Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial Black Dial Review


9.9 Total Score
Omega Diving Masterpiece!

Enter the diving world along with a remarkable masterpiece from Omega. If you do not accept compromises when it comes to watches the Omega Seamaster is the one to look for.

User Rating: 3.7 (10 votes)

  • Top of the line quality
  • 300 meter water resistance for deep diving
  • Flawless construction and features

  • Expensive maintenance and parts

Fantastic workmanship went into this watch. A must-buy if you’re looking for that one good watch every person should find and own in their life.

Amazon customer

Absolutely a stunning timepiece and quality watch! Beautiful and very accurate.

Mike, Amazon customer

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Omega is famous for manufacturing some of the most stylish and classy watches in the world. The diving watch market needed a high quality timepiece like the Omega Seamaster especially for those who are looking for the flawless diving watch that can also be used in formal and informal environments alike.

Since Omega aimed to deliver one of the best experiences they can create on a diver’s watch, the actual build and materials do not disappoint. Just by looking at the watch you get a grasp of the unmatched quality craftsmanship that made everything on the Seamaster just right.

Omega Seamaster Professional Black Dial Review-2

Coming with a brushed stainless steel bracelet and case, it feels quite remarkable on the wrist. I always consider that a top quality stainless steel bracelet will beat any other material on this matter like rubber, plastic or other polyurethane materials. I say this because you can easily wear the watch with a wetsuit without inconveniences like the stickiness of rubber when wet or similar issues.

The sapphire crystal window is resistant to all sorts of shocks and scratches although I would not recommend an abusive wear of this watch like you can do with a G-Shock, mainly because it acts as a piece of jewelry besides its main watch functions, and I doubt that anyone would want a scratched watch of this style on its wrist.

What I mostly appreciate on this Omega Seamaster besides the quality construction, is the actual dial and the illumination. I absolutely love how clean and sharp everything looks on the dial with those premium inscriptions of different colors and the relief hour markers. The blue toned illumination paint makes the hour readable in all situations and adds a bit to the overall looks of the watch. A smart thing about the index hands is that the hour hand features a blue toned paint on top whereas the minute hand features a green toned paint. This is very useful in order to distinguish them at a glance.

Pictures speak better than words so take a look at the image below to better understand what I am saying.

Omega Seamaster Professional Black Dial Review-3

The bezel is unidirectional as you would probably expect, and it also features a luminous point on top. The Co-Axial movement mechanism is an innovation specific to Omega since they invented it in 1957 and continuously improved it over time. It basically assures very precise timekeeping and magnetic resistance up to 15000 gausses.

However if I want to be really picky and find little downgrades, I can say that the second and minute hands do not line up perfectly and the bezel is a little harder to turn than what we can find on other watches. But again, these are not actual reasons to consider another watch, just some small finesse issues, if we can call them this way.

Other features include a helium escape valve which allows helium to be released when the watch is continuously used in professional environments under high pressures. The screw-in crown is also self-locking and you do not need to worry that it will unlock when not needed. The date window is visible and makes a good contrast with the black dial so that you can check it at a glance.

Omega Seamaster Professional Black Dial Review

The Omega Seamaster is a watch that proved over time its reliability and quality. It is a timepiece not accessible to many and it makes for a great companion no matter if you are an amateur or professional diver who wants to add a drop of style and class to their status.

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Features List:

  •  300 meter / 1000 feet water resistance
  • Stainless steel bracelet and case
  • Sapphire Crystal window
  • Co-Axial movement mechanism
  • Chronometer certification
  • Helium escape valve for high-pressure activities
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • 41 mm case

Omega Seamaster 300m Ceramic

Omega Seamaster 300M Diver Co-Axial!!!



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