G-Shock GD350-1B Watch Review


9.4 Total Score
A trusty timepiece!

It may not pack a lot of features, but then not everyone needs a Triple-Sensor or Tide graph. To those who need a trustworthy time-keeping piece, this is for you!

User Rating: 3.07 (27 votes)

  • Vibration alarm
  • Good design with little to no flaws
  • Great value for the money – A best seller

  • No solar charging
  • Hard to read in bright daylight.

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The Casio G-Shock GD350-1B is not a watch that impresses by the number of features it has, rather by its style, durability, ease of use and stealthiness. It comes in an all-black casing and band with yellowish markings and indicators on a negative display. While it has a look that is suitable for military-like outfits, some also like to wear this watch with more formal clothes, although it will probably not make a good combination with a Tuxedo 🙂


First and foremost at a case diameter of 51 mm the G-Shock GD350 is a big watch, and actually, that is to be expected from any G-Shock. It is massive only when you compare it with regular watches; still at 75 g it is lightweight and feels great on the hand. It has a solid built with basically no flaws and above that, it also features a shock absorbing back which transfers shocks to the wrist creating a pretty crazy feeling. So to sum it up, for the design I would give this watch a well-deserved A.


Speaking of cons, what I would have loved to see on this watch is the self-solar charging technology that many G-Shocks have but at least, it features a CR2032 battery that has a life of roughly 4 years in order to compensate the lack of solar charging. Also, another not so praiseworthy aspect is the negative display’s visibility during bright daylight. Yes, it is not impossible to read but it is definitely harder than other positive displays. This is, however, something to expect from negative displays. To make it easier to understand, I would compare it with the night phase of a GPS navigator that unfortunately doesn’t come to the regular phase once you get to daylight.


The GD350-1B and GD350-8

A nice feature that I consider is a must in our modern society is the vibration alarm. It has two different settings one for quiet situations when you can set it to vibrations only, and one for loud situations where a traditional alarm is too little. Also, the stopwatch can measure up to 999 hours which I doubt anyone will use, but it’s good that is there. Since this was intended to be a user-friendly watch it has very intuitive buttons on the sides. One for a total reset, one for mode changing, one dedicated to the timer and a more general adjust button.

In the end, this is an overall great pick for those who want style and ease of use in an affordable G-Shock. Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong by choosing the G-Shock GD 350 when it comes to stealthiness, design and value for the money.

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Features List

  • World time with 35 time zones, full auto calendar, and 12/24 hours format
  • Auto LED backlight
  • 660 feet / 200 meters water resistance
  • Durable Resin case and band
  • 51 mm in diameter, 18 mm in thickness and lightweight at only 75 g
  • 4-year battery life
  • Countdown timer with Direct Access and 1/100 stopwatch
  • Flash alert with buzzers for alarms

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