Best Christmas GPS Watch Suggestions in 2020

Christmas GPS Watch Reviews

Getting a GPS watch for Christmas means you really like the outdoors and you’re willing to invest in the tools you need to have the best experience every single time.

What to look for on a GPS watch?

There are many things to check on a GPS watch and you may start by checking your smartphone as it may have an app that’s a great option for an entry-level hiker.

A good GPS watch comes with a long battery life that lasts up to 50 hours. It should present an impressive list of built-in features, from altimeter to thermometer.

The data tracking of a good GPS watch may include many types of info: speed and pace, heart rate and elevation, distance, and the vertical speed as well. The list may continue with track cadence, cadence sensors, foots pods, and some quick-release mounts as well.

The more you’re willing to spend of the GPS watch, the more you may expect from it. Some include audible alarms, auto pause, on-screen maps, and so on.

Maybe the one getting the GPS watch is really into gadgets, which is why a highly customizable screen may be a great feature for your gift.

One last tip

There are many options that would make a great gift for this year’s Christmas. It’s important to know how performant you want it to be and how you’re willing to spend as well.

TOP 5 Christmas GPS Watch Reviews

1).  Shopping for Christmas on a fixed budget is not picnic, but luckily, for you the market is full of great options that come with an unbeatable price. The TomTom Runner GPS Running Watch sure fits the description and may be a pleasant surprise this Christmas.

The GPS running watch comes with an impressive list of functions, especially when you’re checking its price tag. The watch measures pace, burned calories, distance, time and live stats on the move. The GPS Fix finds your location within seconds and the watch is accurate.

The very slim design makes the watch a great option for the runners, no matter the size of their wrists. The watch feels lightweight, but the display is large and easy to read.

Going through its functions, we also notice that it presents heart rate monitor pairing so you only need the external heart rate monitor to pair it with.

The versatility of the watch is great and the watch allows you to set your own interval-training program, for better performances and speed. You can also compare your past performances and congratulate yourself on the progresses you’re making.

You can also connect the running data to TomTom My Sports or other fitness tracking apps using the Bluetooth wireless. The USB cable is great not only for charging the watch, but also for connection.

The watch presents one-button control so you have to navigate through menus, which is quite intuitive and not complicated.

The build of the watch is also a nice surprise. Not only the watch is waterproof up to 165 ft. /5ATM, but also it’s also scratch and impact resistant. The watch is going to handle a fall and some snow, for sure. It’s going to remain easy to read after a long run, also.

Let’s not forget about the vibrational alerts that are great for anyone with a busy schedule.

Connectable, dependable, waterproof, scratch resistant and with a built-in GPS, the watch surpasses any expectations that you’d have for a watch that’s goes under $100.

Here are the most important good things:
  • The watch has a good build and it’s waterproof
  • It has a slim design and it’s great for any runner
  • It connects instantly to a PC or Mac
  • It includes many functions and a built-in GPS

Don’t let the minor issues scare you off:
  • It could hold its charge for a bit longer
  • Some are finding the interface a tad clunky, as it takes a bit to navigate through the menu

Nevertheless, for the little money that you’re paying, we’d say you’re pretty covered for this Christmas.

2).  The sophisticated features and functions of the Garmin Fenix Hiking GPS Watch recommend it as a reliable and sure gift this Christmas.

The GPS watch allows you to store your tracks through the Trackback function and you may totally depend on the navigators GPS as it’s sensitive and precise.

The Garmin Fenix Hiking notes up to 1,000 waypoints and stores no more than 10,000 track points.

The GPS watch includes altimeter, barometer and a 3-axix compass with automatic sensor calibration. It features a temperature sensor on its compass.

There are many info you can get from the watch and your current speed is just one of them. In case you want to stay connected with your friends, the watch is also reliable as it’s wireless with communication ability.

In case you’re still sitting on the fence about it, get down with it already as the watch also comes with a powerful flashlight and a user manual.

The USB cable lets you charge the watch very easy and the AC adaptor with plug is a great asset to.

You can’t really get lost when using the Fenix Hiking as it comes with a worldwide map.

As the watch is waterproof up to 50 meters, you shouldn’t worry about using it on a snowy day

Just remember to update the software to version 3.60 from from time to time and you’re good to go.

Here are the things we like the most on the watch:
  • The watch comes with many functions and features
  • It’s waterproof
  • The altimeter and the compass are precise
  • The watch is fairly easy to use

We’re not quite obsessing over the minor issues:
  • The font may be a bit bigger
  • It could hold its charge a bit better

Despite the minor problems, the GPS watch is still a good choice for Christmas and it should make a nice impression on anyone looking to spend more time in the outdoors this winter.

3).  The Garmin Forerunner 235 is sure a nice option to hide under the Christmas tree as it’s fast and reliable in many situations.

There are many features on the watch that make it a nice surprise for any avid hiker. The more you’re into hiking, the more you want to outcome your performances.

The large screen of the GPS watch is user-friendly and pretty easy to read. The interface is intuitive so going through the function isn’t that difficult. Despite its size, the watch feels lightweight and comfortable so it’s easy to hike with it for an entire day.

Sensitive and responsive, the watch keeps you updated constantly and instantly about your position. After all, the GPS feature is why you buy it in the first place.

