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Outdoor Smart Watch Reviews

If spending free time outdoors is the thing for you, you always need to keep an eye on the clock for many reasons. Furthermore, if you also like to stay in touch with everything and everyone while hiking you definitely have to get an outdoor smart watch that does all the above and  bit more.

Nowadays it’s not that difficult to find a good, dependable smartwatch to take while hunting, but the trick isn’t here though. There are quite many options and it wouldn’t hurt to have some tricks up your sleeve while picking up the best for you.

A great display is very important on this type of watch and this is not a common issue anymore. You need to see fast and easy, no matter how the weather is, and you shouldn’t make any compromises when it comes to display.

If this is the first time you’re getting an outdoor smart watch, keep this in mind: it has to have a GPS and a compass just as well. A GPS really is a must when you want to know at all-time where you really are. An Assisted GPS (A-GPS) and a Glonass (Russian version of GPS) make the GPS even more reliable and stronger.

As for the compass, it’s always good to have it as it helps you find your way – it’s not impossible to lose your reception while hiking. Let’s say a compass is another great way to get back on track when lost.

It’s only a matter of time until you get over some dirt or splashes when spending time outdoor, which is why it’s essential for your smart watch to be water and dust proof. You need a smart watch that repels as many elements as possible. Look for a smart watch that has an IP56 grade when it comes to waterproofness, and get one with IP68 if also plan some swimming.

The best smartwatch for outdoor has to have a rugged build and present resistance to scratching. It’s supposed to be able to take a fall or some knocking, not to mention long lasting.

Scariest thing when using a smartwatch? A dead battery. Therefore, try to get a smart watch that has a long battery life and don’t settle for anything less than 48 hours. This doesn’t mean you can’t find smartwatches that come with battery that last at least four days. Don’t forget to throw an external portable charger when you plan a longer hiking trip.

The outdoor smart watches are a far cry from the traditional watches and you need to be willing to pay the extra buck if you want only the very best.


TOP 5 Outdoor Smart Watch Reviews

 1).  If your mind is set on an outdoor smart watch, but your budget disagrees, put your trust and faith in a pretty reliable smart watch that makes a nice impression, despite its low price.

It’s the case of the Pebble Time Smartwatch that manages to bring you into the new era technology, without leaving you with empty pockets.


We like the watch for many reasons as it comes with so many great things. A quick look lets you see how this watch keeps you posted on text, email, calendar events, incoming calls, and so much more. It lets you make some voice notes and give some fast replies as it also comes with a built-in microphone. The voice replies work with most Android apps (Gmail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, AT&T iPhone accounts and many more).

In case you are always concern about your health, you may definitely rely on the watch as it features Peeble Health, a built-in activity and sleep tracker that gives daily reports and weekly conclusions as well. The list of features also includes the vibrating motor for subtle alerts and alarms.

The smart watch is easy to use and the tactile buttons work instantly. The watch is very responsive and you don’t have to wait for a function to work.

We like how the watch feels on the hand due to its ergonomic design and comfortable shape. It presents a marine grade stainless steel bezel with PVD coating, whereas the finishes are matte and nicely polished. Let’s not forget it’s also water resistant to 30 Meters so you may take it when swimming in the pool.

The color e-paper display features LED backlight and the watch is easy to read even in the bright day light.

As for language, the watch comes with English settings and additional languages and international character support, for more versatility.

The battery life isn’t bad at all (up to 7 days) and the watch comes with USB charging cable. The 22mm silicone strap looks nice and the watch is a nice surprise, considering its low price.

Let’s try to sum it all up for a short list:
  • The smart watch works with iPhone 4S and above, but also with all Android devices running 4.0 and above
  • It comes with many features and abilities
  • It’s highly versatile and dependable
  • It’s water resistant and has an ergonomic design

We’d like to mention the downsides as well:
  • The looks aren’t impressive
  • It may drain your phone’s battery
  • It could use better visibility

Despite the flaws, for the reliability, good build and versatility, the smart watch is a great bang you’re your buck.

2).  Don’t let the elegant looks of the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch – Classic fool you. The smart watch is rugged enough and able to handle the outdoor activities, not only some walks, but also some intense hiking.


The first thing that pops out is the rotating bezel and one-of-a-kind circular interface, which gives you easy access to your notifications and apps. You may send/receive texts, news updates and calendar notifications when using the watch. You may also select the watch face you like the most for a customized watch. The customization doesn’t stop here and you may select one of the options watchstraps, getting as creative as you want.

You may use the smartwatch with most Android smartphones and iOS smartphones. Not having a speaker is a downsides, but you may use Level US Bluetooth headphones when listening to your favorite songs.

The list of functions isn’t short and includes the built-in fitness tracking, a wireless charging dock and a travel adapter. The wireless charging is a big plus and gives it more versatility.

The smartwatch isn’t just well made, but also has a rugged build that is dust and water-resistant. The watch has an IP68 grade, which tells you a lot about its ability to take the outdoor activities.

We also appreciate the responsivity of the watch and its circular interface that helps you navigate nice and easy. You simply rotate the bezel to navigate through your apps, notifications and widgets. The touchscreen is clear and the images are crisp, with sharp text and good visibility altogether.

The interface is quite intuitive and the watch is easy to use. It looks nice and sleek, making a great impression on any track.

Going over the big pros shortly:
  • The watch looks nice and sleek
  • It’s highly customizable
  • It’s compatible with most Android smartphones and iOS smartphones
  • It’s responsive, easy to use and reliable

We sure don’t forget about the minor issues:
  • It doesn’t come with a speaker
  • You can’t receive or make a call from the watch

As long as you’re aware of the minor problems, you should be more than happy when taking the watch outdoor for some hiking.

