Expedition Gallatin Solar 44mm Fabric Strap Watch Review

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The affordable watch for your outdoor activity

A lightweight watch that may become your perfect companion for your adventures out there. A solar-powered watch that you barely feel on your wrist, but sure make the best out of its features.

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Last updated on May 12, 2024 8:36 am

There are many things in life that we cannot control and time is just one of them. Even if we cannot stop, we can surely take a better look at it and live the life we want.

As with everything else in our life, we can do it the easy way, or we can take the steep road for making it a lot more interesting. We can wear a simple watch, that runs accurately and withstands our adventurous lifestyle, or we can pay the extra-buck for the extra features that are anything but easy to use or to understand.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t pay the high dollar for the latest model of watches out there. We’re only saying that you don’t need the impressive amount of functions all the time. What’s wrong with living simply?

Is Timex an essential name in the watch industry?

Expedition Gallatin Solar 44mm Fabric Strap Watch review

For those of you who don’t know, Timex dates back to 1854  when the company was born in Connecticut. It produced clocks as more affordable alternatives to the high-end European competitors at the time. The first time when Timex hit the market was with the creating of the large Jumbo pocket watch.

Formerly known as Timex Corporation, Timex is an American manufacturing company that has become a subsidiary of the Dutch conglomerate Timex Group B.V.

Even though the company went through a lot of struggle, it still manages to create affordable watches that make a good choice for the customer that wants a reliable timepiece without emptying his wallet.

What’s the Timex Expedition Gallatin Solar series?

The Timex Gallatin Solar series is part of the Time Expedition collection. The Gallatin Solar series includes several models that present both similar and different features.

Any light charges the watches within the series with a two-month power reserve. Therefore, they’re all sustainable and powered by natural energy. It’s a feature that any true outdoor enthusiast appreciates as using natural energy and reducing the footprint is fundamental for the current times.

The solar-powered watches within the Timex Expedition Gallatin Solar series are built for the outdoor use, without compromising on the looks nor the comfort. Some of them come with leather straps, whereas others feature fabric straps with various colors. Either way, all of the watches come for really affordable prices and make the outdoor enthusiast satisfied with his choice.

The detailed look on the Expedition Gallatin Solar 44mm Fabric Strap Watch

Expedition Gallatin Solar 44mm Fabric Strap Watch back view

The Expedition Gallatin Solar 44mm fabric strap watch has the U.S. Rockies as the primary source of inspiration. The solar-powered watch is made for the outdoors, and it’s not only the build that recommends it for the challenging activities outside your home.

The watch comes with a blue fabric double layer slip-thru strap that makes the clock easy to put on/take off. Once you put it on your wrist, adjusting the strap is also a breeze, so you only need to see how snug you want it. The strap has a rugged appearance, and durability feel to it. It has a pleasant touch feeling against the skin, and its color doesn’t fade out that fast. You can have your pick between a green strap with black dial or a blue strap and blue dial combination. The buckle clasp is sturdy and keeps the watch in place while you’re moving.

The case is made of resin, which is an excellent choice for outdoor watches. In the case of the blue version, the hands for the hour and minute are white, whereas the hand for the seconds is red. We also notice red accents for the date and the name of the series is also in red (Solar). The same red accents you’re going to find for the green/black version. There’s also a red accent for the 12 o’clock on the watch and a date window at 3 o’clock.

The case shape is round, and the dial markings are Arabic and some partial markers as well. The watch comes with acrylic crystal/lens, handling the most common outdoor experiences. The case width is 44mm which renders the clock just the right size for an outdoor fan.

The top ring is blue for the blue version and black for the green/black model. The top ring is made with resin, taking the right amount of abuse.

The watch has 50 meters of water resistance, which is fine for a regular hiking trip.

Comfortable and lightweight, the watch is going to work for many that are looking for both affordable and reliable outdoor timepieces.

Is there something we like less?

Expedition Gallatin Solar 44mm Fabric Strap Watch side view

We cannot stress enough about the importance of seeing the whole picture. The watch isn’t innovative in any way nor changing the game within its category.

You don’t get important functions or the most robust build for an outdoor watch. You don’t even get amazing water-resistance.

However, for a lot less than $100 you get a dependable, lightweight, accurate and pretty resistant watch that does exactly what it promises.

What’s our final take on the watch?

All in all, the watch takes the wear while you’re hiking or climbing and it tells time. And it does all of this without even using a battery, as it’s solar-powered.

For the reliable performance, ease of use and comfortable wear, the watch is worth to try, no matter how limited or generous your budget indeed is. It’s a simple watch, with simple functions and even a simple look (yet pleasant). And you should just give it a try!


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