Casio Watch Edifice ECB-900DB-1AER Review


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The urban styled watch that you can take for a run

It’s the tough watch that you can take both on a casual meeting and outside for some fun activity. It comes with the multiple functions, chronograph and builds that only true timepiece fans are going to love.

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Just because you’re looking for a robust watch that is loaded with features, doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on the looks or style. The watch industry is so generous that finding a watch that comes with the rugged build, the long list of functions and the impressive form isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Why is Casio such a reputed name in the watch industry?

Casio Watch Edifice ECB-900DB-1AER side view

Casio is a well respected and worldwide manufacturer of calculators, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, mobile phones, analog, and digital watches.

The list of innovative products and technologies from Casio is long, and many of us may know about the first time when Casio changed the watch industry for good. Back in the 80s, Casio released the first Casio G-Shock, a watch that presented shock and water resistance. Ever since back then, all G-Shock watches came with vibration resistance, low-temperature resistance, and magnetic resistance as well.

Urethane protecting the elements inside or the floating timekeeping modules inside the structure are only some of the technologies that Casio uses for creating such impressively robust watches.

What’s the story behind the Casio Edifice?

Casio Watch Edifice ECB-900DB-1AER two colors

Edifice is another brand of watches that Casio manufactures. The Edifice watches are designed for the customers with professional careers but look for tough timepieces that handle excess wear for a long time.

The list of functions is quite impressive, and the Edifice watches come with several alarms and multiple dials to world time. But these are only some of the typical features as the intricate and sophisticated look is going to strike the most at first.

Edifice watches come in a generous variety of models, from the models with a basic chronograph to the more sophisticated ones with computerized movements. It’s quite common for Edifice watches to feature Tough Solar, which is Casio’s brand name for the solar-powered batteries.

You may also go with the more advanced models that may calibrate on their own with atomic clocks via radio waves.

Edifice watches can come with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can share chronograph data and monitor via your smartphone.

As for the display, some Edifice watches come with an analog display, whereas some include both analog and digital display (Ana-Digi).

The most recent releases from Casio Edifice include all the latest functions in a digital watch. The app pairing, the Bluetooth connectivity, and the solar technology are on the list of features, whereas the sleek and robust metallic design still make a great first impression.

What’s to say about the style or the build?

Casio Watch Edifice ECB-900DB-1AER Review

The watch may strike you with its large dimension as it has a 51.5mm diameter. Its case is made with stainless steel, which makes the watch a good choice for long time wear.

The crystal/lens material is mineral, so you don’t need to worry about the watch getting scratches that easily.

The look is completed with the stainless steel bracelet that ensures the sleek and elegant feeling of the new Casio Edifice.

In all fairness, some may sit on the fence about the design. The new Edifice ECB900DB, just like many other timepieces within the series, present busy and multi-layered dials that aren’t that easy to look at.

Unless you get some explanation or a manual, reading the watch on the fly isn’t going to be a breeze. If you’re into this kind of style, the watch is an excellent buy for you.

The watch comes in two color options (red or blue), with the red one presenting red accents on the dial with a black tachymeter bezel and the blue version with blue details on the dial. It may come as a surprise, but the blue option has a matching blue tachymeter bezel. Each of the alternatives has its goods and bads about the looks.

The stainless steel band looks long lasting and elegant, whereas the Safety catch doesn’t let the strap from opening by accident.

The watch has a 10 bar water resistance, which makes it fit for some diving or swimming session.

Seeing the number of functions, it makes sense that the watch sits on the larger size. Most are going to fancy its techie appearance, even though the size may throw some off. Despite the large size, the watch isn’t that thick, and you can find mechanical chronographs a lot thicker than this one.

All in all, the watch looks cool and more expensive than it indeed is.

Let’s take a look at the technical specifications!

Casio Watch Edifice ECB-900DB-1AER side view


The watch is a lot more than meets the eye so let’s see how does the list of function look like.

We notice that it comes with energy-saving Bluetooth technology, which provides power-saving data transfer with only a push of a button. You may connect the watch to a smartphone using Bluetooth, and the ability ensures an excellent range of other functions.

Once it’s connected with a smartphone, the local time is going to adjust so automatically you shouldn’t worry when traveling around the world. No worries about not being able to read it in dim light conditions either as the watch come with Super-Full-Auto LED light. As the ambient light is fading, you can illuminate the watch display a lot brighter.

Besides, the watch features a luminous coating which ensures the long-term illumination in the dark after a quick exposure to light.

The watch includes Dual Time display and displays the current time in major cities and some particular areas around the globe. The date and weekday are also shown.

The list of functions continues with stopwatch functions, lap memory 200, timer and even snooze feature. You may stop the alarm, but it’s going to sound again after a couple of minutes. You can set up to 5 independent alarms for various reminders of your meetings.

With only a push of a button, the hands are going to move and allow free visibility of functions. You can find your phone with the watch thanks to the Phone Finder function and measure the average speed for one of your routes.

Are there any flaws?

The dial may look intricate and complicated to read so if you’re not into this type of style, you shouldn’t go with it.

The watch is a bit large due to the number of functions, and its size may throw off some too.

What’s our final take?

If you’re a businessman always traveling and loving the outdoors too, the new Edifice is a sure buy any given day. The list of impressive functions, the elegant style, and the robust build make it great for many casual and outdoor situations and its price make it affordable. What’s not to like about that?


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