3).  If you want to step up your game and really get more from your smartwatch, put your trust and faith in a watch like the Garmin Epix, TOPO U.S. 100K.


Not only has a touch screen with high resolution, but the watch also has good visibility even in the sunlight, due to its color Chroma display.

The 8GB internal memory of the watch allows you to load many maps, including TOPO US 24K and City Navigator NT. It automatically uploads data wirelessly to Garmin Connect, social media and LiveTrack as well. You get to receives email, texts and alerts right on the watch thanks to the Smart Notification 2.

You may customize the watch exactly how you want it as it includes various watch faces, but also many data fields, applications and widgets.

The watch comes with auto-calibrating ABC sensors, giving you essential info in real-time. The built-in altimeter provides elevation data for precise ascent/descent, whereas the barometer informs you about the weather changes. It simply shows short-terms trends in air pressure and the 3-axis electronic compass maintains you bearing, even if you’re not moving.

You may combine its EXO antenna with the GLONASS and EPO, this resulting into a better signal and faster fixes.

The watch is easy to use and the mapping is so accurate. Reliable and well made, the watch is a great choice to rely on.

Listing the things we like the most:
  • The smartwatch comes with 8GB built-in memory
  • It has a stainless steel EXO antenna that you may combine with GPS/GLONASS reception
  • It comes with barometer, altimeter and 3-axis compass
  • It’s easy to use and to read

It’s not fair not to mention the minor foibles:
  • The barometer may be more precise
  • It’s a tad big and clunky
  • It comes with a rubber band

For its reliable features and responsivity, the watch is a great buy when you always want to be in touch with your friends, no matter how high you are up on the mountains.

4).  It’s difficult to pinpoint the Casio Smart Watch WSD-F20 Protrek Smart main strength as it has so many. The Android wear 2.0 is 5 bar water resistant, comes with a GPA and is 50 m water resistant. This is just to give you an idea about how impressive the watch is.


The list of features continues with the digital compass, the barometer and the altimeter that keep you on track, no matter how lost you may feel. The activity tracker is always handy as you’re never exercising too much and the watch has an impressive battery life with GPA on (up to 25 hours!). The battery should last about a month when using the watch on TimePiece mode. The build-in quad sensors provide real time notification of your tracking, barometer, altimeter, and compass readings without needing your phone. Now that we’re here, it’s important to mention the watch is compatible with smartphones Androids version 4.3 and later, but also with iPhone 5 and beyond, running iOS 8.2 or above.

The full color map display is clear and you may even use off line the downloaded map data. You may also write memos on the map and use the Location Memory current positon.

The watch comes with microphone, a dual LCD structure, a Casio moment setter, and an original watch face.

The quarts movement send you to a classical watch, but all the advanced features really create a dependable smartwatch for outdoors appassionato.

Rugged, waterproof and with a great battery life, the watch stands out with its performances on so many levels.

Struggling to resume to just a few pros:
  • The watch is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhone (various models)
  • It has quarts movement, but comes with compass, altimeter and barometer also
  • It’s rugged, waterproof and accurate
  • It has a good weight and a nice fit

Bells and whistles aside, here are the minor flaws:
  • You may need to calibrate the compass from time to time
  • The strap isn’t changeable

You’d have to be really picky to let this one slip and we definitely stand by it, as it’s not only rugged, waterproof but also so insanely performant on many levels.

5).  Heavy lays the crown on the best outdoor smartwatch, but the Garmin Fenix 5 – Slate Gray with Amp Yellow Band isn’t that. Some say it would be such a shame to “only” call it a smart watch!



The multisport GPS watch comes with plenty of features and functions that make it amazing in all sorts of outdoor challenges.

The stainless steel bezel, buttons and rear case gives its rugged build, without compromising the looks. As a matter of fact, the watch impresses with its looks and don’t forget you can always customize the watch face by simply downloading your favorite one from time to time.

The watch comes with Elevate wrist heart rate technology and shows you the effects and progress of your sports activities.

You may get various information when using the watch as it sends notifications; automatic uploads to Garmin Connect online fitness community.

The watch features outdoor sensors, including GPS, Glonass satellite reception and 3-axis compass with barometric altimeter and gyroscope.

It’s easy to use and to read the watch due to its bright, full-color Garmin Chroma Display. The display is high-resolutions and its LED backlighting ensures good visibility no matter your surroundings. Don’t worry about a sunny day as the trans-reflective technology reflects and sends light at the same time, increasing visibility. If your wallet is generous, you can get the Sapphire editions that come with scratch-resistant sapphire lens. They are Wi-Fi enabled so you may connect to your network wirelessly, sending/sharing activity updates on Garmin Connect.

The watch is amazing and has an impressive number of features and functions. It’s waterproof (to 100M) and the battery life is amazing also. it comes with black and yellow straps that are easy to change.

Some may find it a bit big, but the watch is lightweight and comfortable on your wrist.

Let’s make a very short list of pros:
  • The watch comes with numerous features and functions
  • It includes outdoor sensors
  • It’s waterproof and has a rugged build
  • It’s lightweight and looks amazing

We’re not stumbling in the negatives, but it’s fair to mention them:
  • It’s possible for the software to freeze
  • The colors are a tad bland

For all the features, functions, rugged build and impressive looks, put your trust and faith in this watch and you’re not gonna be disappointed for sure.