Corum Admiral Cup 45 Red Squelette Review


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The "naked" watch with no dial and vibrant colors

The mechanical devices are out in the open with the watch. No dial for you to see, but only the powerful movement. It's the Admiral watch with a dynamic and vibrant appearance that handles any nautical challenge.

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Last updated on September 22, 2023 2:44 pm

Our world is overwhelmed with impressively many options. Whether it’s the food, the drinks or the devices we’re using, there are only so many alternatives to choose from.

Needless to say, the options we have aren’t created equal, so it makes sense that we have to pay attention when selecting. When price tag is the last thing we check, it’s clear that you’re willing to pay for the fantastic design, the craftsmanship of features.

And when it comes to watches, we all know that there are only two main categories: the exquisite brands and…the rest. And it does take a lot of work to make it to the top, for sure.

Who is Corum?

Even if some of us know it as Corum, it’s the Montres Corum Sarl that we need to talk about. Corum is a Swiss watchmaker that has its bases in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Canton of Neuchatel.

Unlike other Swiss watch manufacturers, Corum is somewhat new as it was founded in the middle of the 50s. It designs and manufactures high-end watches, and many of them are limited editions. It sure stands out for the first time when it launched a watch made out of a $20 gold coin. The brand is known for its “World Premiers,” and every year it released a limited number of limited edition pieces.

The most representative collection is the “Admiral’s Cup” series. However, Corum is the maker of the World Series of Poker watches that hit the market in the World Series of Poker bracelet back in 2007.

What do we like about Corum’s Admiral?

Corum Admiral Cup 45 Red Squelette side view

The Admiral is one of the most iconic series within Corum’s heritage. It was released in 1960 for the first time, and it’s all about Corum’s main take on maritime watchmaking.

The new line was released in 2018. If the previous collection would impress with the tremendous nautical dial, the latest release took a turn, and the vacuum is unveiled. The watch combines fun charm and impressive technology, and the versions are exceptional in every way.

Even if Corum has remained true to its artistic nature, it has never hesitated to take new challenges. And the late Admiral 45 Squelette is both a radical and a typical series that combines the nautical design and exact watchmaking mechanics at the same time.

The new series makes quite the first impression, and its mechanics are visible. The watches feature the Calibre CO 082, which comes with 42-hour power reserve and sustains the energetic appearance of the watch.

The Admiral 45 Squelette is more than meets the eye, and it’s not only a watch without a dial. The bridges are open and coated with anthracite grey surface that ensures two contracts. The first comes from the movement’s nickel silver gear trains with copper color as they stand out from the other elements. The second contrast comes from the vibrant colors of the Admiral 45 Squelette: turquoise, yellow, blue and red. The bright colors are found in several areas, depending on the model: the case, the second hand, the bracelet, and the date.

CORUM which is made by EMC designs the CO 082 movement of the watch.

A word on the specifications

Corum Admiral Cup 45 Red Squelette 3 colors

The dial window material type is anti-reflective sapphire, which means that the watches within series are scratch resistant and perfectly capable to take up a beat.

The display type is analog, and some may need a bit of time until managing to read the watch faster. The case material is titanium which only explains the toughness and the price of the clock.

The size is right, considering the feature and the purpose of the watch. It’s a 45mm diameter for the case, so the clock isn’t too big or too small.

For this one, the band material is rubber, and the color is red, so the watch is anything but subtle. If the skeleton dial is going to go unnoticed, the red color most definitely isn’t going to.

The watch features automatic self-wind movement, improving the overall value and the reliable performance of the watch.

But it’s not only the removal of the dial that catches your attention, as the splint is also hollowed out and covered with the dark gray surface for a more intense contrast.

The date display is also something unusual as the date display panel features large size numbers. The Arabic numerals aren’t a standard option for engraving and sapphire panel, but it was used EDM technology for cutting one by one. The cutting process results in slim numbers with no base, and it’s the transmission hidden under the flange that engages it. The impressive build enhances the hollowed appearance of the watch, revealing the discreet details of the movement in the lower splint.

The Corum Admiral 45 Squelette has a date window at 6 o’clock and a solid chassis so that you may read the info on the open date display. The color of the frame stands out in color with the date, leading to the modern and sporty feel of the watch.

The hollow structure includes the long prince-style hour and minute hands, and the 12-sided sea flag carved under the 12-sided bezel that made the Admiral series so famous.

The rubber strap is vulcanized, and the watch has 300-meters water resistance, matching the nautical origin of the entire Admiral collection.

What’s our final thought?

The watch is modern and sporty, and the whole line contains only 288 pieces (3 natural titanium case models and 4 are matte black PVD case models).

Even if the naked design is going to be the first thing to notice, the watch is a lot more than just a fresh look. It’s indeed a statement watch that comes in a limited edition. The high-quality materials, the unusual appearance, and the features turn it into one timepiece that you shouldn’t skip from your collection. Especially if you’re also into nautical sports.


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