights went off, which is helpful when going for a run early in the morning.
  • Water resistance- Just like the first Astron collection, the new models come with 20bar water resistance, which any sports enthusiast is going to appreciate.
  • Long life span: as the watches are supposed to take the use in all sorts of sports adventures; the watches come with titanium case and new crown guard. The crown guard has a distinctive design which protects the watch against impact and shock.

The scratch-resistant and tough coating provide the toughness that the luxurious style watch need for the adventure, without compromising on the casual look in any way. The case and the bracelet feature sharp surfaces that match the mirror finish by Zaratsu polishing.

The features and the specifications
even if the versions have their differences, the main features and specs are nearly identical.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Executive Sports Series box view

Along with the GPS controlled time and time zone adjustment, the watches come with Dual-Time with AM/PM indication and perpetual calendar correct to the year 2100.

The world time function (40 time zones) is going to help you know time no matter where you are in the world, and the precision doesn’t disappoint (+/-15 seconds per month without getting a GPS signal and at temperatures between 41F to 94F degrees). The watches include signal reception result indication and Power save function for better use of the battery. Let’s not forget the Daylight Saving time function either.

The SSE167 and 169 watches come with titanium case with a super-hard coating, whereas the SSE170 presents titanium case with the rose gold color super-hard coating.

The watches present magnetic resistance as well (4,800 A/m) and three-fold clasp with push button release for more comfortable wear.

What’s our recommendation?

If you want a watch that is solar powered, tough for your sports adventures and elegant for your business meetings, you should check one of the versions of the new series from Astron.

The incredible craftsmanship, the reliable performance and the right balance between rugged feel and elegant appearance are the selling point, but make sure you’re ready to pay the high dollar too.


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