Casio EMA-100D-1A2VCF Marine Line Watch Review


Casio EMA-100D-1A2VCF Marine Line Watch Review
The Advanced Marine Lineup offers one of the best price / quality compromises for a diving watch.
8 Total Score
Exquisite Marine Line Casio Watch!

The Advanced Marine Lineup offers one of the best price / quality compromises for a diving watch.

User Rating: 3.7 (3 votes)

  • Quality materials
  • Advanced features for diving
  • Beautiful design

  • Bad illumination

Overall I really love this watch and would recommend it.

Kenneth Carlson, Amazon customer

Nice construction, quite heavy but comfy. Thought the size was going to be too big, but it’s actually a great size.

Nicolas Chapleau, Amazon customer

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The Marine Line from Casio aims to deliver an improved experience by adding diving specific features like a moon/tide graph, higher depths water resistance and much more to an already famous Edifice line. As you may already know, the Edifice line aimed at the best quality possible on budget watches. Of course, Casio manufactured some top of the line Edifice watches which were not so accessible to all customers, but that was the general trend with the line. Basically, with the Marine Line, you get a better experience no matter if you are a professional diver or an occasional diving enthusiast. You will get a grasp of those sweet features expected from a diving watch like a tide graph, 660 ft. water resistance, chronograph, moon data and so on.

While it comes with the basic features which are to be expected from every Casio watch, it also features functions that differentiate it from other cheaper watches. But features do not represent everything on a watch. Casio knows this very well and made a really great choice with the high-quality stainless steel case and bracelet. The overall design of the watch is sleek and makes it suitable for both formal and informal environments, meaning that you will not have to worry if you go to a fancy business meeting with this watch on the wrist. Even more, it actually makes a good impression for your partners.

Casio EMA-100D-1A2VCF

The dial of this watch is rather complex, having three fragmented digital displays, two analog index hands and one subdial for the tide graph. Although I am not a fan of how these components are arranged on the dial, at least from a practical standpoint all of them do their job remarkably. As a short explanation of what to expect from every piece present on the dial, I will begin by saying a word about the digital displays. The bottom display shows the readings of the temperature sensor, as well as the hour with minutes and seconds, the moon age combined with the moon phase indicator which is that small window right next to it. Besides these, it also acts as a configuration screen for the other features and as a countdown timer and stopwatch in tandem with the top display.

The tide graph basically works by constantly rotating the 3 hands and you can interpret it by simply looking for the green hand’s position at a certain time. For example, if it is in the low half this means the tides are currently on a low point. The same applies to high. Remember that you will have to set the moon and tide graphs yourself, however, you can figure it out very easy by reading the online version of it or the one you will get in the box.

Casio EMA-100D-1A2VCF_3

The feel on the hand is quite significant since this is an almost 200 g watch. The band uses a standard clasp locking system which means you will have to take out links if you want to resize it. Another thing that is not so good on this watch is the illumination. If you know you want to use it mainly during daylight then this is not going to be a problem. However if you want to read the digital displays in the dark there will be no luck because the backlight only assures enough light for the analog index hands.

All in all, for the price this is a really decent watch coming with impressive features and a quality design. If you consider that the Casio EMA-100D-1A2VCF Marine has everything you expect from a diving watch you can make the purchase with confidence. It will not disappoint you.

Features List:

  • Moon Data which provides the phase of the moon on a specific date
  • Countdown Timer
  • 1/100 Second Stopwatch
  • Mineral glass window
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Thermometer
  • World time with 31 different time zones
  • Stainless steel case and strap
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Daily alarms and all basic Casio features



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