Citizen CC3005-85E Satellite Wave Analog Display Watch Review


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Luxury Citizen Watch!

Probably one of the most ingeniously made watches in this price range, the Citizen CC3005 Satellite Wave is a remarkable watch that is here to impress.

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  • High-quality materials
  • Top of the line manufacturing
  • Satellite synching
  • Flawless design

  • Nothing worth mentioning

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Citizen never fails to impress both customers and watch professionals alike. With the new satellite wave line, Citizen improves a classic Japanese design bringing modernity and top of the line quality to the table.

To begin with the most important feature of this watch, the satellite wave is more or less a marketing name, since it works based on GPS signals. Other companies just call it GPS syncing but that is another story. With this feature, you can be anywhere on earth and the watch will automatically sync at certain intervals thus offering a dead accurate time for life.


The design resembles classical Japanese watches but with a feel of modernism. The dial is pretty clean and the bezel features inscriptions with certain cities for the world time feature which lets you set it for the time zone in which you travel. Of course, as expected, the window is made of sapphire, one of the greatest choices a watch manufacturer could make in terms of dials.

In terms of build quality, the Citizen CC3005 is hands down one of the best watches in this price range. While I would have absolutely loved to see a version with a titanium case of this model, the stainless steel is still great and feels natural on the hand. You can easily notice the attention to the details in every aspect of this watch.


The Citizen CC3005 Satellite Wave respects the Japanese semi-luxury watch ideology “set it once then never touch it again”. Basically, the GPS syncing, the solar charging and the perpetual calendar assure that you will never have to set it again after the initial configuration.


Overall the Citizen CC3005 Satellite Wave is one of the best choices you can make in this price range if you are looking for a semi-luxury watch that does not require any type of maintenance or configuration.

Features List:

  • GPS time syncing
  • Solar charging
  • World Time feature
  • Clean black dial
  • Fluorescent illumination on index hands and hour markers
  • Stainless steel case
  • Sapphire dial window
  • Quartz Movement

Satellite Wave World Time GPS model CC3005-85E

Demo of CC3005-85E showing time sync, GPS sync and light level indicator.

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