Luminox Watch Scott Cassell Deep Dive Carbon 1567 Review

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The New Scott Cassell Watch from Luminox for divers out there

The New watch from Luminox that any diver wants for staying safe when out there. It's the watch with the robust build that delivers, no matter how often you dive into the ocean.

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Last updated on July 9, 2024 12:14 am

The variety of watches is impressive. The features, the built, and the designs can make your selection impossible, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes, you only need your watch to be tough, resistant, and capable to handle all the impossible situations that you’re going through. It’s that simple.

What makes Luminox watches stand out?

Luminox Watch Scott Cassell Deep Dive Carbon 1567 Review

Born as the self-powered luminous watch brand, Luminox became one of the top choices for U.S. Navy Seals, F-117 Nighthawk TM stealth jet pilots, professional divers, and elite forces. Luminox watches are capable of glowing for even 25 years in any light condition, Always Visible. It’s not their only feature, as Luminox watches are rugged, strong and precise. They’re a common choice for the tough outdoorsmen or dedicated athletes, for anyone that doesn’t scare from a windy or a stormy day.

Emergency personnel, law enforcement, Navy Seal and many more are wearing Luminox watches as they need to tell time no matter how dark it is.

Who is Scott Cassell? Why collaboration with Luminox?

Luminox Watch Scott Cassell Deep Dive Carbon 1567 view

When we talk about modern heroes, Scott Cassell is one name to remember. He’s an expert military operative that takes puts much effort into ocean conservation (among many other things).

The new series isn’t the first collaboration with Scott Cassell, but it’s the latest addition to the Deep Dive series. Scott is a big believer of Luminox which was his Essential Gear when he was active in military service. He used to be an expert military operative, a sniper and a counter-terrorism dive instructor for the special operations.

Just because he retired, doesn’t mean he no longer fights in another way for the values he believes in.

The new series from Luminox is designed for supporting his not-for-profit Sea Wolves Unlimited and UVP (Undersea Voyage Project). The UVP is a non-profit organization which helps students, educators, researchers and “citizen scientist” to explore and find out more about the underwater environment. It does all that by diving in equipped submarines. As for the SeaWolves Unlimited, it’s also a non-profit organization that gathers evidence against poachers that are putting the lives of ocean creatures in danger.

Luminox supports his efforts and, a part of proceeds from sales of the watches is going to sustain the previously mentioned organizations, helping them become more efficient in their work.

The watches within the Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 collection also highlights the use of the lightweight Carbonox for the first time in the Deep Dive collection.

What’s the Luminox Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 series all about?

Luminox Watch Scott Cassell Deep Dive Carbon 1567 side view

The series includes four models, and they all come with 46mm Carbonox case. For anyone not having a clue about Carbonox, let’s start by pointing out that Carbonox is a carbon-based material that only Luminox is using.

All the watches within the series are water resistant to 300 meters, which is an impressive performance. The gasket and the case design sure make this performance possible.

The watches come in four color options: blue dial with white and yellow accents (1553), black dial with white accents (1551), green dial with white accents (1567), and black dial with white and yellow accents (1555)

The Deep Dive 1567 (and all the other ones in the series) come with sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, stainless steel screw down case back, screw down crown and genuine rubber strap. The build is impressive, and the watch is going to handle plenty of diving experiences.

All the watches within the new Scott Cassell Deep Dive 1550 come with the iconic Luminox patented Bezel Locking System that we find in all Deep Dive collections. It’s what reduces the risk for the bezel to change position. Any diver wants to be able to stay underwater for as long as they safely can, and the Bezel Locking System does that so that the time set by the diver with the turning bezel is going to stay that way. The Bezel Locking System also works as a crown protector, allowing the watch to handle more shocks throughout the diving experience.

The case back presents an embossing of a submarine that is meant to resemble “The Great White.” The Great White is a submersible that Scott Cassell managed to refurbish in his garage, using it for the Undersea Voyager Project at the moment.

The Deep Dive 1567 and the other three models are powered by a very dependable Swiss Made quartz movement that explains their accuracy. The watches come with an eight-year lithium battery, which is also a piece of good news.

As all Luminox watches come with the proprietary Luminox Lighting Technology (LLT), this one makes no exception (and so do the other ones). The LLT guarantees unlimited night vision 24/7, for up to 25 years. The tritium gas tubes make it possible. In the case of other luminosity systems, they rely on external light sources for charging luminous paint. Some need a pushbutton to illuminate the watch. In the case of Luminox watches, the luminosity is built right into Luminox watches, making it possible for one to see the time, no matter how dim the light is.

If you ever dived in your life, you know that light penetrating through the water is feeble and reading time underwater precisely can make the difference between life and death.

Is there any part we like less?

Luminox Watch Scott Cassell Deep Dive Carbon 1567 full view

If you’re a diver and you only care about wearing a dependable watch while diving, there’s little to complain about.

The watch is not a cheap model, and its price is going to throw off some. However, for the dedicated diver, the amount is going to feel right considering the reliability and the performance underwater.

What’s our final take on the watch?

Everything about the build and features recommends the watch for the diving experience. The band is comfortable and durable, and the watch is easy to read, no matter how deep you are or how dark it is. As, ultimately, this is what you want on a watch when diving: making sure it tells you the right time so that you know that you have enough air.


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