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G-Shock GW7900-1B

As I mentioned in the review of the GD350 in this series, the negative display on a watch can be a good and a bad experience based mostly on the environment you plan on using the watch. For daylight and generally environments with light in abundance the visibility is not a problem, however, when you get into darker places the display will be barely visible. It is true that Casio did their best with the implementation of a strong LED backlight to eliminate this problem as much as possible but the problem is still there. So I would recommend not picking a negative display watch if you know that you will find yourself frequently in environments with no light. That is a general problem for all watches with a negative display.

However, there are a lot of other sweet parts of this watch from the number of features and their quality to the feel on the wrist and other aspects.

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G-Shock GW-7900B-1 review

Once you go black** My review of the Casio G-shock GW7900-B digital watch. It is a large but lightweight watch that sits high on the wrist. It has an all black ...

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