You may also connect the watch to your smartphone and the audio prompts are fast and reliable. You’re able to read your new email, text messages within seconds. You also get info about your calendar, reminders or call alerts instantly.

The activity tracking feature is a bless for the avid outdoorsman. You may use the watch to keep an eye on your calories, distance throughout the day or to count your steps. The vibrating alarm of the move bar pushes you when you’re sitting for too long so there’s no way to escape healthy exercises.

If this list of features isn’t enough reason for you, we also mention that you may also download data fields, widgets and applications from Connect IQ with the Forerunner.

You may always improve your performances as the charts, graphs and maps help you get a better picture of your activities. In addition, if you’re competitive and so are your friends, you may always compare each other’s results in real time by using the Live Track feature.

The Li-Io battery of the watch is durable and holds its charge for a good amount of time.

Listing our favorite parts about this one:
  • The GPS is instant and precise
  • The watch comes with many functions
  • The screen is easy to read and the watch is easy to use
  • It’s dependable and accurate

The downsides aren’t major:
  • The charger could be better
  • It’s kind of big for a smaller wrist

Despite the minor downsides, for the list of functions as ease of use, the GPS watch is a fairly priced option to write down on your Christmas shopping list.

4).  When that special someone is into sports and healthy life, he/she is definitely going to like the Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, Black.

The watch synchronizes instantly and wirelessly to any computer, tablets, Android, and Windows smartphones using the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. You only need the Internet connection and the USB port. For the sync to mobile devices, Bluetooth and Internet connection are a must. Keep in mind that the syncing range is 20 ft.

The watch is water resistant and handles very well some sweat, rain or snow. It’s not swim proof, though and it’s better to take it off before showering. You do want the band to remain dry and clean for a long time.

The Fitbit watch comes with an impressive list of functions and features that turn it into a dependable and inspired gift for anyone loving sports.

It comes with a built-in GPS, automatic and continuous heart rate and it’s able to track various stats. You’re always aware of the distance, burned calories, sleep, and the watch also records your cross training, runs and cardio to give you a detailed picture on your physical activities.

The watch keeps you connected on the move as it includes call and text notification, giving you the chance to control the music from your playlist as well.

The watch looks cool and fits the style of men and women at the same time.

The battery is long lasting, holding for even 10 days. A LED keeps the screen illuminated and you may set the lighting adjustments according to the conditions too.

Reliable, useful and offering so many functions, the GPS watch is a great present that could save your Christmas.

Here are the big pros:
  • The watch comes with built-in GPS
  • It offers various functions
  • It syncs instantly to all sorts of smartphones, tablets and computers
  • It has a cool, unisex appearance

Don’t let the minor issues change your mind:
  • Some feel it’s a tad bulky for a smaller wrist
  • The texture of the band could be smoother

If that someone special is dedicated to sports and you really don’t know his/hers style, you’re not far from the perfect Christmas gift with the Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch.

5).  If you’re going for the big impression this year for Christmas, put your money at stake with the Suunto Traverse Alpha Stopwatch.

The watch has an interesting design and manages to present a rugged build, without minimizing the elegant overall appearance.

The rugged feel may come from its rough, knurled stainless steel bezel, whereas its elegancy definitely comes from the high quality of the materials and the impressive finish.

Going beyond the looks, we have to talk about the automatic shot detection technology that records when  you’re shooting or hunting. The watch is also able to map your GPS coordinates so that you may do a checkup later.

When you’re using a GPS watch, it’s quite impossible to get lost (unless the batteries run out) and this watch makes no difference. The GPS records your path so you may easily find your way back. The useful feature even has a funny name: “the automatic breadcrumb trail”.

The list of functions also includes the location-based moon Phase calendar that keeps you posted on the moonrise and the moon set time. This is going to be a lot of help if you’re an avid hunter or angler.

The construction of the watch is durable and the watch is also water resistant to 328ft. its case is made of glass fiber reinforced composite and it features stainless steel coated, knurled bezel and pushers.

The lens matches the rugged build of the watch as it’s made of sapphire crystal and it’s scratch resistant as well.

As for the strap, it doesn’t disappoint either. Even though it’s made of nylon textile, it has a nice feel against the skin and it’s comfortable, without sacrificing the durability.

The watch uses a long lasting Li-Io battery that is easy to recharge.

The vibration alerts and the night-vision-google compatibility add on the long list of good things. The red backlight is helpful at night, but you may very well use the built-in flashlight for the dim lit areas.

When you’re into the unknown, don’t hesitate to use the digital compass for faster orientation. The built-in barometric pressure sensor is precise, keeping you posted on the weather changes.

The watch uses the GPS and Glonass as supported satellite systems, whereas the Bluetooth Smart is dependable for the radio communication.

Summing it all up for the big pros:
  • The watch comes with an impressive list of functions
  • It has a rugged build, but an elegant appearance
  • It includes GPS/Glonass navigation
  • It’s dependable and accurate

We’re not really worried about the inherent issues:
  • The display could be sharper
  • It’s not quite the cheapest Christmas gift that you could get

Regardless, for the impressive build and amazing functions, the watch is one gift to put on top of your Christmas list this year.